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Covid Shot - Side Effects?

Old 14th Aug 2021, 06:47
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Secondly, there's a difference between maiming of finger compared to 25-75% of death with a cerebral thromboembolism. The likelihood is extremely low, but the outcome is reasonably bad (more of a better term-cant really get worse than death). But again the initial risk is extremely low. Just don't make indirect comparisons.
From an empathetic point of view death is the worst.

From an economic point of view maiming and disability are far worse.

Out of $1000 car registration will cost in the coming years per annum, 75% is CTP. That is not to cover your death, that is to cover mostly injury and recovery compensation.

The reason statistics in this area are so thorough is that companies pay for them to be accurate to be able to quantify risk assessment. Risk of death is fairly to the back of most peoples mind as humans are not as easy to kill as we might think, but we are easy to damage. Hence life insurance, cheap, health insurance, horribly expensive. The problem with throwing 1:1000 or 1:1000000 around, to the layman, it still has 1 in front of it, so it's somehow all similar, "oh but there's a chance i die". You can put 100 zeros after the decimal in a percentage chance and to the uneducated the number somehow looks bigger.

The comparison I made was stated for simpletons, comparing AZ to Pf for the average human is not even relevant, they should just take whatever they are given, subject to them having any conditions relevant to either, the chance of side effects is minuscule. Other nations you turn up and get vaccinated, no one gets a choice of vaccine.
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Got the Jannsen a few weeks back.

Had a terrible time falling asleep that evening with coldsweat and headache, started in the evening some 8-10 hours after I got the shot.

Was gone in the morning, and have been fine ever since.

I got a booster shot about a week ago. It was offered since the Jannsen (johnson and Johnson) isnt as effective against the D variant as hoped¨.

It was a Moderna shot to boost..... and that kicked the legs away from under me the next day.... headache and ache in all joints plus being tired. I was easily solved with painkillers and sleeping most of the day away though.

But fine ever afterwards.

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