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dysslexicgod 17th Apr 2021 06:07

Covid Shot - Side Effects?
Just had one. Grounding myself for a few days..


Global Aviator 17th Apr 2021 10:29

Not over reacting, not listening to mainstream or ant media, just roll with the flow.

Yes smart to do a self grounding but unnecessary, in my opinion.

I had minor side effects for less than 24 hours. Then again I’m grossly overweight, had KFC, Maccas and half a carton after it.

redsnail 17th Apr 2021 11:02

In EASA land, they recommend 48 hours no fly post jab.
I had the AZ jab and I needed those 48 hours off. I had Covid a year ago, so did Checkboard, although, we experienced different symptoms.
About 7-8 hours after the jab, the chills kicked in, then felt hot, this cycled all the way through the night plus felt nauseous too. By morning, that had gone away but was left with a headache that wouldn't budge and fatigue that didn't let up until the evening. Headache finally went away. The next day, just very tired. Slight tenderness under the arm, jab site, fine.
Checkboard (who is long covid with altered sense of smell and taste), very mild chills and fever but had bad joint/back pain for about a day.

Can't wait for the second one... It should be better...

Car RAMROD 17th Apr 2021 12:23

Casa advice https://www.casa.gov.au/licences-and...al-specialists

COVID-19 vaccination

After receiving COVID-19 vaccination, aviation duties should not be undertaken for a minimum of 24 hours after each dose of vaccination.

As stated in the CASA clinical practice guidelines, this waiting period is similar to and required after receiving any other vaccination/immunisation. In the absence of any side-effects 24 hours after vaccination, the licence holder can resume flying or controlling duties. Should the licence holder feel unwell beyond the 24 hours after vaccination, the pilot or the controller should not fly or control until their symptoms have resolved and/or they have been cleared to return to aviation duties by their doctor or DAME.
Have had 2x Pfizer. 24hr grounding after each (as it happened I didn’t have to fly for a longer period than that).
slight discomfort at the injection site for maybe up to 36hrs but a stubbed toe hurts more. otherwise fine.

To compare, moderna vaccine, FAA requires minimum 48hours.

Keg 17th Apr 2021 12:27

Sore arm about four hours after the first shot. Akin to a gym workout. Lasted about 36 hours.

Second shot the arm soreness was about two hours later. Lasted the 36 hours again. Felt very flat the next day- as though I’d been flying all night and woken up after only a few hours sleep. Not a head ache, just lethargic. 36 hours later and all was good.

ScepticalOptomist 17th Apr 2021 12:42

I had the Pfizer vaccine.

First time I had a slightly sore arm which lasted less than a day. Felt a little lethargic but otherwise fine.

Second jab, much the same without the lethargy. Would quite happily have operated.

Near Miss 17th Apr 2021 13:05

I've had both shots of the Pfizer vaccine. The first shot caused a mildly sore arm about 2 hours afterwards which lasted until the following evening. Then around day 3 or 4 I felt super tired and needed a 10 hour "nap" during the day. It really floored me, like I've just done back to back all-nighters. With the second shot I surprisingly had zero discomfort in my arm. However like the first one, after a few days I felt really tired and needed a (much shorter) nap during the day. Other than that, no chills, no fever, no headache, no nausea.

Ollie Onion 17th Apr 2021 13:11

There was an interesting study re-published on CNN that said the more side effects you suffer after the vaccines the more susceptible to severe Covid you are likely to be. I.e, the most aggressive forms of Covid are normally due to an 'over active' immune response which causes those people to react more to the vaccines. I had the 2 shot Pfizer, had a sore arm after both doses and that was it. My wife was floored for 3 days after the second shot.

bafanguy 17th Apr 2021 13:31

Originally Posted by Ollie Onion (Post 11029698)
I had the 2 shot Pfizer, had a sore arm after both doses and that was it. My wife was floored for 3 days after the second shot.

Interesting. From my statistically-insignificant sampling consisting of those in my family, no one had much reaction to the 1st shot (merely sore arm) but only the females, ranging in age from 35 to 70, had negative reactions to the 2nd shot. Seems to be the same for both Pfizer and Moderna. I don't know anyone who got the J&J.

Keg 17th Apr 2021 13:34

G’day Bafanguy, long time no see. Hope you’re well. Moderna not yet approved in Australia and neither is J&J. Just Pfizer and AZ at the moment with AZ now being restricted to the over 50s.

compressor stall 17th Apr 2021 13:58

Mrs stall has done the vaccine administrating course and the notes say that for side effects the AZ is generally worse on the first jab and minimal on the second. Pfizer is the reverse. YMMV

Bleve 17th Apr 2021 14:48

Well I’m a contrarian. After my first Pfizer jab I had pretty much my standard response to all my previous vaccinations - bit of a sore arm for a couple of days and feeling just a little bit ‘off’. Not enough to stop me doing anything though. After my second Pfizer jab, nothing, nada, zip, nil symptoms. Didn’t even know I’d had it.
Interestingly though, I did have this years flu shot 16 days after my second Pfizer and I did know I’d had that. Ever muscle ached for about two days. Nothing significant, but enough that I couldn’t get comfortable in bed and had two restless nights sleep.

bafanguy 17th Apr 2021 14:48

Originally Posted by Keg (Post 11029709)
G’day Bafanguy, long time no see. Hope you’re well.


Long time indeed. I'm just older, uglier, crankier and poorer !

DON T 17th Apr 2021 16:38

Pfeizer in Uk no side effects in either of the 2 shots. Same with my mates.

Wife had AZ first jab with very mild tiredness. Still awaiting 2nd jab.

Equivocal 17th Apr 2021 16:48

I'm in the UK. Had the AZ first dose a couple of months ago. Stabbed mid-morning and felt fine for the rest of the day, felt a little out of sorts in the evening and virtually curled up in bed feeling very sorry for myself for the next two days. Interesting to see how varied the individual reactions are.

ChrisVJ 17th Apr 2021 18:00

Had the Pfizer jab ten days ago. General lack of stamina on my part and occasional chills. MrsVJ has a nasty rash in armpit said to be a "good" reaction but now needing doctor's advice.

faction 17th Apr 2021 18:09

Double dose of the Pfizer, no side effects at all.

From a distance 17th Apr 2021 22:35

After one treatment with Pfizer I had a raging erection for 24 hours. It became extremely uncomfortable. .....Oh wait you guys are talking about another pfizer product.

dysslexicgod 17th Apr 2021 22:55

AZ First shot yesterday, no i’ll effects except slight headache. panadol fixed that

lc_461 17th Apr 2021 23:22

Originally Posted by compressor stall (Post 11029717)
Mrs stall has done the vaccine administrating course and the notes say that for side effects the AZ is generally worse on the first jab and minimal on the second. Pfizer is the reverse. YMMV

This seems to be my experience of people I know who've had either. I had Pfizer - first shot - really only a sore arm for 2 days starting about 8 hours later. Second shot, as above but an all over body ache akin to being hungover, and a slight fever on day 2. All back to normal apart from the sore arm on day 3.
Grateful to be vaccinated as I sure as hell don't want covid (and I'm at the southern end of the <50 category), and i'm keen to life to get back to normal asap...

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