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MERGED: Alan's still not happy......

Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific Airline and RPT Rumours & News in Australia, enZed and the Pacific

MERGED: Alan's still not happy......

Old 26th Feb 2014, 21:42
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Sunfish - I was told by a senior (ex) QF executive on the weekend that the Bilateral System/Agreements means that EK won't get AUS-USA and many other routes.

Before an airline can operate international services to another country, the government must first negotiate a treaty level agreement with the destination country’s government. These treaties are known as bilateral air services agreements.

The Australian Government has negotiated over 68 bilateral air services agreements and associated arrangements. These agreements allow our airlines to offer the range of services that they do today.

Bilateral air services agreements/arrangements contain provisions on;

Traffic rights—the routes airlines can fly, including cities that can be served within, between and beyond the bilateral partners.

Capacity—the number of flights that can be operated or passengers that can be carried between the bilateral partners.

Designation, Ownership and Control—the number of airlines the bilateral partners can nominate to operate services and the ownership criteria airlines must meet to be designated under the bilateral agreement. This clause sometimes includes foreign ownership restrictions.
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 21:44
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6 month losses roughly the same as what his (mis) management cost over 72 hours in 2011. Fvcking hopeless!
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 21:46
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The only route cut appears to be PERSIN. MEL LHR to be retimed to reduce ground time in LHR. All SIN services to be operated by A330s
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 21:50
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Have to feel sorry for Qantas staff and pissed off that a great airline
- I prefer flying Q to others - has been brought down to it's knees
from what it was only a few years ago.
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 21:53
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Jetstar Asia on hold , cryptically saying Jetstar int not so good ? Does this mean they finally admit Jetstar Asia is not working ? Getting messy !
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 21:54
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5000 jobs to go and only 1500 management/back office.

Not much changes really.
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 21:57
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So after all that Alan isn't one of them going?

Thatll do me
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 22:00
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SKimming the ASX announcement, They are going to ride the Jetstar model all the way into the crash. It seems clear to me that since its the bosses baby, nothing bad can be said about that business model on pain of death.

The reason for the non performance of the Jetstar Asia franchises is that they are "in start up phase" and that there are "regulatory barriers" that they imply will be overcome through having "strong local partners", meaning that they expect that their alleged Chinese business partners will do the palm greasing and allow Qantas to make a profit.

Let me tell you Alan that NO ONE, gets to take profit out of the middle kingdom without a huge fight and you don't have the ability to do that. Furthermore, the youngest Chinese office boy has more "face" than you and your Board, and your "strong local partners" will suddenly turn on you when they have calculated that they have taken you for your last cent.

For the avoidance of doubt, Qantas/Jestras foray into Asia will NEVER earn a meaningful return on investmenr for the Qantas group

I flew from Brisbane to Melbourne last week and I was surprised by the crush of people going through the security screening area closest to Jetstar checkin - wall to wall Bogans. Walking further down the hall to the QF gates I found an almost cloister like silence...and no bogans. The QF aircraft wasn't full either. Their HAS to be cannibalisation of Domestic yields by Jetstar.

To put that another way, Qantas is going to grow itself to death - its called "profitless growth" and it is the first temptaion for many managers; buying market share.
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 22:05
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Pilots and engineers to go, especially engineers, management, check in, office staff, terminal space, and on and on it goes, on Sky right now. Joyce on in 45 mins, now ADL engineers are bracing for the worse. PER/SIN to go, JQ appears to be not touched, recruitment for F/O's now open. More to come, Sky has been on this since 0800 this morning. Security stepped up at all QF bases in case the staff ark up. Nothing definite as to who goes in Operations or Engineering, at the present time, but Joyce has mentioned them both. 5,400 to go across the board. Mainly Australian jobs going, not off shore. Good luck to you all, and for those up the track, and feeling quite sick, wishing they were home, you are not missing much, a lot more to come, and if not flying home tonight, I would head to the closest crew bar, and ease the pain. JQ losing three Dreamliners, has just come thru. 26 mins now, to Joyce appearing.
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 22:07
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Will be interesting to see how the retirement of the 767 fleet affects the 767 pilots?
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 22:13
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Qantas services between Melbourne and London will be re-timed in November 2014 to reduce A380 ground time in Heathrow
how does
The Melbourne-London service change frees up an A380 for additional flying
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 22:17
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10:07am: SMH We're still going through Qantas' announcement and here are some more cuts and changes to fleet and flight routes:
  • More than 50 aircraft will be deferred or sold
  • Qantas has suspended growth at Jetstar Asia in Singapore amid intense competition from other budget airlines in the region.
  • Qantas will retime A380 flights between Melbourne and London in November to reduce the amount of the time the planes stay on the ground at London’s Heathrow Airport. No mention of ditching the route though, as had been speculated.
  • The retiming will free up A380s, which Qantas will consider flying on other routes.
  • Qantas will retire six Boeing 747 jumbos in the second half of 2015-16, earlier than scheduled.
  • All of its Boeing 767s will be retired by the first quarter of 2014-15.
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 22:18
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Extra security for Virgin, also staff on standby, should QF walk.
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 22:19
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The vulture is awaiting his moment......

Mr Abbott, how do you intend to further your agenda with all this blood laying around? We are as sure as hell that your not busy scripting the next phase. Just pull it out of the draw, dust it off, and blast away.....
And while Hockey is 'kicking and screaming', put a dummy is his gob before he has another televised melt down and tells the truth........
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 22:21
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Joyce has to go. Hopefully the useless media can ask him the tough questions.
This has nothing to do with the Abbott Government you fool. It's the current QF managements strategies that have been the only reason for the current results.
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 22:22
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Will be interesting to see how the retirement of the 767 fleet affects the 767 pilots?
From the announcement it looks like there will be an increase in 330 flying and possibly some on the 380, so I guess there or else some others to the 737?
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 22:23
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Interesting that there has been no comment in the last few days since the 'expected' numbers were spoken of, from the National Secretary of The Australian Workers' Union.

Is he os utilising staff travel?
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 22:29
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How does the Melbourne-London service change free up an A380 for additional flying

Reduce turn time in LHR by a few hours and hey presto, you've got 380's available to do a Sydney - Canberra and Melbourne - canberra return on a Friday arvo to fly all your political backers and sympathisers home for the weekend! Fancy Neil Perry food, endless Grange, would just like to see the clamber for the 14 P class seats !
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 22:34
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Air NZ soars, Qantas plummets

Updated 20 minutes ago
Air New Zealand has reported a record first-half profit - a result it attributes to hard work and a relentless focus on global sales and marketing.

The airline's net profit rose by 40 percent to $140 million for the six months to December, compared with $100 million in the same period a year earlier.
Air New Zealand says it's well placed to take advantage of the positive economic outlook in many of its key markets.
It says significant additions to its fleet due are also due to arrive soon, which it expects will grow its capacity by the next financial year.
The airline has lifted its dividend by 50 percent to 4.5c.
It's a different story across the Tasman, where Qantas has announced a half-year loss of more than $A250 million, which is in line with the earnings guidance it gave in December.
It has also announced it's cutting the equivalent of 5000 full-time jobs as part of savings measures worth more than $A2 billion.
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 22:42
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Did I miss something


Did anyone catch that comment that they will go from 11 aircraft types to 7 by the end of 2016 ?

What else are they getting rid of ?
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