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"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." - Ayn Rand (1905-1982)
With your head in the sand your bum is exposed old mate.

Apologies to all Ostriches.
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Addendum to post #1545

Update to EASA FTL reg debate mentioned in post #1545 and directly relevant to Senator Xenophon's disallowance motion on CAO 48.1:
Europe adopts new Flight Time Limitations (FTL) regulations

The European Parliament adopted the European Commission proposal to harmonise flight and duty time limitations (FTL) for cabin crew and pilots across the European Union.

This European Commission proposal is based on an EASA Opinion. Amongst others, night flight duty will be reduced to 11 hours in the new regulation, instead of 11h45 previously. More flights will be considered night flights and subject to shorter duty periods. Total flight time in 12 consecutive months will be limited to 1000 hours instead of 1300 hours.

The weekly rest will be increased by 12 hours twice a month. The combination of standby at the airport with flight duty will be capped at 16 hours. It is currently 20 hours or 26 hours, or even without limit at all in some EU Member States.

The European Cockpit Association (ECA), along with other flight crew unions, was opposed to the proposal. ECA President Voorbach stated: ”The proposal still contains dangerous safety loopholes. They will allow pilots to land a plane – full of passengers – after being 22 hours awake. It also allows pilots to fly for 12hrs30 through the night. This is up to 25% longer than the 10 hours unanimously recommended by scientists.”

On September 30, 2013, the European Parliament’s transport committee had voted against new flight time limitation measures. In a plenary vote, the European Parliament voted in favour of the new rules.
So the pilot unions were celebrating last week only to be weeping in their pints this week! Sounds kind of familiar!

David Learmount does a good job of straddling both sides of the fence:

Pilot fatigue: the battle is over but the war still rages
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Question Barrier?

Sorry been OS - and forgot about Barrier, so apologize if I've missed something. What is happening or happened with BA? Are they still in the AAT?
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The below is from an email today, with an update from the RAAA conference.
Obviously, they were no convinced by the soothing words of Mr. McCormick about what is supposed to be in Part 61, because they are more concerned about what is actually in Part 61 now, before a whole swag of amendments, now in the mill, hit the streets --- and Part 61, Version 1.0 isn't even in operation yet.
Looks like most of the member of the Regional Aviation Association of Australia are at least Honorary Members of the Ills of Society Society.
Tootle pip!!

Warren Truss addressed the RAA Conference today and he told the
> regional airlines that they are close to completing the terms of
> reference for the review by an international expert.
> He stated that he will make the announcement in a month or two.
> He also stated that the Board will be changed and the indication was
> it would be this year.
> He re-affirmed that he has to take the decisions as quickly as
> possible to implement their policy.
> The RAAA Chair, Jeff Boyd, in his opening speech stated too much had
> been wasted and we are out of step in this region. He went on to say
> the RAAA Board supports the adoption of the NZ system.
> Everyone is against the current direction and totally against Part 61.

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Truss at Coolum swings and roundabouts

Good catch Leady!

Here is a link to Truss's speech in full:

‘Regional Airlines’ bumpy ride needs a smooth landing’

and Jeff Boyd has already made his opinion widely known, here's a rehash courtesy of Phearless Phelan: A Bridge Too Far

Although I can't remember JB (IOS and F.A.R.T Honorary member) mentioning Part 61 in there...hmm perhaps we'll be able to get the full text of his speech at the Coolum dinosaur park???
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Pause for reflection MKII...why indeed?

In an article by Gerald Frawley from AA magazine put out prior to the election gives further 'pause for reflection' and he asks some particularly pertinent questions in the context of this thread:
  • Why is it that aviation was hit by the carbon tax when other transport sectors were not?
  • How has it come to pass that relations between industry and CASA are as bad as they have ever been, and regulatory reform as slow and contentious as it ever was?
  • Why has CASA been downsized and de-skilled in the name of cost-cutting so much that its approval processes are so slow it externalises costs back onto industry in foregone revenue generating activities?
  • Why is general aviation, that training ground of civil aviation, in alarming decline?
  • Why are some of the country’s most important airports seen by their owners as property developments with irksome runways in the middle?
  • Why are many council-owned regional and rural airports struggling to pay for maintenance and upkeep of runways and taxiways?
  • Why haven’t burdensome security regulations been reviewed a dozen years after 9/11?
  • Why isn’t the pilot training industry supported by HECS-subsidised training courses?
  • Why isn’t there a second Sydney airport and an increased movement cap at the current airport?
  • Why is there a looming shortage of LAMEs?
  • Those are just some of the issues facing aviation in Australia today. So why isn’t there a minister for aviation or – at the very least a parliamentary secretary – who can champion aviation’s development and work to address its issues?
  • And indeed why isn’t there a minister, and government policies, that champion aviation’s opportunities and potential as well?
  • Hmm...why indeed?
ELECTION 2013 – Advocating for an advocate
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More QON's ?

Mr Frawley just joined the IOS legion. Welcome
All good questions, I am sure Mr Truss, his boss and all the other minions will take them on notice, to be answered........never.

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A lot of talk about the impressive safety record and the progress in regulatory reform that has been a 20 year process!

No reference at all to implementing any recommendations from the 2 Senate Inquiries. What the speech reveals is that the rhetoric in opposition is not matched by the potential to change policy in government. All those holding their breath will be turning a serious shade of blue by now.
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As we've both said before, like the previous government, this government does not intend to do anything substantial to change the regulation of aviation in Australia.
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Estimate AQONs out!

Parliament seems to be back in business now the election writs are in (bar one in dispute Mr 'Balance of Power' Clive). Supplementary Estimates are now listed for 18 & 19 November and surprise..surprise AQONs are finally posted (DoIT AQONs Senate Estimates). Hmm.. and there is some answers of interest to the many subjects covered in this thread and the locked thread. Here is a small sampling...QON1:
Question no.: 01

Program: n/a

Division/Agency: (CORP) Corporate Services

Topic: Government response to the Committee's Accident Aviation Report

Proof Hansard Page/s: 5 (29/05/2013)

Senator Macdonald asked:

Senator IAN MACDONALD: Thank you for that. Senator Thistlethwaite, as the minister representing the minister, can you give any indication of what timing the minister might adopt in relation to this important report and the government's response to it?

Senator Thistlethwaite: I cannot give you an indication now, Senator, but I can take that on notice and see if we can come back to you before the end of the day.

Senator IAN MACDONALD: That would be great, thank you.


The Government will release a response to the Air Accidents Investigations inquiry as soon as practicable.
Well no surprises there I guess?? The utter disdain, obfuscation and contempt displayed by Albo in regards to aviation appears to have been consistent right up to the last minute of his responsibility; QON2:
Senator IAN MACDONALD: Can you tell us when the answers were submitted by you to the minister's office?

Mr Mrdak: There were 132 questions in total, 40 taken on notice on the hearing day and 92 written questions. The department did not this time meet our requirements to get the advice to the minister as we would have liked. The first 100 draft responses were provided to the minister on 28 March. The further 32 outstanding responses were provided on 8 and 18 April, owing to some delays in getting data from us. But the minister had all of the consolidated answers by 18 April.

Senator IAN MACDONALD: Senator Thistlethwaite, do you have any indication of why it took the minister from 18 April until last Friday to deal with those things?

Senator Thistlethwaite: No, I do not, Senator. Again, I can seek to take that on notice and provide you with an answer.

Senator IAN MACDONALD: It would be good if you could.

Senator NASH: Can I suggest that perhaps the good senator might like to do that over the next two days for us? I am sure he is able to call the minister's office and come back to us before the end of tomorrow.

Senator Thistlethwaite: I already indicated that I would.
Answer: The then Minister advised that he had nothing further to add to this response.
And here is an answer for Senator Fawcett's question on the you beaut (in house) FF Sentinel Surveillance software that rumour has it now has some serious functionality issues :
Senator FAWCETT: Can you tell me the final overall cost of the system as of this budget?
Mr McCormick: For the CASA IT tool Sky Sentinel business and technical implementation, development implementation and the new CASA surveillance manuals from March 2011 to June 2013, the total cost was $2,419,157, but we do not have the breakdown of the Sky Sentinel out of that at this stage.

Senator FAWCETT: Can you come back to the committee today, if you can, or tomorrow with that figure? I would be interested to know how much that was.

Mr McCormick: Certainly.

Answer: The original software/IP was purchased for $35,750 (GST inclusive) knowing additional work would be required in regard to the subsequent development into a functioning system and deployment throughout CASA. The total development costs of the system (including the purchase of the software and IP) was $1,027,848.

As advised at the hearing on 29 May 2013, the total overall cost was $2,447,184 which as well as the above, includes associated costs such as preparation of a user manual, training of staff and managers involved in surveillance and business implementation.
For many more examples from the FF masters of spin and smoke'n' mirrors here's the link: CAsA AQONs

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Cover up's, crooks and numpty's

More lies, more arrogance, more deception, more pony pooh.

Oh the GWM truly is a stronger mafia than Italians in New York. Call them the untouchables I say. And now there is a new Don, 'Don Truss'. He will ensure all his Capo's are protected from those horrible things called justice and accountability. As for the Senators, what Senators? All shall be kneecapped and buried in a shallow grave so to speak. Dead men cant talk, and the GWM will make sure their protectors around the hallways of Canberra see to it that nothing comes up against the executive turds of aviation. No sir, sleepy hollow is protected by powerful sith lords with voodoo abilities and small johnson's.
They fear not Kharon's beloved ferryman, they fear not the Gobbledock's ICAO connections, they fear not the ghosts of Hempel and Wright.
The CAsA are protected by the mighty bald eagle, the powerful witch doctor and the silly old test pilot (very former one at that) and his dodgy ticker. Soon the angry man will depart, retire to his beloved Brisbane river home and his Yak, another crooked batty boy will take up the 'commander and thief' role in the DAS unit and commence the cycle of trough indulgence, obsfucation and rorting.

Perhaps Lord Collins will be the new aviation expert appointee? Or a new board member even? Oh fun times ahead, and nice pay packets too.

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CASAweary, you offer more huff and puff than anybody. No solutions, no ideas, just criticism. Lame my friend, lame and pure tautology.
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Sky Sentinel "business"(sic)

Love the Skulls answer AQON.....!!
It smacks of the Qld Health payroll debacle..a 35K ? programme (sic) turns into
a 2.5 mil $ to implement.
OH dear ...what a trough...nice work if you can get it. Only taxpayers dosh...plenty more where that came worries.

And only last year CAsA was crying poor (again) and the Miniscule (ex) threw millions at em.
What a sick joke.

The CAsA '"code" requires that taxpayer's $s be spent wisely and efficiently.
A joke doc if ever there was one.
The ways of the bureaucrat/trough dweller are many and varied, but at the end of the day NO ONE is accountable.
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PT & Airline Safety Report R9 needs to be revisited

Rewinding to post #1548 Avweb article highlights yet again why this part of recommendation nine..."Subject to those findings, the committee may seek the approval of the Senate to conduct a further hearing in relation to the matter..." (from the Pilot Training and airline safety report) needs to be adhered to.

Autopilot Automation: Friend and Foe

Come on Senator Nick & co bring it on! It is too important a matter to be left in the hands of Fort Fumble and the GWM to obfuscate for another zillion years!
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Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!!!!

National pride is an intangible, but it is galling to know that Australia now sits with India and the Philippines in the eyes of others when it comes to how, as a nation, we manage aviation safety regulatory and accident investigation responsibilities.

Regulators and accident investigators in nearer nations like New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia must have a big smirk on their face when they think of us inept and incompetent Aussies!

The quality of the responses to QON are about presenting as low a target as possible rather than providing a responsible answer to the people (via the parliament).

It is evident, as my Dad used to say: 'They couldn't organize a f#ck in a brothel with a fistful of fivers!'

Mr Truss stop vacillating. It's time to get cracking and show some leadership!

A few summary dismissals would set the tone similar to what is being done in Immigration.


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Witch doctor memo..Engrish please!

The quality of the responses to QON are about presenting as low a target as possible rather than providing a responsible answer to the people (via the parliament).
Frank did you have a gander at the CASA 01 - Attachment A (from Sup Estimates AQONs 2012), which is a copy of an internal minute the Doc put out in 2011. Have attempted (hope it works) to copy page one to a picture file:

The bit in the middle and in bold capitals is so full of legal weagle, weasel words that each Exec manager must have to have a lawyer on staff just to decipher any correspondence coming from the Doc's office...

Frank I think you nailed it mate in the quote above...

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Fumble in the jungle

Oops, it seems I must have said something wrong as a recent post was removed. Me bad? Oh well, I guess it hurts CAsA doesn’t it when the shoe is on the other foot? Such bad sports. Can’t have them looking bad can we? Of course it is a different story when they are stitching up the rest of industry. I can only imagine at the moment how much scrambling is taking place at pony pooh central, hardly any time for them to indulge in the almighty trough at the moment with all the attention they are receiving. So let me yet again provide an update, accept this time the names have been changed to protect identities and troughs.

Bald Eagle: Mr Archerfield himself orchestrated the knifing of Barrier Aviation. There was an old score to settle, and this member of the FNQ chapter launched at the right time in his mind. Bye bye Barrier, revenge is so sweet. Never cross a sociopathic CAsA manager. He is getting very nervous that those with half a grain of intelligence may unravel the Hempelectomy and expose Baldy to some accountability. Very naughty boy.

Dr Voodoo: Looks like his ascension to the top of the bureaucratic ladder is almost complete. He has been touted as the next Commissioner of the ATSB once Beaker gets the shove soon. Good luck ATSB Investigators, he even puts his lunch requests in via a minute. The King of arse covering and shabby beards is coming soon. But watch out fella’s, he also likes to polish the turd, especially when the FAA, ANAO or ICAO come in. But don’t worry, after they leave it is business as usual. Naughty boy.

Chief Skull: The only addition to the information at hand is that the Skull is being pressured to leave sleepy hollow by Xmas, He is not very happy with that. He has been seen throwing a couple of additional tanties (not shanties) and the painters and plasterers are on standby. (Silly Skull, you should really stop leaving all those faxes sitting at the fax machine. (And for the viewers out there that is an old CAsA trick. Don’t send anything via email, type it out, print it off and fax it to each other. Very hard to find an electronic trail or record of conversation! Sneaky boys)
GWM Don: Well it seems that old mate’s ticker has been playing up yet again. It has been suggested that Methuselah retire gracefully but apparently he just can’t disconnect himself from the taxpayer funds! It really is time to hanging up his colostomy bag and false teeth and nick for good. Besides, he has a topped up retirement fund courtesy of one of the boys in WA. Naughty boy.

The Gerbil: That bald headed little numpty is still hiding in the wings in Canberra, hoping to receive a career escalation once the other Princes fall. He is the sneakiest of all sneaks, even resorts to feeding information to the Ayatollah of bureaucrats – Teflon Mrdak. Oh how funny to watch him Wodger and other entities greasing the pole and hoping that a scalp will be taken elevating them into the instant half a million dollar bracket. Naughty deceitful boys.

Flyingfiend: Now this is priceless. Old mate Flyingfiend has been in a major panic as he is furious that he keeps being accused of making silly comments on social media sites, which is a big no no under CAsA HR policy. Lucky for him the other chickens have gathered around him and are shielding him with their protective robust wings, protecting him from anybody who tries to slip a pineapple past his minders and insert it into his bottom.

Mystery man: Now here is some info you will be surprised to hear. There is one additional senior CAsA executive who rides beneath the radar. Oh yes, he is a very astute magician who remains out of the spotlight, and he too is sticking the knives into his fellow colleagues hoping that heads will roll and he will be promoted up the greasy pole. Don’t fret my little petals, I have his name on file, however I must await the appropriate moment to out him. Time is on my side, not his. Slowly slowly catch the monkey.

Beaker ATSB: Beaker is also a little panicked about his future, but not to fear, he has been told he is safe houses and he will be slotted back into a plum role within government. His trough runneth over, not.

P.S I was privy to a conversation recently in which the head bureaucrat MM was speaking candidly with the Trussed up one. Lots of idle chat, generalities, giggles and serious discussion. Nonetheless the same theme was covered, “how do we make these problems disappear when CAsA and beaker keep screwing up and the senators keep applying the blow torch”. Very funny indeed, it’s sort of like the IOS holding a magnifying glass to them under the midday sun and cooking them alive? On a separate note the shredders are rumoured to be working overtime as some in CAsA try to bury some quite interesting information on Hempel. And also TRIM has been receiving some cleaning and trimming to ensure there is nothing unflattering left behind in relation to Lockhart. It’s like watching Pulp Fiction when they hire Mr Wolf to clean up the mess. Naughty naughty boys.

Gotta go and play with my private parts 61, hell I might even see if I can purchase a copy of sky sentinel online. Might even drop Skull a letter while I am at it.

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On message...

Keep the good news and FF pooh paras coming there, CAsAry. Top read.!!

New PM wants to save money....why not just have a moratorium on all interstate and overseas travel...this is the age of Skype and email after all...theres a few squillion saved.

Then go thru the upper troughery using a D 4 with especially sharpened blade and get rid of the nupties wasting millions.

Alas all Trussed up as usual.
Hard words applied to those with alternate views and cleaning ideas.

And if people in FF are shredding docs...that's a crime. Prob of strict liability, since they wrote it. But who nicks the nickers? No oversight there.
Just free rein for CYA and all the other bureaucratic bastardry.
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Adult education.

The link below may give you an idea of what the Senators are fighting against; the bait to lure the old trusty Truss into the belly of the beast and out through the daemons arsehole. A masterpiece of smoke, a dazzlement of mirrors and a hearty Hi Ho Silver.

Choccy frog for the identity of the "Mystery Blonde".

6 minutes of fame.

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing. McBeth.

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Just don't rock the boat-Ok.

Digging about for something unrelated, stumbled over an interesting power-point presentation by Ron Bartsch, as the 'horse racing' theme piqued my interest, I took five to have a skim through. It's quite well done and valid.

The premise is therefore that no longer can management feel that they can remain aloof or removed from the actions of those whom they employ, and that the latent conditions or active failures built into the culture and operating practices of the organisation are an integral component of their management responsibilities.

“Regulatory compliance should not create an additional burden on an organisation if it provides little or no safety benefit, but should rather be an outcome of a system specifically designed to support the organisation’s safety operations”. (Extract from CASA letter to Airline CEOs, June 2007).
Included were references and quotes from the Dick Smith book, Two Years in the Aviation Hall of Doom December 1984. Out of idle curiosity I took a further five to revisit Chapter 10 of the Smith missive. Between Bartsch and Smith a very ugly picture emerges which makes you wonder if anything can ever be changed. These CASA beggars have the public service mandarins so bluffed with the 'mystique' and baffled by the 'blood's on your hands' mantra that nothing short of an ICAO downgrade will make any sort of difference. I note that ICAO have just finished kicking seven bells out of the PNG CASA and are 'in the area'; perhaps Truss should spare a few moments for tea and biccy's with the ICAO crew; get a true picture and sound advice from a team that actually know what they're on about. Yep, I know, dream on - right.

“By mentioning the word "safety" whenever they believe their unfettered control is threatened, or if anyone queries their deliberate preference for granting selective dispensations instead of updating a regulation. This maintains the enormous power base of the bureaucrats concerned.” Dick Smith.
“Now there is a culture of change aversion that has effectively removed Australia from identifying and participating in improvements to air safety.” Dick Smith Ten years of Aviation Safety Neglect July 2010.
Like Dick or not, you have to admit, he does hit the odd nail or two on the head.

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