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ATC VOLUNTARY OVERTIME BAN: Dublin Flights Delayed 25th January

ATC Issues A place where pilots may enter the 'lions den' that is Air Traffic Control in complete safety and find out the answers to all those obscure topics which you always wanted to know the answer to but were afraid to ask.

ATC VOLUNTARY OVERTIME BAN: Dublin Flights Delayed 25th January

Old 25th Jan 2008, 22:43
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Angry ATC VOLUNTARY OVERTIME BAN: Dublin Flights Delayed 25th January

News broke at 21:10 from RTE stating that Dublin Air Traffic controllers will not be at their posts tonight from 10.30pm to 11.30pm, therefore halting any air traffic movements into or out of Dublin.

No NOTICE has been given with regard strike action,
leaving many of my colleagues stranded across Europe with ATC Slot Restrictions, many delayed upto 2 hours, until controllers decide to come back to work.

I understand peoples right to take action if they feel hard done by, however to announce this unofficial action within such short notice, it does not really help the controllers in growing sympathy for their cause. Especially from the pilots and passengers that they have disrupted!

You all do a good job considering the shoddy/outdated equipment made available to you by your employer. Take a look at the airport facillities, lights broken, 25 mins to introduce LVPs jaysus need I go on.... BUT to screw so many people without giving us some notice, JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH

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Old 25th Jan 2008, 22:56
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Leave them to it, you are not in their situation so shouldn`t slag them off.
I`ll put up with a poxy slot delay if its going to help support the guys and their future.
You never know when you might need their support.
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Old 25th Jan 2008, 22:57
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Great Site, but some words of caution to anybody listening to Dublin ATC on the WEB


The light on the control tower is BRIGHT RED,
but nobody is HOME!!


and in response to the last post, i ain't slaggin anyone off!!
merely pointing out STRIKE ACTION with NO notice whatsoever is just not the way to solve any problems.
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Old 25th Jan 2008, 23:00
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Is it "strike" action, or the fact that the controllers aren't working overtime due to staffing situation (been discussed here)
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Old 25th Jan 2008, 23:04
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The sole RYR pilot around dublin airspace has the freedom of the skys tonight. Just been told he can decend to what ever level he wants (well actually not below 6000')
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Old 25th Jan 2008, 23:09
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Fair Play to the controllers!!

at least they are informing HOLDING aircraft of EAT to shoot the approach at Dublin.

The poor Ryanair pilot, wonder if 320 knots to the marker would be allowed tonight (aww the good old days)

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Old 25th Jan 2008, 23:14
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Lvps take 25 mins who the heck is responsible for implementing them in DUB HighLow ?
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Old 25th Jan 2008, 23:24
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Want to make it clear, i am not posting comments in any way that take away from the work the controllers are doing.

Not recruiting any new controllers for the guts on 6 years, now this situation was always going to arise.

However as a pilot in DUBLIN, yes there are many problems

25 Mins to introduce LVPs is not uncommon, pilots stuck up in the hold at ROCKA or TULSO , unable to shoot CATIII until somebody on the ground gets their act together.

No instantaneous weather information, (only international Airport on the planet unable to give that kind of information)

The new MIKE Taxiway lights (parallel to HOTEL) cannot he shut off, if done so, it would turn off the every single taxiway light on the airport.

anyways this post was to point out the frustration of little notice of industrial action, however maybe its about time, the controllers in dublin stood upto the THIRD WORLD conditions they find themselves in,

Best of Luck to them

and a note to the DUBLIN AIRPORT AUTHORITY, take a spin over to the UK and see how a REAL airport operates!!

To silence the critics, I am Irish and think its disgusting the way the international airport of my home city is being operated!!!

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Old 25th Jan 2008, 23:42
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VALID FROM 2230 25-JAN-2008 TO 2335 25-JAN-2008: (A0131/08)

To any flight crew unaware of this closure!!! (READ ABOVE!)
And I retract the statement that this closure was not announced!

Best of luck to the controllers with their ongoing dispute!!!

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Old 25th Jan 2008, 23:49
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Contrary to opinion stated above there was no strike action, there was a staff shortage due to sickness and the tower was left understaffed as a result.

The action taken was to ensure a safe air traffic control service could be provided at all times.

As for any delay in dissemination of the delays expected, I suggest you look further up the chain of command than at the ordinary ATCO.
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Old 26th Jan 2008, 00:08
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Old 26th Jan 2008, 17:15
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EIDW ACC staffing regulation on this afternoon 1520-1740
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Old 26th Jan 2008, 18:11
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When is declining OPTIONAL overtime and call-ins on your days off industrial action( official or unofficial)???????????
If you get a call asking would you mind or like to come in for more money (and punishment) after you have completed a quite intense 6 duties over 5 days and you say no (because its optional) why is that industrial action? It just so happens that so many people have had enough of the place at the end of their normal set of duties the last thing they want is to go back in.

On the other subjects high and low raised i suggest he/she starts a thread giving out about the DAA for there the issues lie with regards taxi lights and lvps.

Yours as ever
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Old 26th Jan 2008, 18:26
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Again to clarify...overtime in the IAA centres is optional......people have just gotten sick of being called on their rest days to go into work and with leave been unabled and with no end of the sitiuation in sight for at least 2 years and .....everyone no matter what job they do has a right to time off....it is not up to the atcos to ensure the centres have enuf staff...that is the IAA's..any complaints about delays please refer to
Irish Aviation Authority, Aviation House, Hawkins St, Dublin 2, Ireland. Telephone:, 00 353 1 671 8655.
Fax:, 00 353 1 679 2935.
Email:, [email protected] .

They may listen to YOU cos they sure as shit havent listened to their atco's who have told them for years that they didnt have enuf staff
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Old 26th Jan 2008, 22:38
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They may listen to YOU cos they sure as shit havent listened to their atco's who have told them for years that they didnt have enuf staff
Quite common that......

Sad to see this, same type of stuff that we have seen here in Norway in the last 4 years. Management f**** up the recruitment and estimated staffing needs, and the controllers at the sharp end get the kicking from customers and media alike when planes stop flying. (Provider basically chastises their workers for wanting NOT to work 4 weekends in a row etc etc....... )

It's a bit better here now, hope you have a strong union over there, it saved us!
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Old 26th Jan 2008, 23:07
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ock1f and 54north15west spot on with your posts, everyone is entitled to their days off and we have seen more strike action from every other corner of Irish Aviation over a lot less than insufficent staff. You only have to ask the guys and girls in EI to change their lunch times and their out with the picket boards!

I wonder if HighLow would rather our controllers become over-tired, and slightly incompetent due to working conditions than having to spend 2 hrs on a slot delay.
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Old 27th Jan 2008, 10:44
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High Low...I see your points...however to clarify, there is no industrial action. As you can see, its staff shortages that are causing the problems both in Dublin and in Shannon. The IAA haven't recruited any controllers in past number of years and now they seem to think that just because ATCO's are s$%t sick of the place after 5 long days work they can change our roster to suit their staffing problems and blame us for not coming in on our days off to fill in for blank spaces on the shoddy rosters that are in place already. This is supposed to make us look bad...come on....its IAA micromanagement that look bad here. The IAA should be ashamed of themselves for making the controllers look bad for closing Dublin Airport for a couple of hours. They are to blame for all of this...not the ATCO's....Its about time the pilots and paying passengers are made aware of this....
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Old 28th Jan 2008, 11:06
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Post What can I say...????

I'm sitting here wondering what's really going on out there?

I give benefit of the doubt to the hard working ATCOs, but what are the union/management/IAA playing at?

Behind this, rumours suggest that the union won't allow any direct entries, so they can relocate some of their buddies from EINN to EIDW first??? This true?

There are several CVs lying on IAA desks for some months now, so it's not as if there is no interest out there.

Waiting patiently....(Any real info, please PM me)

"own nav is best"

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Old 28th Jan 2008, 11:41
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I don't know whats going on but my support lies soley with the controllers. the IAA are continually issuing press releases saying they are not short staffed...... if rumours rom shannon are true why then do they allow controllers to work a day shift in the training school as instructor and then allow these same controllers to come in the same evening to do a night shift (call in on overtime) which lasts 9.5 hours........everyone knows its not safe...and any moron would be able to see that if this is the only way you can get enough controllers on a night shift that you have a staffing problem....and a safety problem

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Old 28th Jan 2008, 13:25
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.. are you serious dude?? ...a day training then in for live traffic over night?
**** .... if that is true god help ya's ... are you affiliated with the international federation?

Surely even the Irish have laws against that

Withdraw O/T lads and lasses

If it is any consolation, the same sort of system breakdown is occuring in Oz (and it seems many other countries) at the mo'

Best of luck
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