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whatdoesthisbuttondo 24th Aug 2021 14:09

those rumours.

Glad it’s working out for you at jet2, although maybe time to move on regarding your anti TUI posting?

Your ex Thomas cook mates (the ones I’ve spoken to) all seem very happy at TUI. You constantly talking down their new employer won’t help them them much will it?

double-oscar 24th Aug 2021 14:39


The two German loans were made post Brexit and did not raise any concerns here in the UK. Also they were loans agreed on commercial terms and not technically a bailout as given to the likes of Alitalia where there was little if any chance of getting your money back.

commit aviation 24th Aug 2021 16:51

One unknown element for all airlines with high levels of debt is what happens to interest rates in the future. As long as the global rates remain low and assuming business returns quickly they can pay down the debt and be fine.
If rates climb and business is slower to return then some may face the prospect of refinancing at higher rates. That's when things become challenging.
TUI have a wide base of operations across Europe so I imagine they will be better placed than some others. Time will tell but I wish them all well.

Jonty 24th Aug 2021 17:05

they were pre the end of the transition phase though we’re they not?

it probably has no impact, it’s was just an idling thought.

Jonty 24th Aug 2021 17:11


You seen very keen to shutdown any discussion that you dislike don’t you? I wonder why that is? I can imagine you’re a real charmer to fly with!
Rather than just accusing people of “doing down TUI” why don’t you post the opposite point?
And as for exTCX pilots being happy, in the middle of a global pandemic, they will be, they aren’t idiots. Being exTCX they will be quite a bit more switched on and worldly wise given what they have been through.

Vokes55 24th Aug 2021 20:00


Donít rise to it. This is the same user who claimed Thomas Cook would soon be debt free, a month before their collapse. The reason for the axe to grind is fairly obvious too.

Jonty 24th Aug 2021 20:09

You guys REALLY don’t like actually discussing TUI do you? It’s quite amazing, in a thread about TUI, that someone discussing the single biggest issue facing the company suddenly has an “axe to grind” It says a lot about your confidence in the company.

Now if either of you has any point to make that’s relevant to the topic please carry on, otherwise stop trying to shoot the messenger, it makes you look desperate.

As for the Thomas Cook comment, that was said in the context of the refinancing that Thomas Cook was trying to undertake. If it had worked Thomas Cooks historic debt would have effectively been wiped out. Unfortunately for all concerned it didn’t work out.

Vokes55 24th Aug 2021 20:13

A quick look through your posts suggests there’s no “suddenly” about it.

Albert Hall 24th Aug 2021 22:08

As someone with no axe to grind on any side of this debate - having never worked for TCX, TUI or Jet2 - I'll contribute to say I think Jonty's comments appear deliberately poisonous.

The Thomas Cook infrastructure was cobbled together through mergers and acquisitions over several years. The product - particularly in resort accommodation but you could possibly apply the same to the aircraft fleet - never could have the investment to reach the base standard that TUI has today. If TUI is unable to maintain the same level of investment for 2/3/4 years to repay debt, its product will by and large remain above that which TC was consistently unable to reach. That's before you get onto the discussion about cruise strategy where TC had nothing in-house but was a retailer for others but TUI has a big asset base through TUI and Marella which keeps operating margin in house.

If TUI embarks on an acquisition spree (although it's difficult to see what would be left to buy!) and saddles itself with further debt, the jury would be out on its long-term future. If they stick to doing what they're doing and develop organically after the pandemic, I see every reason why they should still be here. There is a market for what they're selling, and one that isn't exclusively defined by price - unlike the position into which TC steered itself over a few years before its demise.

hec7or 25th Aug 2021 08:27

One way of looking at this airline vs airline rivalry would be to ask where the benchmark Ts and Cs will end up if those at TUI are in any way reduced?

Vokes55 25th Aug 2021 09:18

Nobody with a mental age over 12 is looking at an airline vs airline rivalry. The majority of pilots across the industry want all companies to survive and all pre-Covid T&Cs to be restored and/or maintained.

Smudge's Lot 14th Sep 2021 15:41

G-TUIK to join the SE- reg very soon on transfer to the Nordic Airline

OltonPete 9th Oct 2021 22:14

What is the current status with the 757's as much was made that they had been withdrawn and up pops BHX-AGP tomorrow listed as a 757 positioning up from Gatwick to operate in the morning.

The other two are with STS at BHX, I believe one in the hangar and one outside but assume these two are decommissioned from active service if another is being brought in to operate?

Buster the Bear 9th Oct 2021 22:24

TUI Airways Fleet List

P330 10th Oct 2021 07:41

Seems strange reusing a 757 when they have so many 738s. Did they ever use any of the used 738s they acquired and if not, do they intend to?

OltonPete 10th Oct 2021 09:42

The flight was originally down as a 788 so I assume the pax load was between 189 and 221 and maybe crewing was also an issue with the 788 and 789 sitting on the ground at BHX.

The 788 arrived in the night from Paphos and is due out to Istanbul later for a F1 charter tomorrow so I presume that this is part of the reason why it hasn't been used.

The BHX 73H's and Max's are fairly busy today albeit only a flight each by the look of it.

737James 10th Oct 2021 17:58

There has been a couple of strange 757 movements at BHX in the last week, One operated a PFO rotation last Sunday and now one has operated the AGP service today, while the last two days PFO flights have been upgraded from the planned 738 to 787s but I understand the loads have all been in 738 range so maybe its Cargo related with my flight back from LCA to BHX last week having a large amount of fresh limes in the forward hold

LiamNCL 31st Oct 2021 22:16

TUI Short of aircraft at the moment ? Seem to be alot of subs today TUIfly D-ATUO/ Belgiums OO-MAX, Privilege A321 & Enter Air 737.

Yeehaw22 31st Oct 2021 22:31

Plenty of aircraft. Just not enough cabin crew.

Downwind_Left 31st Oct 2021 23:58

A general industry problem. Many cabin crew found new jobs during COVID and have no interest in returning. But they also may have taken the furlough cash while working their second jobs.

When recalled to fly, their employers have been shocked to receive a resignation in response.

So now most UK airlines scrabbling to crew flights.

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