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Yeehaw22 1st Nov 2021 07:23

This is a problem of their own making. They have made too many cabin crew redundant.

737James 1st Nov 2021 17:07


Not sure that lack of CC was the reason for all the Sub Charters yesterday as it was the end of the Summer season there was always going to be a number of ferry flights so it made sense to use some ad hoc carriers based in mainland Europe to cover some of the the flights with the Belgian OO-MAX operating a revenue flight out to Tenerife for Tui Belgium as start of their winter programme then operated the last of the Tui summer flights back to EMA.

I am told it was also complicated more by Red tape ,due to some crew being on a contract only until 31/10 that created issues with liability insurance when the flight arrived back in the UK past Midnight.

Jet2 did it in a slightly different way with doing a few double drops in the UK and Greek Islands along with aircraft swaps down route

LiamNCL 1st Nov 2021 17:33

I noticed G-TAWW flew to Toronto too so the leasing to Sunwings back this winter ? Ironic some of the fleet still carry branding 2 year since the last stint.

AirUK 1st Nov 2021 20:42

What’s ‘ironic’ about that?

ROC10 2nd Nov 2021 00:00

I assume because G-TAWW isn't one of the ones wearing the Sunwing livery.

Regarding the charters, I was very surprised at the use of Privilege Style from BHX given that some TUI aircraft were sitting idle but either of the matters above could possibly explain that.

D-ATUO (TUI Germany 738) flew HAJ*-ABZ-TFS-ABZ-*HER-HAJ (*ferry) over the past couple of days which was rather odd as two ferry flights were still needed but, again, could be due to the above.

Vokes55 2nd Nov 2021 10:55

What's odd about that? Every single TUI branded flight from anywhere in Europe to Heraklion over the past 8 days would've been a ferry, it's the end of the season. Operating ABZ-HER-HAJ saved an extra ferry sector and allowed them to reposition the crew back to Germany efficiently. Not odd at all.

As for which aircraft go to Sunwing, this will be dictated largely by maintenance cycles and will be aircraft that don't need to visit a hangar for 3-4 months. Maintenance is obviously pre-planned months in advance, so they'll know which aircraft are going and plan accordingly. Whilst stickers can be added and removed fairly quickly and cheaply, repainting a whole tail costs money and isn't a priority during 18 months of little income.

Rt Hon Jim Hacker MP 2nd Nov 2021 18:58


Yep. I'm just surprised that any employer would be shocked. Entirely predictable given the pay and working conditions. There are plenty of pilots in the same boat.

737James 2nd Nov 2021 22:34


I was speaking to a member of BHX crew today about the Privilege Style charter on Sunday they confirmed this one was caused by a lack of BHX cabin crew as they operated AYT,AGP,PFO,ACE and LPA on 787s over the weekend plus the LH routes started up as well so had a set of crew down route in MBJ and needed a set of crew for Monday am CUN so simply didn’t have enough crew

caaardiff 4th Nov 2021 11:47

G-OBYG en route to St Athan. Is that leaving TUI now or in for maintenance?

jethro15 4th Nov 2021 11:59

Maintenance prior to leaving the fleet 25 Nov.

chaps1954 4th Nov 2021 13:32

Glad I made the effort to watch its departure

azz767 4th Nov 2021 13:35

Are any 767’s going to see next year? I know G-OBYH has been at BHX for weeks now without moving but what about YF/YK?

Big Tudor 4th Nov 2021 14:48

Shame. Travelled back from Indonesia on YG at the end of the Hadj. Seems like a lifetime ago now.

ROC10 4th Nov 2021 21:14

YK has just gone to Stockholm so is clearly going to be spending some time (perhaps the whole winter?) flying for TUI fly Nordic. That just leaves YF which last flew on Monday. Unsurprisingly it doesn’t look like many of the winter flights will justify the use of a 767 which is usually the case even pre-Covid.

LiamNCL 5th Nov 2021 19:28

Left Stockholm this afternoon as TOM925P last tracked heading east over Russia so that maybe gone too.

LAX2000 25th Nov 2021 13:30

Are any short haul routes planned to be operated by 787's for Summer 22, previously it was shown in the booking stage but this feature seems to have been removed.

Particularly interested in Gatwick to Paphos flights

Matt995 25th Nov 2021 22:33

it might be worth you checking google flights, the TUI aircraft types are now showing, but of course all subject to change!

Birmingham is currently showing 2 787s based for summer 2022, 1 presumably a 789 will do long haul every day, the other a 788, is scheduled to operate short haul flights Monday-Saturday, and a long haul flight on Sunday. Pretty certain Gatwick and Manchester will also have short haul flying on the dreamliners.

dmouse88 27th Nov 2021 13:05

Where is G-TUMA last seen going to Brussels 7/11, has it joined TUI fly fleet. I also note we are only operating 2 767-3 YF and YK are YG and YH wfu.

hdsfarrar 29th Nov 2021 20:42

Summer 22 A321 Ops
Hi all,

Just booked a holiday for July 2022, both flights TOM4356 (LGW-FUE), TOM4669 (FUE-LGW) are shown as being operated by TUI.
However the return flight 4669, is showing as being operated by a A321 and not a B737. Any idea who will be operating that flight?


pabely 29th Nov 2021 21:41

My guess EZY, TUI booking space with them on a few routes now.

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