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737James 24th Nov 2020 09:31

TUI airways-2
I know its a long way out yet but I have been looking at some Tui holidays to Cyprus and Turkey in June & July, The flights are showing as being on 787 Dreamliner are Tui planning to have a Dreamliner operating shorthaul next summer from Birmingham ? One flight was to DLM and the other was to PFO both high capacity and density routes out of BHX

marko1 24th Nov 2020 12:20

where are you finding that information please ?

regularpassenger 15th Dec 2020 05:33

Seems to be something going on with Sanford flights in 2021. Was due to fly from Bristol in August next year but flights seem to have been reduced to only one week of the month according to the timetable (and not the dates we booked). Seems similar is going on from other airports and months as well.

Are these dates no longer showing in the timetable likely to be cancelled? Anyone know whatís going on?

rog747 15th Dec 2020 06:43


On TUI Holidays booking engine your full flight details come up with your holiday search, and Dreamliner flights are usually highlighted, along with the times and Flight Nos.

rog747 15th Dec 2020 06:53


TBH if any charter holidays as soon as next summer to Florida will happen is still anyone's guess.
I note you are booked and have BRS-SFB flights which have now seemingly disappeared.
Your best bet is to call your Travel Agent, and/or TUI if you booked direct, to confirm what is going on, and have you been rebooked, or is your holiday now cancelled...

My understanding was that SFB is being withdrawn and TUI will now fly into Melbourne Orlando airport down the coast but not until 2022.
This change was to better serve TUI's Marella Cruise ship passengers joining.
I doubt that sadly many cruise ships will be running either next summer.

4eyed anorak 15th Dec 2020 07:28

Does anyone have any info if TUI are still going ahead with flights to Cape Verde next February from BRS?

VickersVicount 15th Dec 2020 07:58

I doubt anyone will know that publicly just now and until shortly before. February is fast approaching and in the current climate seems ambitious. But the Canary islands have been on and off so maybe still a chance for CV

regularpassenger 15th Dec 2020 08:09


I did just call TUI but they say there is no issue. It’s all very strange. Can’t now book the flight, it doesn’t appear in their timetable. Yet they are holding on to our money. I really do hope it’s still
going! (Covid considerations aside)

P330 15th Dec 2020 09:27

If itís any help, the same thing happened to me.

I was booked to CV in March and periodically checked the booking to see if flights were still operating. At some point last Autumn, I noticed I could no longer book my flights. I rang TUI and they said there was nothing to worry about.

6 weeks later, we got an email to say our flights had been cancelled and they gave us an option to rebook or cancel.

I would guess the booking engines change before people get official notification so this could be the same for you.

In our case, holidays were still on offer but the frequency of flights per week was being scaled back so we could still have gone if we changed our dates by a day or two.

Vokes55 15th Dec 2020 19:54

I believe a lot of the Florida flights in July and August are fully booked already, hence you cannot book them. The Florida program for the entire Summer season is 50% booked, so it would make sense that a few of the July and August peak dates were already sold out.

Florida, Lapland and Ski holidays are three destinations where the majority of customers decided to re-book for the following year instead of taking a refund.

fanrailuk 16th Dec 2020 10:50

Cape Verde from BRS
Currently, these holidays/flights are scheduled to continue on Tuesday 12 January (once weekly) :ok:

As per Covid19, always subject to change.

Vokes55 16th Dec 2020 15:43

4eyed anorak

As always, depends on the government. If the government don't advise against all but essential travel by February, it'll probably go ahead as planned.

Cape Verde has had a fairly high COVID rate, more a victim of it's tiny population than anything. However country-wide rates have been coming down, and the most important islands for tourism, Sal and Boa Vista, are COVID free. Boa Vista hasn't recorded a positive case since December 5th and Sal hasn't recorded a case since December 2nd. https://covid19.cv/

Mr A Tis 24th Dec 2020 08:46

Noticed a lot of TUI (UK) doing many B787 flights to places like Dallas, Detroit & Mexico City are these passenger charters or bulk cargo flights?

yeo valley 24th Dec 2020 10:12

TUI have been doing a lot of cargo flights recently.I think its mostly for the motor industry.

Downwind_Left 24th Dec 2020 13:26

TUI have been operating a lot of freight charters with pretty much their whole 787 fleet, more than one on some days, mainly with the -9 fleet.

Routes operated include;

Frankfurt-Mexico City
Stuttgart-Mexico City
Amsterdam-Dallas/Ft Worth

While these flights continue, In recent days they have also been operating food/goods import charters to the UK as a result of the Channel port blockades.

G-TUIC has operated 5 Amsterdam-London Heathrow rotations over the last 3 days positioning back to Gatwick from Heathrow at lunchtime today.

chuzwuza 15th Jan 2021 15:50

I am looking to travel BHX-ACE in mid feb and TUI website is still showing two flights a week as available. Given the current situation does anyone have any inside info on if these flights are likely to be operating? Cheers

CabinCrewe 15th Jan 2021 16:18

No inside info, but Iíd say unlikely...

rog747 16th Jan 2021 06:30


TUI announced that all holidays flying from England are cancelled until 12 FEB in keeping with the UK Gov.'s lockdown in force in England reportedly until 21 FEB, which incudes NO international travel (holidays abroad) is permitted, so you will not be able to travel.
TUI seems to be doing cancelling holidays on a rolling basis so that is why you can still see flights on sale after then.
The Canary Islands has now been added to ALL UK travel corridors banned from Monday.

Both Jet2 and Easy Jet have cancelled all holidays until the end of March.

I cannot foresee even Easter holidays as operating in any shape or form.

However when we are all let off the lead (safely I hope) then I can foresee on of the biggest travel sales boom ever seen.
The demand is enormous.

chuzwuza 16th Jan 2021 13:51

Thanks for the info rog.
I suspected that that would be the case but after seeing that FR are still operating a very limited service I thought there may be a slim chance. For info, I am not crazy and expecting a holiday in the middle of a pandemic. I live in Lanzarote.

787Heaven 28th Jan 2021 22:26

Hi all.

Boeing currently has assigned a 787-9 to TUI, line number 1102. Does anyone have any info on whether TUI will accept this new jet (G-TUIP) due to the current pandemic or will it be NTU? It’s going to be built in Charleston. 😁

Smudge's Lot 29th Jan 2021 10:03

It will be TUIP but delivery date is a moving unknown. CURRENT plan is for winter this year.
2 of the 787-8 that were going to germany has been postponed.
The TUI Nordic fleet has been slashed to just 2 737s which means that any 767-300s in the Nordics will return to the UK fleet by this summer. However G-OBYG is in storage and is not expected to fly again in revenue service for TUI before being returned to its lessor. Next winter (I presume winter 21-22) will see the remaining 4 757s and 767s leave the fleet. All subject to change of course!

787Heaven 29th Jan 2021 19:22

thanks for all the info! I can’t believe the Nordics are going to two planes. It seemed as though they were expanding again (before the pandemic). I’ve got some really great memories from the trips we did to Scandinavia (can’t remember a lot too haha)

ROC10 29th Jan 2021 23:59

TUI fly Nordic currently have:
2 x 737 MAX-8
3 x 737-800
2 x 767-300

Two of the 738s have just transferred from TUI UK (ex G-TAWH/J) while one was supposed to join TUI UK a couple of years back and was registered as G-TAWY before being immediately re-registered to SE-RFX and returned to the Nordics (presumably due to the MAX grounding).

Interestingly, while TUI UK have just lost these two 738s to Nordic, they have recently received a 738 from TUI Germany and are due to receive three more from there soon, two of these being the former G-TAWP/R which transferred from UK to Germany a few years back.

Does anyone know why there have been so many intra-group swaps recently, especially when one aircraft just seems to get ‘replaced’ by another? I assume it’s all down to lease end dates, otherwise I’m at a loss, as there will obviously be costs involved in re-registering aircraft in another country, modifying liveries, interiors, etc.

Vokes55 30th Jan 2021 10:04

Interiors and liveries don't need modifying and the cost involved in re-registering aircraft is negligible. It's just a company moving assets around to where they believe they are required. There's also a far bigger picture involving maintenance cycles, lease expiry, administration and of course taxation that will make sense to a few people but leave the rest of us scratching our heads.

hec7or 30th Jan 2021 19:01

Travel Weekly article 6th Jan 2021

"The first and second packages focused on loans from the state and will be repaid with interest.
The third package is wider – a loan of €1.091 billion, a credit facility of €200 million and a capital increase of €500 million.
It is a very good sign that Unifirm, our largest shareholder, already agreed to participate in the capital increase.
Unifirm, an investment vehicle of the Russian Mordashov family, already owns almost 25% of Tui."
where are we going with this?

Yeehaw22 30th Jan 2021 20:45

To a whole new world of debt

Jenny Tails 30th Jan 2021 23:59

TCX 2.0 perhaps?

double-oscar 31st Jan 2021 10:27

Unlikely. The German government has an interest in TUI unlike TCX who found little or no help from the UK government. You only have to look at Condor which has somehow managed to survive not only TCX going bust but also the current pandemic. The biggest investors in TUI are also unlikely to walk away so I think one can have some confidence that the company has the same or slightly better chance of survival than many airlines and travel companies.

737James 31st Jan 2021 10:44

There seems to be lots of rumours flying around about what Tui's current summer plans are, I have it from Tui BHX crew that they will just be a 738/max & 787 base from May so no 757s with 787's operating flights if possible with Covid restrictions to DLM,PFO,AYT and BVC

The other one that I have heard from a few sources is that Tui will getting two extra brand new Max's that were built for a failed Asian airline this is instead of of Ex Fly Dubai aircraft. Personally I would be surprised if this is true as mid age 738 must be cheaper to lease than a brand new Max unless the leasing company just want to get some return on it quickly

Jonty 31st Jan 2021 14:14

Rumour has it TUI are paying Ä420m a year in interest payments.

Thatís not sustainable.

davidjohnson6 31st Jan 2021 14:24

Do you have a source for that ?

Yeehaw22 31st Jan 2021 16:43

That sounds like the amount for the first repayment due on the German loan. Due end of the year I believe.

Jonty 31st Jan 2021 18:33

Just rumours. I have heard it from several different sources, but nothing concrete.

gilesdavies 1st Feb 2021 17:27

What are TUI's 787's Up To At The Minute?
I was just curious what TUI are doing with their 787's at the moment?

I was on FlightRadar24 Sunday evening and noticed two 787's heading out from Manchester to Detroit and Philadelphia.

rog747 1st Feb 2021 17:40

Cargo flying, along with BA, Virgin, Air Canada, Aer Lingus, Condor, Neos to name but a few....

yeo valley 1st Feb 2021 17:46

There has been 1 787 in storage at BRS for quite some time. I dont know if it is still there.

airvanman 1st Feb 2021 20:02

Yes still at BRS

double-oscar 1st Feb 2021 20:22

"Rumour has it TUI are paying Ä420m a year in interest payments.

Thatís not sustainable."

Apart from being a rumour, that is rather a meaningless comment unless you can provide some further qualification. In recent years TUI has not only been meeting its interest repayments but also been paying shareholders a dividend of approximately Ä300m. Therefore, in a more normal trading environment, the business could easily sustain Ä420m in interest payments. However, should life not return to normal then the company has taken steps to secure its finances and roll over some of its debt. Anyway, first quarter results are out shortly so that will give a better indication of how the business is doing.

hec7or 2nd Feb 2021 20:40

I think you mean 4th Q, it's only Feb.

Mr @ Spotty M 2nd Feb 2021 21:52

Some companies have year ending September/October.

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