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Downwind_Left 16th Apr 2021 22:35

They say a picture paints a thousand words;

I have no further information, but I suspect whatever work is being done, Boeing is getting the invoice. The aircraft had only been delivered new a couple of weeks before the worldwide grounding, and hasn’t flown a revenue flight since. So it’s impossible to believe the work is due to damage during flight. More likely to be mainly paint defect warranty work plus assorted other issues as a result of long term storage.

SWBKCB 17th Apr 2021 07:34

Long term storage in not exactly an ideal location.

Smudge's Lot 17th Apr 2021 07:58

I am led to believe that due to the corrosion caused by parking outside next to the sea in TFS, it did need several skin/rivets/joints replacements and has been in the hanger being worked on since it arrived back in the UK

ImPlaneCrazy 4th May 2021 16:48

Although I'm sure the schedules are constantly changing, does anyone know which routes the MAN based TUI 787s will be used on presuming a restart is allowed on May 17th?

Thanks in advance.

matjr79 4th May 2021 17:53

MAN-LCA-MAN day 7 is one route confirmed in Jun/Jul

CWL757 6th May 2021 16:57

Anyone know why G-TAWF has been flying back and forth BHX-NCL the last few days? Training NCL based crew?

CWL757 6th May 2021 17:39

I think I know the answer to this, but are Sunwing still due this year? I'm guessing not with the MAX and transfered 737s in the fleet?

Smudge's Lot 7th May 2021 06:09

Nope, No Sunwing this year.
The 737s are planned to fly over 300 non revenue sectors to get the pilots back into training, as the 737s have done no flights since late October last year.(except for the odd delivery)

NickBarnes 7th May 2021 08:11

Just out of interest, without Sunwing I assume that dispite the reduced schedule at NWI this summer with flights operating Mon, Tues, Fri and Sat to the 3 destinations, the schedule shows that the aircraft will still be originating at NWI so assume just a regular TUI aircraft based for this summer?

Vokes55 7th May 2021 09:54

That will almost certain change to W-patterns (or be scrapped) once there’s more certainty over the flying schedule. Same for ABZ and BFS.

737James 7th May 2021 13:27

Smudge's Lot

I am not sure if this was what you saying but I had heard a few weeks ago that in early May Tui were going to be using their 737s on the Royal Mail sectors and that Tui had been trying to get ad hoc work for the PL football teams

A340600MAN 13th May 2021 12:50

Hi all

Can anyone shed a little light on 2 particular aircraft TUI were due to receive last year.

G-TUKB 37740 According to my records this is still stored in Amman as LZ-DAD. Is this no longer expected to operated for TUI?

G-TUKF 33605 I believe this to be stored by TUI at St Athan. What is the plan for this aircraft? Staying or leaving TUI?

Buster the Bear 13th May 2021 19:15

G-TUKC now sports full Aero Mexico colours at Lasham.

ROC10 13th May 2021 19:53

It’s kinda looking like they’ll no longer be taking any of the second-hand 738s (other than the transfers from Germany), despite some of them already having been painted in TUI colours.

It does, however, look like TUI UK will be taking several MAXs that were due for other group airlines, as well as acquiring two from TUI Nordic which are 2 years old.

CWL757 14th May 2021 16:01

Anyone know what aircraft TUI will be using from the 17th? Various or will it just be the 737/787s?

yeo valley 14th May 2021 17:14

It will be 737 aircraft used from CWL

BHX5DME 14th May 2021 18:17

TUI are only from 4 airports from 17.05.21 - BHX, BRS, MAN & LGW

CWL757 14th May 2021 19:11

yeah CWL has been all 737 since W13 i believe. I was on one of the last TOM 757 flights from CWL. I was referring more to LGW & MAN that have a mix of all the fleet.

yeo valley 15th May 2021 06:00

The 787 will do long and short haul from LGW,MANBHX and BRS. 737 aircraft will operate from these bases as well.

TimmyW 15th May 2021 15:49


More from June onwards I read today.

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