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Albert Hall 12th Apr 2021 21:11

Originally Posted by Jamie2009 (Post 11026604)
Albert Hall

Whos left the business out of interest? Which posts not people?

Chief Technical Officer, Director of Maintenance and Director of Safety/Security/Compliance. Not sure those were their exact job titles, but three have all left recently. From what I know, there's an obvious / strong personal reason why one has jumped ship but the same drivers are not present for the others.

Going back to the debate, Flybe's representative at the CAA hearing said - and I quote:

The slots are essential to the business. Without them, there is simply no business. We can't operate at Heathrow without slots. We can't operate at Schiphol without slots there. And so on.
Without them, there is simply no business. There is always a danger in taking a single quote out of context but I think that says quite enough. Pretty much the whole argument put forward to the CAA to keep the original Flybe licence alive came down to slots.

SKOJB 12th Apr 2021 22:07

This whole thread is becoming slightly boring as its very obvious that there will be no BE mk2 and instead is a transaction to recover huge financial sums from LHR slots

Sandy78 12th Apr 2021 22:51

It's all slightly amusing! Very nicely polarised!
Just to get a few things straight in my mind, didn't Cyrus (through connect) mortgage the LHR slots to finance Flybe? Wouldn't that be a good reason to want to keep hold of them aside from starting up a new/old airline? Also, if Cyrus get to hang on to them, can they just sell them to anyone at anytime? Aren't they domestic only? My knowledge is limited on the opaque world of slot trading!

Finally, Cyrus have past (very lucrative) history with Virgin America, I would have thought the scenario that played out in the US would be a motivator in any new venture the two guys at the top get involved with.

Skipness One Foxtrot 13th Apr 2021 00:18

If it's no big deal why are you so very obviously angry at what happened to Air Southwest? Surely another airline would simply take their place? Well no, clearly not, and you know that. And if Loganair go bust, that's just like buses really, as another airline will launch services in their place tomorrow. Stornoway being the Heathrow of the North......?

Just like Plymouth, I mean that's a bustling regional airport? Right? Super simple as Newquay went from strenght to strenght? Er no.

You're over-simplyfying things, and as for a post COVID UK market, no one knows what that's going to look like, and while I welcome competition, as I said, I don't welcome a debt free Zombie Flybe capacity dumping simply to build market share and bump off the competition weakened by the last year. That's not leading to lower prices for anyone in the medium term. Time will tell.

ATNotts 13th Apr 2021 08:00


How you can in all confidence make such a statement is totally beyond me. The ONLY PEOPLE in any position to make such assertion are Cyrus, Thyme Op-Co and their employees. If you were one of the latter, then divulging such information would be unprofessional at best, at worse subject to legal consequences for breeching commercial confidentiality.

cavokblues 13th Apr 2021 09:49

I'm probably doing 2+2=5 here but I wonder if there is any connection between the rumours Mesa Air want to get involved in a European carrier and the new Flybe?

Mesa were sniffing around Flybe a few years ago I seem to recall.

JobsaGoodun 13th Apr 2021 10:27

If Jamie2009 is correct then I'd suggest the link is Virgin America. Wiki (whether you believe it or not) says that Dave Pflieger was involved in setting up Virgin America at a time when Cyrus Capital as one of the original investors.

Jamie2009 13th Apr 2021 10:35

Its in the filings at companies house

Albert Hall 13th Apr 2021 11:46

He's been involved for many months. Must be first public mention of it but he has certainly been around for a while and the link is with Cyrus from Virgin America. He was described to me as very knowledgeable about aircraft and technical but not everyone's cup of tea. To be fair I guess that is not unusual in senior roles though, and that was one person's view alone.

ATNotts 13th Apr 2021 11:55

I have had several bosses down the years who were extremely knowledgeable, but also obnoxious. Technically or financially competent people aren't always the easiest to work with or for.

Jamie2009 13th Apr 2021 18:28

Flybe is reborn. Thyme Opco has just been officially renamed......

fjencl 13th Apr 2021 18:43

So what happens next ?

cavokblues 13th Apr 2021 19:02

I suspect it all depends on their appeal against the CAA's decision to revoke their OL.

jethro15 13th Apr 2021 19:14


toledoashley 14th Apr 2021 06:56


Wasn’t it the case that they were waiting for that to be resolved before changing the name?

jamestkirk 14th Apr 2021 14:44

If it does get going again, calling it Flybe is nothing short of corporate self harm.

good luck with a relaunch but for the love of god rebrand.

commit aviation 14th Apr 2021 14:50

Reborn Flybe plans summer restart | Travel Weekly

More a PR piece than any new details. Will be interesting to see how they get on.
Regardless of the rights and wrongs previously discussed, I imagine that the Dash8 with it's low cost base and extra seats compared to the E145 might fair ok in these markets.
However on the key routes where EZY are competing with an Airbus, maybe less favourably. No doubt BE will look to operate more frequencies to appeal to the business traveller but without the low cost mass market element, I imagine they could lose out.
I wish them well and hope I am proved wrong.

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