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rkenyon 22nd Oct 2017 14:04

Isn't there a park and ride at Sale Water Park? Wouldn't this be good for airport commuters?

DP. 22nd Oct 2017 14:43

Originally Posted by gojmc (Post 9932985)
Depends on the time of day and the current roadworks

Even with the temporary lights on Styal Road at the moment, it's not been anywhere near as bad as it was at a few points over the summer. I can't think of an occasion in the last six weeks where I'd have been quicker walking than getting the bus.

ZOOKER 22nd Oct 2017 15:16

Slow news weekend maybe, bobby, but there is no point in having more routes, or increased seat capacity/frequency on those routes already in place, (both of which LAX informs us about frequently and with great enthusiasm), if there are major issues with the supporting ground infrastructure.

southside bobby 22nd Oct 2017 16:41

Right of course Zooker..

ZOOKER 22nd Oct 2017 17:35

A few months ago, I was talking to a neighbour who works at EGCC, and parked in Staff West. He mentioned that the airport were looking at the possibility of a staff/pax car-park near the M60 at Urmston, with a shuttle-bus down to the airport?

LAX_LHR 22nd Oct 2017 17:43

I don't know what it is about this thread to be honest.

Post news of airline info (like the sub section suggests), and you get the piss taken out of you, called a 'MAN fan', that it isn't really newsworthy and so on (often by people who post no useful info themselves, but hey ho).

Talk about buses, and the forum is on fire, says it all really.

Albert Hall 22nd Oct 2017 17:48

I've stayed out of the discussion about public transport thusfar. I've always found public transport options to/from MAN more than adequate to meet my own needs and it's one of the better aspects of using the airport. I stick by my previous comments that T3 and its appalling service levels are one of the key problems that MAN suffers from, but I certainly wouldn't rank public transport on that same list of key problems.

ZOOKER 22nd Oct 2017 18:05

given the wide remit of this section of PPRuNe, how about a new thread dealing purely with MAN/EGCC routes/services? Your enthusiasm for this topic, (along with several other frequent posters), seems to identify a 'specialised subject area'.
There are obviously many airport infrastructure issues, both at present, (and in the future, related to the 'Transformation Project'), which will continue to occupy any Manchester Airport forum for many years to come.
Just something to consider. I'm sure all interested parties would frequently consult both pages/discussions.

GrahamK 22nd Oct 2017 18:05

When did Air France stop nightstopping at MAN? Sems they utilise 2 BE E175s in the morning, deparing within 3 mins of each other

bar none 22nd Oct 2017 18:06

Originally Posted by LAX_LHR (Post 9933221)
I don't know what it is about this thread to be honest.

Post news of airline info (like the sub section suggests), and you get the piss taken out of you, called a 'MAN fan', that it isn't really newsworthy and so on (often by people who post no useful info themselves, but hey ho).

Talk about buses, and the forum is on fire, says it all really.

You don`t get the piss taken out of you. In the context of interesting news you get ten out of ten as opposed to buses and trains which rate one out of ten

paully 22nd Oct 2017 18:18

Take no notice LAX..your input is appreciated and interesting as well as being accurate. It comes from sources not available to a lot of us on here, so thanks for what you do :D...

LAX_LHR 22nd Oct 2017 18:34


Why does MAN routes news require a seperate thread?

This is the airlines, airports and ROUTES sub forum (which I do post additions and subtractions), this is the Manchester thread, so therefore what I post is surely more than relevant and in the right sub section.

I appriciate many flight crew frequent this forum, but surely the general public, enthusiasts and such are likely to find routes news more intersting than page after page of conjecture if a pilot takes an extra 10 minutes to get to work (I'm not suggesting the issue is trivial, but, consider the wider audience).
Better still, and genuinely not a slight on you guys, but why not continue to make sure MAG/your airline are made aware directly of the issues with occurance reports and such and get the problem sorted?

chaps1954 22nd Oct 2017 18:39

GrahamK Air France stopped night stopping a good few years ago with Flybe operating the last inbound and first outbound.

MANFOD 22nd Oct 2017 18:42

Originally Posted by Council Van (Post 9933207)
Perhaps not riveting, but neither is news of a new airline starting services in my opinion.

Unbelievable! And there's me thinking a forum headed "Airlines, Airports & Routes" with a separate Manchester thread might be suitable for news of a new airline or new services at Manchester.

ZOOKER 22nd Oct 2017 19:20


"news of a new airline or new services at Manchester".

Sadly, at the moment, the site, MAN/EGCC, or whatever, seems incapable of supporting the services they already have.

A great shame indeed.

ZOOKER 22nd Oct 2017 19:23



With equal weight given to all 3 topics, which are totally separate.

Just trying to separate those who are more concerned about how many first class seats the XYZ 757 has, and how late it was, from those concerned about how EGCC actually works/or, sadly, doesn't.

LAX_LHR 22nd Oct 2017 19:28

Which then begs the question, if you feel all 3 have equal weight, why should it be routes news that is moved to its own subsection? Genuine question.

Routes news seems very infrequent at the moment, and certainly hasn't had as much coverage/post count lately as problems in various departments, so curious as to why there is a perception that said routes news is overbearing and warrants a move away from this thread.

canberra97 22nd Oct 2017 19:36

Changing topic and getting back to route news, are there any updates regarding the proposed service from KU or even the long awaited CA to PVG?

ZOOKER 22nd Oct 2017 19:56


It doesn't really matter what is moved to where.

If we need a separate discussion set up about how this particular airport, (or any other), actually operates, then so be it.

It is just often tiresome, listening to those who would like new services, complaining that those who actually make the existing services at EGCC 'work', commenting that at present, all isn't.....How shall we say.....'Tickerty-boo'.

chaps1954 22nd Oct 2017 23:22

I say leave it as it is why should a particular section be forced out, my interest is airlines, airports and routes exactly as it says on the can. If you don`t like it go and read the DTV forum, now that is soul destroying because nothing happens there all

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