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LAX_LHR 20th Oct 2017 13:38

New route time, and we have a random pair. Cambridge and Gothenburg:

BA8235 MAN 0720 CBG 0805/0830 GOT 1130
BA8236 GOT 1625 CBG 1725 /1750 MAN 1835

Mon/Tue/Thu from Oct 30th

Will be interesting to see what the aircraft does either side of these flights as clearly the aircraft starts/ends its day at MAN but I cannot see another flight that gets the aircraft to MAN (such as extra BLL flights).

I also highly doubt the MAN-CBG-MAN sectors will be bookable as stand alone flights,

Publicly viewable in the OneWorld timetable.

01475 20th Oct 2017 13:59

This is the existing AstraZeneca corporate flight that SunAir operate, which used to be publicly bookable between CBG and GOT but ceased to be so after Cambridge stopped being a passenger airport. I assume it has been put in the public timetable in error?

LAX_LHR 20th Oct 2017 14:10

This is a new extension to MAN. BA currently doesn't serve GOT from MAN (it used to) so this is a *new* route.

LGWAlan 20th Oct 2017 14:31

MAN-CBG-GOT 0730-1130 BA8235 Mon, Tue and Thur
GOT-CBG-MAN 1625-1835 BA8236 Mon, Wed and Thur

Source - Amadeus

LAX_LHR 20th Oct 2017 15:09

Departure time from MAN is 0720 on Amadeus too, as written in my original post.

FFMAN 20th Oct 2017 15:33

Originally Posted by chaps1954 (Post 9930947)
FFMan They have to pull the old pier down in oreder to build the new one which is already into build mode and is rising quite fast from it`s start point on the old staff west car park and will then be joined onto the old T2 minnus the pier around the high numbered stands 212 to 215 which are now have a temporary building,

Yes - I know that, but it's not the point I was making. T2 used to be the only good terminal. Now all three are a mess for the next few years.

The Transformation Program required both T1 and T3 to be 'transformed'. Instead they chose to transform the perfectly serviceable T2.

easyflyer83 20th Oct 2017 16:35

RE: Public transport

I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's actually very difficult to get passengers to arrive via public transport. MAN is still a very leisure airport with the once or twice a year brigade travelling on their hard earned holiday. Suggest travelling their by train and they'll be "sod that, we're getting a taxi". It's very hard to compete with travelling door to door. For many of those people the holiday still begins at the airport, they don't want the faff (or perceived faff) of getting a train, they'd rather treat themselves to a taxi or hotel/car parking. Plus, when travelling in a family or group, a taxi/mini bus us far more economical in most cases.

You do see a difference in travelling habits between flights however. Many tend to use the train on business/city route pairs when passengers also tend to fly more frequently.

inOban 20th Oct 2017 17:24

Why is it that MAN finds it more difficult to encourage public transport than other airports? It's something like 30% at EDI, and it only has tram bus or coach. The days of most people lugging large suitcases are surely gone?

LAX_LHR 20th Oct 2017 18:05

I dont know what else MAN can do really. The fact we have all these links yet some are still calling it poor, I just really don't know where MAN can go next.

eggc 20th Oct 2017 19:46

I'm part of the problem. Not a chance I'd drag cases on / off buses or trains to get to an airport, with wife and kids in tow. Advertise all they want, cases and public transport dont mix for me. Car or taxi only. I think many are the same.

mr_moose 20th Oct 2017 20:09

Originally Posted by inOban (Post 9931281)
Why is it that MAN finds it more difficult to encourage public transport than other airports? It's something like 30% at EDI, and it only has tram bus or coach. The days of most people lugging large suitcases are surely gone?

Very few leisure flights have train friendly flight times for both outbound and return legs. Usually, either your flights in the first wave of departures, in which case there are no trains to the airport early enough - or in the later wave, which generally means landing back in the early hours, where there are no trains for many hours.

We looked at travelling to MAN by train for our annual holiday this year.
Sounded great in principle - around 2 hours door to door. Train fare worked out around 50 for both of us - similar to a weeks parking - certainly sounded more attractive than a 3am drive over woodhead pass!

Problem is - Outbound flight left at 7am on a Sunday morning (so had to get to the airport around 11pm and hang around for 8 hours, or pay for a hotel) Return flight landed early hours of the following Monday morning (No trains). Who wants to sit at Manchester Airport for 4 hours waiting for the first train in the morning, after spending best part of a day travelling?

We drove, and used Jetparks!

SWBKCB 20th Oct 2017 20:19

Last time I flew from MAN I took the train from the North East - never again.

inOban 20th Oct 2017 21:22

There are three all-night services to EDI - from city centre, Fife and Glasgow. Mancunians seem to have a problem.

eggc 20th Oct 2017 22:58

I think you will find there are a lot more than Mancunians fly from Manchester :ok:

doublesix 20th Oct 2017 23:15

I work for a ‘airport hotel’ driving passengers to/from the terminals. I can assure you that whether they come from Scotland, the South West or even as close as Rochdale (not kidding), the ones I’ve met would not consider driving as an alternative to the stress and in a majority of cases the cost of parking and an overnight stay at a hotel.

eggc 21st Oct 2017 00:35

The CAA official stats disagree with you doublesix...a massive 84% of MAN's passengers get to the airport via car or taxi. That is very high considering MANs excellent transport links, nightmare roads and expensive parking, but those are the stats...and I cant talk...I am one of the 84% and no matter what they do I probably always will be.

rampman 21st Oct 2017 01:41

Public transport is very good to the airport i use it all the time never had a problem.... I think people just turn there nose up at it its a lot cheaper than driving and parking up. The station is about the best building at the airport. Plenty of space to mill about

Ex Cargo Clown 21st Oct 2017 05:54

Bus services have been hammered notably the 369. As for parking, just stick your car on a back street in Heald Green. Or leave it on my driveway. T2 was always designed to have a "T2B island", I know this as I know the the person who put the comms in; My late Dad

Wheelnut69 21st Oct 2017 07:12

We fly from man t1 a lot and we live about 2 hours drive away. It tend to be heald green prem inn for a cheap overnight then T1 meet and greet.

Public transport when we land bleary eyed at 3 in the morning with luggage is just not happening.

chaps1954 21st Oct 2017 08:06

Ex Cargo clown why on earth they took the 369 off is crazy my public transport option wiped out

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