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KLM and Eastern

KLM start date now pushed back to 1st March. 1 daily E175 initially.

Eastern to Dublin now pushed back to 28th March. Still planned for 12 weekly AT7 for now.

Leeds Bradford and Manchester resumptions now 15th Feb. Teesside 29th March, although a Sunday flight via Belfast is bookable before then.

Manchester frequency dropped from 16 to 11 weekly for the summer, with just morning and evening flights now. Schedules still require 3 based AT7, all rather sparingly utilised...

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Manchester now going x 2 daily tells its own story with regards to reduced business demand and can be said across the entire domestic network. Doubt we will ever get back to pre pandemic levels of business movement as a new way for UK plc working remotely has become the norm. With regards to SOU, this reduction makes it even more essential that they get the runway extension in place soonest in order that leisure travel to sun and city destinations can take up some of the slack that will undoubtedly be back in vogue once we are out of this crisis!
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With respect, this is speculation - we don't know what the situation will be if/when restictions are eased.
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A new way of working is already being discussed in the corridors of all major companies up and down the land, including my own. As a way of reducing financial overheads, be that in the reduction of office space, removing unnecessary travel expenditure, employers carbon footprint and employee wellbeing, I think itís safe to say we will never be going back fully to the rigid office 9-5 with all meetings being carried out face to face with clients based across the country. This therefore, in my eyes at least will have an adverse effect on business demand within our domestic air network!

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Whilst I agree what you say is true, I suspect the changes won’t be as radical as they envisage. I think a lot of people have found working from home quite difficult, as it brings its own challenges which make the commute not as bad as once thought. Productivity at home is a lot less than in a workplace, and video calls are a pain and no substitute to meeting face to face. I also think the social aspect of being able to interact with colleagues in a workplace is much more appealing than working from home. I suspect the 9-5 will stay, but with agile working arrangements adopted, staff will be able to work designated days at home. This will help employers reduce their office space as desks can be shared. Domestic travel will return but frequencies might not recover to same levels. This is fine if a low cost operator comes along and does a morning and evening MAN rotation for example, rather than BEs 4/5 daily rotations of the past. Of course like a previous poster has said the runway Extension is absolutely key to facilitating survival going forward in these new times.
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I see the Lufthansa UK website is offering Southampton as a recognised airport and also, although none available, is an origin point for special fare offers. Something brewing?
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Bristol, East Midlands, Gatwick and Stansted (none of which currently have regular flights with Lufthansa) seem to be treated similiarly by the Lufthansa website as Southampton
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A hangover from old BMI Regional codeshare flights and dropped Lufthansa routes?
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Drop down menu of flight offers for 2021 on their website has SOU included within only those active U.K. airports operating with Lufthansa, may be something in it?

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I guess the relevant question here is whether SOU has been left on the Lufthansa website ever since the BMI Regional to Munich days, or if it's recently re-appeared?
If the latter, then that would be a lot more interesting.
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Seems interesting that the airport is showing in 2021 offers!
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It didn't for me, nor did BRS. I was looking on mobile though so I could have been looking at a different area of the site.

EDIT: Sorry, I've looked again and you're right. All of Lufty's current UK airports appear in a drop down menu in the 2021 holidays feature on the homepage, along with BRS and SOU. Those two currently unserved airports don't have any specific destinations showing when you select them, whereas a list of suggested holiday destinations appears if you choose one of the other airports.

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BRS was scheduled to commence earlier last year but was suspended, think Munich and Frankfurt have been flown before from SOU with BA Connect & BMI regional
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More than likely an overnight year date change glitch...maybe?

Canít see them committing to such routes after all the cuts theyíve made in staffing and aircraft levels.
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Let's see.
What with the RWY extension hanging in the balance there are a couple of big movers taking seats at the table and gently asking if they can be dealt in.
Interesting times. . .
Nothing's on paper yet but. . .intersting times for old Beastly Eastleigh Airport.
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I'd not be surprised if Lufthansa group added Southampton Berlin in due course, given easyJet were going to and now Lufthansa are planning sizeable enough operation at the new airport, it's conceivable.
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The Isle of Man thread is saying that Loganair will be setting up a three aircraft base there for summer 2021. SOU is reported as being one of the new routes, among others. Nothing on the Loganair website yet though. Good news, it'll be nice to see another new destination on the departure boards.
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I really don't see BER being operated by LH to anywhere in the UK outside of London. It's not a business destination in the same way FRA and MUC are, and isn't a major hub for LH. It is still essentially a weekend break destination, though I really don't understand why; there are many other German cities I'd much rather visit ahead of Berlin, but each to their own.
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Lufthansa group has a tiny operation at BER. Lufthansa proper only serves its hubs at MUC and FRA, Euowings is focused on three domestic routes, PMI and some ethnic routes. This despite Berlin's status as the nation's capital and Eurowings operating sizeable bases at DUS, STR, CGN etc. So I'd say SOU will happen when hell freezes over...
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The airport is building back up a nice departures board with IOM being added and rumours of Lufthansa to Munich. Only obvious routes missing are CDG and ALC of those being popular prior to BEís demise. No airport is faring well in the current climate yet SOU should see a decent recovery once life starts to return to some normality!
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