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Well, we're booked for Rhodes on 30th April, see how that one goes....
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Interesting question maybe, but could there be any potential for Jet2 somewhere down the line picking up some of Norwegian's ex-Dreamliners and starting a long-haul programme?

I think these would be a good fit for Jet2 to open up Florida, Mexico, Jamaica, Dom Rep. etc. from primarily MAN, STN and BHX perhaps. They've got good geographical presence through the UK now on short-haul holidays and the leisure market is looking far more encouraging than most for any recovery.

Or is the long-haul prospect, even for the package holiday market, too much of a risk in the short-medium term with others retrenching and too much of a cost burden for Jet2 to even consider at the moment? Thoughts?
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Perhaps Jet2 should be aiming to see their short haul fleet at least 80 % busy before committing money to expansion ?
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The management at Jet2 are quite conservative (small c) and careful. They're also pretty canny and ready if an opportunity arises. Of the UK's airlines, which one isn't bleating on about support or borrowing huge sums to stay afloat yet? If this craziness goes on into the late Summer, they might be the only airline still left....
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Why would Jet2 want to buy/lease a very expensive aircraft?
When there are a lot of other types a lot cheaper to acquire, plus some existing crews could cross fly after completing a type course.
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What are these other cheaper types currently available you talk of?
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Think most people in the industry agree that Short Haul will recover a lot quicker. Cant see any company really putting much in to Long Haul before 2022 at the earliest. This is going to be a protracted recovery and all companies priority will be to get the cash in by doing what they do best rather than new risks and ventures
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It would be the A330 and there are plenty available, including some young airframes.
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trouble is Norwegian own quite a few of their 788 and 789, thus they have to find a leasing company to buy them (presumably at an on paper loss) who will then lease them on to another airline. Some are still undergoing engine rectification as well I believe. I would have thought they'll be picked up by an airline looking to downsize 777 or similar since they are nice fairly new aircraft, but wouldn't see it as a short term risk for Jet2.

Having said that, pre-pandemic, they chose to take the ex Thomas Cook A321 aircraft primarily because they were available at the right price, since it was a significant move away from their otherwise B737-800 fleet....
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I would have thought the 787’s would be more attractive to an airline like Condor (who at some point need to refleet), or an airline which needs smaller long haul aircraft.
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Neos now have an ex Norwegian -900.
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..... and another making two.
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You have to think that "some point" needs to be quite soon, as I don't think any of Condor's 763's are younger than about 22, and a few quite a bit older.

You would also think that if Jet2 were to be venturing into long-haul, they would do that first by leveraging their existing relationship with AirTanker for 330's (saying that without any knowledge of how that stacks-up financially)
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You have to think that "some point" needs to be quite soon, as I don't think any of Condor's 763's are younger than about 22, and a few quite a bit older.
and - Neos now have an ex Norwegian 787-9 (x 2)

Neos's own 787's are very similar to Norwegians' and have the same Premium Economy seat.

Condor have not made any decisions on their 767 replacement - Having emerged from the Thomas Cook collapse and failed LOT takeover, then Covid-19, it seems the strong German brand of Condor continues on after 65 years.
787's have been mooted but deemed too expensive by Condor (although that may alter with second hand 787's possibly coming along)
They felt the A350 was too big so Airbus have been offering them the latest and much cheaper A330NEO 800 series which fulfils all the 767 missions.
Condor have 3 classes in their 767's Business Comfort Class, Premium and Economy.

I would imagine Jet2 are very pleased they did not purchase the 737 MAX types - Once post Covid recovery for holidays is fully underway (summer 2022 we hope) then demand will out sell availability, and no doubt they will look at larger types again for their peak routes like Palma, Rhodes and the Canaries.
Again they were prudent to get rid of the A330 leases and not made any advance purchases.
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I don’t think there is any rush at the moment things are not going to be good til next year At earliest & even then not sure about long haul- just my opinion
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Originally Posted by Buster the Bear View Post
You wait for proof of double vaccination to be a requirement of entry into another country and the current lockdown rules are loosened.
I agree. That will be the game changer to really get things going again. Spain and Greece are pushing heavily for this. I think the odds are that they will have this in place by the start of the summer season.
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Needs to be an internationally recoognised format. The concern for me and civil aviation, is the importation of new mutations if and when restrictions are lifted. As you can still carry, will any country have the balls to permit partial opening of borders?
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Personally, I think Jet2 will be better off using A330's to dip their toe into the long-haul market if they so desired. It's a known type to them and if they could seek to utilise the same arrangements as they have done in the past with Air Tanker, there's less risk involved whilst they work out if the attempt to diversify is successful or if it's best left served to others. The 787's may have low operating costs being a new generation aircraft, but I expect the acquisition and leasing costs for them to be expensive.
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Jet2 announce Athens for 2022 from MAN BHX and STN as well as MAN - TLS.
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I personally never saw Athens coming !!

Good luck to Jet2 on that route
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