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FRatSTN 28th Nov 2020 17:05

Summer 22 now on sale from BFS, BHX, EDI, EMA, GLA, NCL and STN.

Looks as though every base sees a reduction compared to what Summer 21 currently looks like. EMA and GLA would seem particularly hard hit, possibly even warrents a reduced based fleet?

I'd guess some of the city routes are yet to go on sale, but nontheless those frequency cuts are still quite widespread across all routes/bases.

Maybe Jet2 just playing it cautiously for now? Obviously very early days and a lot could change by then.

ROC10 28th Nov 2020 17:56

S22 is still a long way away, even more so in the current climate.

Just a thought but perhaps it’s a result of 733/757 fleets being smaller/gone by S22, and they may also not have factored in any leased-in capacity as of yet as they probably want to be more cautious?

As I said, just something that came to mind, but may be completely wrong. Frankly S21 is still massively in doubt so I think everything needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Hopefully though, by S22 we can get back to more normality and levels closer to S19.

Ultimately though, this pandemic is not only a health one, but also an economic one, and the true impact of the latter is still very much yet to be felt.

Jonty 28th Nov 2020 17:57

I canít imagine itís all gone on sale yet, itís more than 18 months away.

Plus everyone is expecting 2022 to be better than 2021, so I wouldnít expect reductions from 21 to 22.

Unless Jet2 know something we donít!

Bearpit 29th Nov 2020 10:31

I'm told initial plan only, with "more to come" in the future. Makes sense as we see how leisure travel recovers.

ATNotts 29th Nov 2020 14:04

You have to ask, is anyone seriously going to commit to summer 2022 when nobody knows what their employment situation is likely to be, even more so than normal, not does anyone really know where we will be in relation to covid-19, not the mention the fallout from Brexit. I know that for some people a holiday is an extremely important part of their lives, but seriously, committing to spend nearly 2 years down the line you have got to be either an eternal optimist, of just plain foolhardy.

From the company perspective I would imagine they are very much relying on plenty of optimists or fools to boost cashflow since there will have been precious little of the positive variety from the summer just gone.

P330 29th Nov 2020 15:01

Originally Posted by ATNotts (Post 10936838)
Iknow that for some people a holiday is an extremely important part of their lives, but seriously, committing to spend nearly 2 years down the line you have got to be either an eternal optimist, of just plain foolhardy.

Sorry, but that is nonsense and far too general. As much as a good proportion will not know their financial status, many will, be that those in good jobs or those that are retired. Even for those who are nervous of the future, putting a deposit on an holiday which doesnít have to be paid for for a long time (and can be cancelled before final payment) would be a welcome boost to their outlook and would be low risk.

I would say foolhardy should be reserved for those who will fully spend knowing they will not be able to afford it....

commit aviation 29th Nov 2020 16:56

I would imagine that as Tui have started to put their summer 22 programme on sale, Jet2 would have felt they had little option but to follow suit.

jethro15 30th Nov 2020 12:26


As far as I know it is in QLA - it arrived into MAN at start of March in all white registered G-TCDD from memory and never got moved to the Jet2 register - it was then positioned to SNN before lockdown 1 and is now registered as OE-IOV and went to QLA a week back.
Now due QLA - DGX tomorrow for onward storage.

CWL757 30th Nov 2020 22:10

From what I understand it's going to DGX for MX with Caerdav prior to joining LS. What happens to it post storage is a different matter.

jethro15 30th Nov 2020 22:39

OE-IOJ is due to join it from SNN tomorrow.

Answers on a postcard to...Ö..

Rt Hon Jim Hacker MP 1st Dec 2020 08:45

Both are joining the fleet. J2 have retained the crews for the 3 A321's. They have also purchased outright an Airbus simulator which will be living in LGW until space becomes available in Bradford.

sdbelgium 1st Dec 2020 16:11

Meanwhile, OE-IDQ (set to become G-HLYG) is reported to be going to the new Vietravel Airlines?

Mr Mac 1st Dec 2020 21:23

What do Jet 2 use down to Madeira, as Mrs Mac maybe on it soon for a break on Sat ? Not sure if I will be able to make it yet, so I may fly from Europe later

LBAflyer22 1st Dec 2020 21:36

On a Standard Winter 738 with a 75 from MAN on I think Monday. I suspect only the -800 will be going down to FNC for the foreseeable.

yeo valley 2nd Dec 2020 08:17

FNC 738
Could they not use 2x738 rather than 1x738 and 1 757. More chance of running 2 flights to FNC on 738. It will depend if enough pax for 2 aircraft i suppose.

irishlad06 2nd Dec 2020 09:02

i think the poster means a B738 from all other bases and flights apart from a Monday when the B757 flies from MAN on a normal winter however this year it is all B738 at the minute due to the B733/752ís all being stored.

Mr Mac 2nd Dec 2020 13:56

Thanks for all the input 737 800 it is having checked seating. Looks like I will be flying from Europe - she,s not pleased about that, will have to carry her own bag :ouch:

Mr Mac 6th Dec 2020 18:34

Actually made Man flight which was full apart from 3 seats. Crew did well and top marks to Funchal airport on testing. We had both been tested before travelling so no que but thy are doing very well. But boy it is quiet here !! Return flight showing 60 passengers next weekend currently.

southside bobby 7th Dec 2020 12:40

Jet2/Holidays state have refunded £1bn+ to customers since the beginning of the pandemic.

Has however won them plaudits from the CAA & money websites.

Playamar2 20th Dec 2020 18:02

Three B737s left MAN for TFS this afternoon within 30 minutes. RYR & TOM took just under 4 hrs whereas EXS took 4.5 hours. The RYR & TOM went the direct route over Devon and Northwest Spain whilst the EXS went over Ireland and into oceanic airspace south to Madeira. Is avoiding French & Spanish ATC fees really worth the saving compared to an extra 30mins fuel. Jet2 seem to use this route more than most especially from Northern airports within the UK

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