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Yet GLA/EDI gained half-empty running extra LCY frequencies?
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If true I canít see a LGW-MAN service working/happening, the train takes just over three hours from Manchester including a short tube ride and Gatwick train from Victoria, which is more pleasant than travelling through MAN being shouted at in a queue by security staff etc , travelling on a BA lgw based Airbus with probably miserable crew staffing the aircraft.. No thanks Iíd rather catch the train and have more space.
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Oh my, you make it sound like a breeze. LGW -MAN is about 6 hours versus 50 min flying time and an hour check in.
It sounds more like a Manchester agenda than a factual comparison?
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6 hours is a bit much for Gatwick-Manchester. I live in Croydon, 15 mins north of Gatwick by train and travelled by rail this morning to Manchester, with luggage. It took 3h50 by train today, Sunday - ie with trains at least 30 minutes slower than Mon-Sat, from East Croydon station to Manchester Piccadilly. Trains from places like Wilmslow, Macclesfield or Stockport will be 10 or 20 mins faster. A train on Monday from Gatwick to central Manchester should be about 3h30

Anything more than 4h by train from Gatwick train station to central Manchester by rail suggests something going badly wrong. 6h would allow for an additional long lunch in a restaurant en route
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Sorry to hear about all the miserable people working in air travel when the train services are filled with such joyous souls! And space on a train - yes, plenty of room for the kids to run around and the nice man opposite to stack his cans of Stella...
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Well the timetabled trains take around 3 and half hours so maybe you’ve got a problem understanding the U.K. railway system, I would love the LGW-MAN route to be successful so maybe it will be then, I did use it on many occasions in the late 1990s actually as well as using the train service.
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Originally Posted by mariofly12
But LGW-MAN is supposed to be loss-making and has no feed traffic, trains provide competitive service etc etc and that's why BA made the decision to cut it..Why would they reinstate a loss-making route?
MAN-LGW was a strange route, to do with revenue being "manipulated" I believe and mainline taking all the profit. 2901 was always full at 0620, mostly US connections. It was never a P2P route. Since BA have retrenched to fortress Heathrow there isn't much hope.
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Just last week I did Manchester Piccadilly to LGW by train. Departed Piccadilly at 1315 and arrived at LGW at 1645. It would have been quicker had I not walked from Euston to Oxford Circus before then getting the tube to Victoria. Oh, and I bought a few bits of food in M&S in Victoria before boarding the train for the last leg. It can be done in 3 hours.

MAN-LGW is handy for south coast destinations I guess. I enjoy travelling by train and it can be a very pleasant experience. That said, I think some posters description of the flying experience are over-exaggerated with an underlying agenda and I've experienced far more cheerful, happy and polite crew on BA flights than I have on the trains.

I too had wondered whether the service is aimed at connecting into EI. Otherwise, I'm not sure as to its potential.
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Yeeeeees, all that luggage to get into central Manchester,Is there a long stay car park there to leave the car? Then on to the train, off again at Euston, nice 'walk' with all the luggage to the tube, on and off the tube up and down escalators with half of London barging you out of the way, luggage back on the LGW express and off again, nice long walk to check in, queue up and finally through security.

Alternatively, check in at MAN, luggage too, security, wander up to the gate, nice flight down to LGW, stroll to the departure lounge, board flight to paradise...etc etc.

I get it. If and its a big if, you are travelling light, point to point, MAN to LGW then maybe the train is a good bet. But with a family going on your jollies with all the parafanalia that goes with it, a direct connecting flight is my preference.
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Is it true that Virgin's soon to be started Manchester Islamabad service has been refused by the Pakistani authorities?
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I suspect that MAN-LGW might be useful for connections, but I think the main reason might be that it will be easy to cancel if BA donít get summer 21 slot exemptions. Simply rebook the passengers on MAN-LHR and the job is done.
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Went out of Manchester yesterday with Jet 2 from the old Pier C. It was like an obstacle course up and down stairs and none working lifts / travelators, ye gods it was not a good experience as a passenger. Not had those issues with LH or Emirates - just a long walk usually with EK.
It is quiet, why can not things be fixed while they have the opportunity. I know ultimately it will be pulled down, but you can not just abandon maintenance until the replacement arrives !!
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All expenditure has been cut back to absolutely essential maintenance only.
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We all know that MAN-LGW will be a slot-sitter if it happens. We don't need any in-depth business case studies beyond that. A short route which will come close to covering its costs is ideal for the purpose. And when traffic recovers to the extent that a more lucrative route can take its place, that is exactly what we can expect to see happen. But in the meantime - if MAN-LGW is offered - then I intend to make the most of the opportunity.
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[bar none

I read the same elsewhere but this was then followed up saying that it wasn't true and the flights are going ahead as planned.
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That's wholly wrong. The domestics were lucrative and the yields died almost overnight. VLM absolutely did not drop MAN/LPL-LCY for more lucrative European routes, indeed that probably marks the long decline for the airline when that core domestic high frequency market collapsed. I was a local back then.
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Skipness 1E has it right. The VLM U.K. domestics died almost overnight with the rail improvements. The subsequent redeployment of capacity onto the likes of EIN and LUX were a reactionary plan that turned into the disaster it was always destined to be.
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Haven't done for a while, but I think another option is to walk from Euston down to St Pancras and take the Thameslink service to Gatwick, you can avoid the tube then.
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That's wholly wrong.
Thankyou for your customary respectful attitude, S1F. Charming as always. Aviation analysts appreciate that a number of factors have to be taken into consideration in matters of route planning. So I'm surprised that you're struggling to comprehend that. My original answer stands. You are free to disagree.

I was a local back then.
Which bit of Ayrshire is local to LCY? Anyway, I seem to recall you using the word "local" as a put-down in the past.

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Can we stop referring to MAN - LGW as MAN - LGW.
it's clear as day its LGW -MAN.
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