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Ecstatic Mr K.

Manchester 48% down
Stansted 51% up

Interesting correlation there. Almost exact !

Given naysayers here suggesting there is no money in freight STN must be absolutely seething that they having to deal with all that extra cargo that's not making them any money.

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Without expressing an opinion either way on how MAG manage cargo, I think the maths assumes the same starting base which appears to be incorrect.
MAN is down 51.5% to 3879 suggesting a starting point around 7900 - a loss of c4000
STN is up 48.4% to 23173 suggesting a starting point 15600 - a gain of c7550
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Christ, who’s poked the lions cage again?
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About to point out the basic mathematical flaw in Navpi`s post too quite apart from the commercial realities & major differences driving the MAN & STN cargo markets.

Unfortunately posting & drawing attention to individual figures in this case to promote an "argument" is reflecting as they say "a statistical fallacy" yes the % figures are a coincidence.

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I have sat quietly on the side lines but will now jump in with the blindingly obvious. Manchester's cargo in primarily belly freight on passenger aircraft, with the reduction in flights the cargo tonnage has gone down. Stansted's cargo is primarily main deck freight from the likes of Fedex, DHL and others. With the reduction in passenger flights more cargo has moved from passenger aircraft to freighters and the freight carriers that operate at Stansted have added services. this same reduction in passenger flights has meant slots for cargo have been opening up at Heathrow allowing ad-hoc flights that would previously have routed through Stansted to route via Heathrow..The pandemic has disrupted the cargo market as much as the passenger market.

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Understand that some ad-hocs (at least at the start of the pandemic) were denied access to STN firstly with lack of authorised HOTAC & with a lack of staff outside of the long standing contracts handling.
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Synthetic Jet A1 at MAN?

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Old 5th Mar 2021, 13:52
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EUROWINGS to start BHX & MAN to Palma
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Old 5th Mar 2021, 16:46
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MAN to close overnight after 21:00hrs on 15th March.
Don't know how long for.
Anybody else heard anything?
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Both runways are NOTAMed as unavailable overnight between 2100-0700L daily between 15th March and 15th April.
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Pin is correct, one month of complete night closure from 15/3. Reviewed on 12/4.
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Sounds like terminal closed as open for biz, freight and diversions
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Sorry chaps1954, AD closed overnight as per Notam below

A0829/21 NOTAMN
Q) EGTT/QMRLC/IV/NBO/A /000/999/5321N00217W005
A) EGCC B) 2103152100 C) 2104150600
D) MAR 15-MAR 26 2100-0700, MAR 27 2100-0600, MAR 28-APR 14 2000-0600
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rumours of an airline applied for flights MAN - USA (multiple destinations) in 2021 ... any idea which one ?
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Aer Lingus
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Could these runway closures be something to do with all taxiway work that seems to be happening as many of the links seem to be closed tonight.
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Manchester February Traffic Summary


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MAG - February 2021

Feb Pax

MAN = 79,408 down 95.5%

STN = 34,967 down 98.1%

EMA = 255 down 99.9%

Rolling 12m pax

STN = 3,903,227 down 86.1%

MAN = 3,688,509 down 87.4%

EMA = 519,779 down 88.8%

Feb Cargo

EMA = 34,053 up 23.6%

STN = 19,832 up 51.9%

MAN = 4,174 down 41.8%

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Apologies if I've missed it, but does anyone know the EWG schedule for PMI please?
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Interesting proposals from the FT today in terms of destinations that might be dooable for the summer.

If we do have another summer write off i cannot see how the industry can survive, airlines, airports don't have inexhaustible reserves and i suspect most calculations were based on being back to a level of normality by now.

Hopefully Manchester will capitalise on A TO A destinations where countries at either end are all vaccinated, the US springs to mind if that country reaches a certain critical level.

Dubai is at 74% so may also be reasonable.

Israel as well although it doesn't have the mass market infrastructure.

Singapore also offers hope.

Hopefully MAN are not just sat there "hoping for the best" but are actively scrutinizing these figures, putting forward proposals and talking to Whitehall and the airlines that could potentially fill the gaps in terms of direct service ....and DIRECT service is key.

It will be interesting to see what strategy the government employs and what the board at Manchester is actually doing to ensure it fits into that jigsaw.

Manchester currently has no US service so who are they talking to in terms of rebuilding what was one of the largest markets in Europe after LHR, CDG, FRA and AMS.

Aer Lingus is a good start, the Virgin/Delta axis is another.

Fundamental change is coming, clearly it has to be point to point what we absolutely cannot have is passengers punting onto "cross contaminating shuttles", if airlines "think" they can tap into the mass market of the North by simply bussing passengers by shuttle to Heathrow , " think again" that model is dead.

Hopefully MAN are also thinking along the same lines.

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