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Could someone please clarify. The E95 currently have 9 in fleet, 3 going to Stobart in June '18, thus leaving 6 with Flybe. However discussion from above posts suggest that this summer will be down to 3 total (are a further 3 being returned from lease)?
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From what i can see on their website from mid June there will be one E195 based at Cardiff, 1 at Exeter and 1 at Southampton. So it does suggest 3 left.
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When you look at BE's route network, outside of the business routes it's a bit random.
French routes are mainly served by MAN, BHX and SOU.
Italy is a mixture;
FCO - CWL only
VCE - CWL only
HAM - BHX only
CGN - SEN only
STR - BHX only
MUC - CWL only

SEN has a good mixture of longer routes, granted these are Stobart routes.
Aside from SEN, CWL stands out as having the most routes operated from there but not from the other bases. BE surely have the right sized aircraft for regional flying to some of these other destinations.
When you look at the SEN routes operating to further away - Croatia, PRG, BUD, VIE, these could be further routes and markets to expand in.
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With airports like SOU, DSA and EXT i wonder if a future strategy could be looking at Italy for routes like Rome and Venice and for CWL look at France and Eastern Europe.
With the others maybe more focus on domestic routes and AMS, DUS and CDG with the Q400s.
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SENs longer routes are outliers in more ways than one; the purpose of them is perhaps at least as much to demonstrate the capabilities of the airport than anything else.

The European business-ish type routes look less random if you consider the (general) absence of competition and size of the markets for business / leisure. They are all routes of a general nature of somewhere just above BMI type routes in terms of potential business / leisure volume. They have neither enough potential business traffic to attract the flag carrier from the other end nor enough potential leisure traffic to attract a loco, but enough of both to ensure they could compete against BMI style prices and loco style frequencies.
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Originally Posted by LAX_LHR View Post
Wouldn’t the TCX hangar be abut big for Flybe? It’s designed to accommodate larger aircraft rather than ejets and props?
Yes way too big I would have thought and too expensive..just what I heard from someone who works for the airline.
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May I presume that the SEN ~ ANR route is the Q400? But which model are the running? I'm looking at seating as one of our party needs wheelchair asst. Thanks.
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SEN - ANR will be operated by Stobart Air with an ATR72
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They are now doing both of the Saturday charters NCL - SLZ for TUI during the summer 2018 season using Q400 a/c
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Thanks koninckske.
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Flybe withdrawing from Kirkwall and scrapping Glasgow Stornoway flights.

Eastern will continue with Aberdeen Stornoway, using Flybe flight numbers.
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Any further information on the shambles of the BHX operation today?

One day after a Dash departs to operate for SAS the BHX operation goes - well nowhere. One or two cancellations happen but seven!

BE501 JER 07.15
BE402 BHD 08.35
BE786 GLA 10.40
BE653 NOC 11.25
BE107 AMS 15.25
BE847 EDI 15.40
BE794 GLA 19.00

I assume tech going by reports of the MAEL apron at BHX.

No money for subbing aircraft in then?
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Jersey & Guernsey were suffering from fog for a lot of the day - as they were yesterday.
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Cheers for the info but I am even more confused as the one aircraft was fog related but wouldn't that free it up and help even more with the tech aircraft as it could not have been weather at AMS, BHD, EDI, GLA, AMS & NOC surely?
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No because if the fog suddenly clears, which, anyone who knows the channel islands well, can happen in a heartbeat.
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Rumour has it that Stobart Air are planning a 100% takeover of Flybe...

Stobart Group confirms interest in Flybe (FLYB) deal as shares in the airline rise 36 per cent | City A.M.
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Which was announced yesterday and it has been discussed in great detail on the Stobart thread. I find it strange that it has taken over 36 hours for this news to have finally appeared on the Flybe thread!
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There's a lot of opinion elsewhere regarding Stobart's statement and possible next move. How is this going down in Flybe world?
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How’s it going down.......

Some are convinced that if it happens then base closures and redundancies.
Some are more philosophical and think it’s what the company needs.
Some are hoping that Exeter gets sorted out and restructured.
Some are running around topless, in a frenzied panic screaming for Jesus.
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I like the image of the last one!
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