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Not strictly allowed under Government rules!
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But no less likely to happen!
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DH8D G-JEDU ferried from Belfast International to Exeter on the morning of 15 December, flight BEE043D at FL100 all the way with the gear down! Departed around 11:50.

Had been on the ground at Belfast since the nose-gear-up landing on 10 November.
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Anyone know what’s being done with the airframe freed up by Eastern taking over the Aberdeen - London City route?
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Is that the airframe being shifted over to GLA to operate GLA-MAN? LOG have quit the route and Flybe back to using the dash-8 on the route.
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Challenges for 2018
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Norwich 190 ops

Noticed the Alicante Malaga flights have currently ceased and norwich gained Dash 8 on the Exeter run
Whats happening with the 190s into Norwich
Did read FBEL,EM, EN are going to stobart soon

Anyone know what the plan for the winter is
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If it's anything like CWL they'll be changed to E175s.
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Flights recommence to Alicante on 13th February and to Malaga on the 8th February, flights are still on the Embraer E195. January is a typically quiet month, no point operating flights that won't make money.
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Some flights have been dropped at weekends due to Exeter's runway curfew for resurfacing, meaning the usual W pattern isn't achievable.
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Flybe full emergency

BHX to NOC diverted to BFS on full emergency, flap problem by all accounts.
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Dash 8 presumably? At least not a nose wheel issue. See LOT had another one of those on a Dash 8 in Poland last week.
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G-JECO & Summer 18

The aircraft that diverted to Belfast Int obviously wasn't too bad as it positioned back to BHX late this afternoon.

Summer 2018

Following on from the Leeds thread re the Newquay flight.

As Jerry123 has said, the 175 on NQY-LBA is far from an overall capacity overall but more a slashing of seats available across the network

From August it appears that there are just three 195's left in fleet that are operational but I stand to be corrected. One at Cardiff, one at Exeter and one at Southampton.

One of the Cardiff 195's as stated by Jerry123 is replaced by a 175 so the base remains all jet with the other 175 already in place already for summer.

Doncaster appears to remain two x 175's, Newquay one 175 for Gatwick and then three for BHX (5 summer 17) and three for Manchester making 11.

The last accounts I believe stated that the last few 175's due will be arriving from Embraer in 18/19 but they are not showing up yet in the timetable and is there another cunning plan to be revealed?
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Hand them to Stobart and let them make a loss on them?
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That is quite a cut on the NQY services given that at its peak the E195 can be full. I wonder if there is scope to add a 4th daily LGW service to balance the drop in seats?

Maybe something like this although granted that last sector may not be appealing at those times - a bit of tweaking to schedule maybe:

0735 - 0845 / 0930 - 1040

1125 - 1235 / 1320 - 1430

1600 - 1710 / 1755 - 1905

1950 - 2100 / 2145 - 2255
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What's the chance of this being flybe. They announced last year that they would be looking at a fleet replacement programme. I'm sure that due to their current relationship with bombardier, they'd be able to bargain a good deal.

By The Canadian Press
Thu., Nov. 2, 2017

MONTREAL—Bombardier Inc. landed its largest potential C Series order in nearly two years even as it cut its forecast for deliveries this year because of engine delivery issues.
The Montreal-based aerospace manufacturer said it has signed a letter of intent with an unidentified European customer for a firm order of 31 C Series aircraft and options for an additional 30 jets. Based on the list price, the firm order portion would be worth $2.4 billion.
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Considering NQY-LGW is a pso route which regularly departs full or with only 1 or 2 sears empty and regularly at silly money I’m surprised to hear of the drop from E95-75, a drop of some 30 seats per sector, so 180 seats less per day?

The route is too big for this cut so either an extra rotation or something else must surely be on the cards
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Unless they plan that as a fleet replacement for the Q400 i really can't see Flybe ordering that many C Series jets. I do think it would be too large for them. The E175s are a much better size for them in my opinion.
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Whilst many of the flights can be near full, when you look at the monthly passenger figures, the E175 would appear to cater for the current demand levels and with the LBA flights being operated by the NQY jet, then that puts pay to a fourth daily flight. It just means that there are less seats available at peak times, so these seats will no doubt cost more as they are at a premium.
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Yes, down to 3 E195's in the fleet this summer and I think all gone by Summer 2019. With incredibly expensive lease deals still attached, BE have no hope of making profitable use of them. We will still see E195's in BE colours out of SEN. Some routes there now doing well with load factor, even if we don't know about yield.

I wouldn't be surprised about the C Series, despite it's size. There are changes afoot at BE with a brand refresh imminent and within the business (as I used to be), it's a very well known fact that the CEO is not a fan of the Dash at all. I doubt it will go entirely: it's ideal sized (and very fuel efficient) for many existing BE routes. But route network is also being looked at.

Potentially interesting times ahead. I have also heard whispers of the ATR....
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