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I suspect that the airport might well be the ultimate owner of hangar 89 as they seem to control and rent out most older space at the airport which used to often appear on their property available page before they contracted the work out but the airport's website still states.

The Estates Department at London Luton Airport manages a range of properties including offices, hangars, workshops and stores in addition to overall facilities and services on the estate, such as electricity.
There is a pdf link at the bottom of the page about hangar 89 under easyjet.

Our Work | easyJet Office Relocation, Office Design - Fourfront Group

When easyjet merged with Go back in 2002 what helped them to decide to stay in Luton was because they got a government grant to do so.

"Many people questioned whether we ever seriously considered moving from Luton. And the answer is yes. We looked long and hard in both Luton and Stansted but in the end the most financially attractive option prevailed. As a low-cost airline we have to do what is right for the long-term financial interests of the company. "
A significant contributory factor for the business choosing Luton is the 'Assisted Area Status' that the town holds. This enables companies to apply for Regional Selective Assistance, a government grant available to companies investing over £500,000 in expansion, or relocation to, the town.

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PlanNet - Luton Borough Council

A full planning application has now been put in for the multistory car park. The planning application fee is £80,574.00. The applications states that the car park will be taller than first planned and will be over 5 levels(ground, first, second and third floors plus roof parking level) Before there was no roof parking so I can guess where the spotters will now end up.

The car park will be 150m long x 75m wide x 15.7m high. The pedestrian link building will be 18.3m high to accommodate lifts motors etc. The pedestrian bridge over the drop off area will be 100m long x 20m x 14.5m high. By comparison the tower is 48m,(157ft) high

The multistory car park will have 1,565 short term spaces. The short term car park will have 1,264 spaces plus 340 priority spaces making a total of 2,829 parking spaces.

The tender mentioned a start date of October for a completion of next June but the application has a planning approval decision date of mid November so the car park might not be started this year.

Pedestrian bridge over the drop off area

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Not a good day to be a passenger at Luton today.

Bursts of heavy rain caused the tunnel to again partially flood. This time the airport's firefighters were soon pumping out the tunnel before it got too bad so no cars floated away.

What wasn't so good was the fact that the unused side of the tunnel wasn't bought into use so traffic had to be directed alternately to use just one side of the road.

The result was the total gridlock of the CTA and all airport approach roads. Even the road behind the hangar line was gridlocked all the way back to Landmark's hangar by stand 10.

Wouldn't like to think how many passengers missed their flights or how long the queues were at Parkway where there were no next to no buses to get them to the terminal.
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Fire fighters deployed on flood duty does that affect the level of Category coverage for the Airport operation ? Just thinking that two El Al 763 are on the ground at this time !!
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Attended by one 4x4 type pickup truck , 1 portable pump and a couple of firemen complete with full uniform.

With the covered walkways ending in the bus station there was plenty of soaked to the skin passengers waiting in the drop off zone.

The short term car park complete with swimming pool sized pot holes was another reason to avoid Luton when it rains.

Oh and to complete the misery only 3 out of the 10 E passport gates were working so massive queues in immigration as well

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Another day at sunny LTN!........Just to add more potential traffic mayhem, Bloor Homes continue to push for the large development behind Wigmore adjacent to Tea Green and Cockernhoe! If this ever goes ahead using current roads there will be a lot more gridlock!
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Weekly redevelopment update

Former Easyjet HQ and old spectators building is no more!

The first of Signature's hangers will also soon be no more!

The new ground floor security area, which used to be the former arrivals hall and which has been partially extended into the main terminal building is close now to being opened and might even be opened over the weekend. A skirt has been erected from the temporary hoardings in the main terminal up to the ceiling to create the illusion of separation. The security hall will open with 12 gates out of the 18 it will have when it is extended and fully opened in March 2016.

This photo was taken yesterday when the skirt was still being erected. Everything to the right of the photo will go when work starts on its second phase.

The old drop off area is being modified for temporary use including an exit onto the service road from the terminal. I suspect it will be used for a temporary taxi rank and priority parking drop off as an entry barrier is going to be installed in one of the three lanes.

At some point soon the bus station is going to have to be moved to free up the front of the terminal for its expansion. I don't think the old drop off area has enough width for it to move there so it might be moved to part of its future home where the taxi rank and priority parking area is now after it has been modified.

Photo shows the new exit which looks too narrow for coaches

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The complaints are already starting about the redevelopment of the CTA and the temporary arrangements. I have no doubt that of all the projects involved in the airport redevelopment the changes to the CTA will have the greatest negative impact on passengers until complete. Once the next 12 months are out of the way things should get much better even though the terminal will be a mess.

What half wit decided it would be better to effectively half the capacity of the Drop Off Zone by converting the old drop off to a controlled entry for buses. The queues of traffic was down the hill to Vauxhall Motors and on the main route from the M1 back to the Luton Parkway traffic lights. Meanwhile the Drop Off zone gets further from the terminal. In 8 years it has moved three times. What a way to treat your customers. Unbelievable
I think the controlled entry of buses the man is talking about is the off airport car park companies and coach charters which still use the same lane as before but I will have a look tomorrow.

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How dare they call the company "value engineering specialist" a "half wit"
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Seems that Luton scored badly in the world airport survey not that Stansted did any better.
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Priceonomics seem to have created their rankings based solely on people's comments on the Skytrax website - they even state explicitly that the set of people commenting is not representative of airport users. You can always try to form conclusions from a dataset, but in this case rankings are not based on the average flyer - they are likely to be weighted heavily towards people who've had a bad day and want to let off steam. I'm dubious this is a good starting point for any kind of statistical analysis
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Looks as though Atlas are operating IST twice daily this week. Second arrival around 1915.
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I disagree with davidjohnson, yes those letting off steam will be in the majority but if you're getting disproportionately high volumes of negative comments compared to other airports then you have a problem.

If we're honest a lot of those airports at the bottom won't come as any surprise. Wouldn't have thought Bournemouth would be so low though!

It's hardly the first time either STN or LTN have been shamed, and I think to blame the methodology is clutching at straws somewhat.
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It can't be under estimated the importance of the worlds largest airport operator Aena running the show at Luton now. Luton is their 5th busiest airport in terms of passenger numbers out of the 47 airports they run or own throughout the world.

If any company can maximize Luton's potential it has to be them and under Aena's stewardship they have already radically altered Luton's redevelopment plans by altering the terminal frontage and interior layout and bringing forward plans for the multistory car park and taxiway extension to 08 from phase 3 to this current phase.

It is just a shame that events and a lack of investment in the recent past from other operators meant that it took Luton Council's intervention to get the ball rolling.
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New ground floor security checks to start on Thursday.
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7/10 is hardly a brilliant score for the best in the world is it.

In fact on most ratings 4-7 would mark the average range.

10th best in the world is a dismal 4.6/10 - so the 10th best got less than 50%.

2.9 for LTN and STN is not great, but only 1.7 away from being in the top 10. Statistics like this are pretty worthless.
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For passengers, fares decide the airline and airport, a luxurious tinminal is not going to be a factor!
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Ryanair Summer 2016...

Nothing really that exciting to report, but Ryanair today announced their Summer 2016 schedule for the London airports...

They summarised details about each London airport they operate from, which might be of interest:

Ryanair’s London summer 2016 schedule will deliver:

London Stansted:
37 based aircraft
3 new routes to Milan Malpensa, Sofia & Verona
129 routes in total
Extra flights on 18 routes (incl Berlin x daily, Cologne 3 x daily, Edinburgh 5 x daily, Glasgow 4 x daily)
1,200 weekly flights (5% growth)
20m customers p.a.
15,000* “on-site” jobs p.a.

London Gatwick
5 routes in total (Dublin, Cork, Kaunas, Shannon & Seville)
Extra flights to Dublin (6 x daily)
62 weekly flights (12% growth)
1m customers p.a.
750* “on-site” jobs p.a.

London Luton:
4 based aircraft
1 new route to Vilnius
18 routes in total
Extra flights to Copenhagen (4 x daily)
123 weekly flights (13% growth)
1.8m customers p.a.
1,350* “on-site” jobs p.a.

Welcome to Ryanair!
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So presumably that means that even though the CPH base is closing, the CPH flights will still be based from there?

Am surprised FR doesn't add an additional rotation to DUB. Given how popular the route is, I'd have thought it could easily sustain 4 flights per day.

Vilnius is a good choice. Shame Tallinn doesn't return too. Am surprised Wizz haven't picked it up.
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Take any Ryanair announcement with a pinch of salt. Dublin could substain much more but that would hit yield. I remember the days of 10+ a day and EZY to Switzerland almost hourly but they have all gone east and south.
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