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anyone tell me what happened with the Aegean last night?
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Went tech and SX-DVW has landed to rescue the pax
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Blue Air

New route to Larnaca announced, operates Tue, Thu and Sun from March 26.


LCA 0715 BHX 1030
BHX 1115 LCA 1800
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Bucharest also goes 4x weekly for S17 making 10 weekly Blue Air flights in total.
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BHX up 13% in August

Birmingham passengers up 13% in August! Some great growth.
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i heard rumours that Dnata is about to set up ground handling services at BHX is there any truth to this?
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American Airlines is cancelling the Birmingham-New York JFK route from 1st January 2017. Didn't last long.

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They're running all winter and stopping before summer peak? What's your source?
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The poster forgot to credit where the information came from but seems reliable although nobody at BHX has leaked it.

I flew Y in June/July with barely over 100 pax each way, I paid 349 return although to be fair the cost on the days either side were 720 in Y.

Product is as lousy as it gets on Transatlantic but service was actually okay.

The CAA stats explain everything without even considering yields the only mystery is that there were few cheap fares until recently.

Also I think the date shown is US style not GB and it ends 6 January 2017 which would make ore sense.

I still think this route is made for the Norwegian 737 MAX but I understand that BHX might not be in their plans unless this prompts them.

A grim couple of weeks on long-haul with EK41/2 cancelled in November and selected September and October dates.

However short-haul is still looking good!

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Reply to Olton Pete.

I'm being a little bit realistic but perhaps in the light of other regional withdrawals' of services by American Airlines ( I was a regular user of AA23/24), perhaps the "Global Reach aspirations of the Company Management" need to strategically re assessed.

I have a personal emotional attachment to the development of the airport but .... its starting to look like a Long/Medium haul Elephant's graveyard without the Elephant's.

As a business: (again speaking as an outsider) perhaps a Mid-land’s Gatwick is a more realistic ambition. Ultimately it comes down to wealth distribution of the catchment area, combined with the related; broad statistical measure of "propensity to travel"

I speak from direct (non armchair) experience as a AA long haul traveller from BHX. Not a spotter. Now in Cambridge.

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Very sad and bad news if true re AA. How can an airport like BHX not maintain a JFK service !? Like Pete says the US airlines do not help themselves, the metal used is awful in 2016 terms. I do not think this will be the last termination either, I'd be surprised if MAN escapes unscathed. Real blows for regional flying.
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Birmingham is one step forward, and sadly one step back. Just as I thought the dam might open.

Manchester may indeed lose out BUT it is 5 steps forward maybe just 1 back.

LA Miami Boston San Francisco. ....not sure I need to go on.

Totally different market.
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I would be interested to know the business/ leisure split for these long haul AA services. For a businessman travelling regularly the chaotic and dated nature of the airport until you can get out into the gate area is a real turn off. For AA you are connecting into one of their hubs but how did the arrival time match with onward connections in their network? AA is a Oneworld member and do you get better connections by traveling through LHR? The equipment AA used at BHX did not offer a huge amount of seats so realistically is the airport going to miss it?
Passengers in the leisure market vote with their creditcard and Norwegian are offering some very cheap flights to similar destinations from LGW.
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JFK flights have been on and off since the 70's. BOAC tried via MAN and PIK. BA had a dedicated 767 in the 90's rthen educed the service to a 757 via YYZ. Non of them were consistent. So far United seem to be the only carrier committed and that's being reduced during the winter. To be honest travelling around the region I've never seen any ads or promotions for the JFK route unlike Jet2 who in my view have an excellent marketing campaign both on TV and advertising in Birmingham.
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I'd be surprised if MAN escapes unscathed. Real blows for regional flying
According to the MAN thread it's going to be suspended during Jan-Mar Next year.
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Is a reliable source? In amongst the truth there's a lot of uninformed (often unfounded) rumour.

That said if it does happen it would hardly be a surprise, as OltonPete has already noted. The final nail in the coffin is probably the consequences of the Brexit vote which has sent the pound crashing against the US dollar. With so much of the regional market being reliant on price sensitive outbound tourism, because the UK tourist boards don't adequately promote anywhere outside of London, and Edinburgh the inbound market on a once daily service is always going to be weak.

To say that this spells the end to long-haul at BHX, as seems to being hysterically suggested in some postings here, I can only say, does the suspension of some SAS, Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa services in low season, as happens every year, spell the end on business orientated services to / from Europe? Of course not! It simply balances supply with demand.

BHX has had a ridiculous increase in capacity to the Gulf, and something was always going to give. EK undoubtedly put on the 380, so soon after adding the third daily DXB, simply to combat Qatar - QR have retaliated by putting seats on the market at competitive prices, and neither is benefiting.

Spotters sometimes need to be careful what they wish for. Organic growth is always better and more sustainable than meteoric growth.

Tubby Linton

More negativity! But really, how much worse is BHX than say MAN, EDI, LGW, LHR and any other major airports in UK at peak times. Don't even start on Luton! Flying is a pain these days, wherever you fly from / to in UK.
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The AA rumour doesnt surprise me. With United offering similar prices to EWR with a better onboard service such as seat back IFE its no wonder that passengers are opting for United. I know this was part of my thinking when I booked to go to NYC earlier in the year.
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I think we need to be realistic when it comes to BHX and US routes. The demand is not strong enough to support multiple routes and destinations (especially with the pound on the floor). It is not helped that the current options use old airframes with fairly average at best service levels, whilst most of the time prices are high compared to other options.

In addition IAG seem to be expanding Aer Lingus US network ex Dublin which will be an attractive option for current BHX UA/AA passengers especially as you can clear US immigration in Dublin (whilst price and product are probably better too).

Previously thought that BHX has the potential to support more US Leisure routes / frequencies - LAS/SFB etc - in the short term brexit has put an end to this however at some point such routes maybe viable.

Regardless people shouldn't loose sight of how well BHX has done recently in terms of passenger growth and route expansion.
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Absolutely no surprise that JFK is rumoured for the chop. Loads in the main have been dismal and apart from a short lived advert in the Bull Ring last year I haven't seen the route advertised at all. It's a shame but clearly the figures don't add up. With multiple daily flights from LHR on better long haul metal and usually much cheaper, NYC from BHX is always going to be difficult. AA's departure should keep UA safe for now.

PK made some comnent last year about farming. I think his crops need very carefully tending after such spectacular growth in airlines last year there were bound to be casualties. I'm not convinced the morning EK will come back after its Nov suspension, to be honest 2 x EK and 1 x QR is enough?
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TubbyLinton has a point about BHX. The main check in concourse is dark and when busy is chaotic and reminds me of the old T3 check in at LHR before its refurb. How much longer will FR and DY put up being squeezed into a corner? As for the remaining desks down to the EK check in, there is very little space when a full TCX or TK flight is checking in. Sorry to be negative but it is all starting to look a bit dated. Investment in facilities is equally as important as getting as many airlines in as possible.
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