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Can I ask what people actually propose is the best solution, a free for all does not count as viable. I've had my bag put in the hold with both easy, ryan and dy
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Hold bags cause delays, (think pax offload, with bags to find in a full hold). Delays cost money. If you get asked to put your cabin bag in the hold, at least you know it will be on the aircraft with you and not heading off to some random destination at the whim of the baggage handling agency, which again costs the operator money in order to reunite you with your bag.

The hatracks were originally intended for luggage required during flight only, not for a complete holiday wardrobe. Safety standards limit the weight and therefore the available space.

The airline can only offer a compromise between discouraging the take up of hold baggage and allowing as much luggage into the cabin as space permits.

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Travelling with my local national carrier this matter is never a problem. If there is the slightest doubt about the cabin bag (even if it is legal size) it is labelled in a polite manner and taken from me at the gate or bottom of the steps. It s then returned as I get off the a/c so no delay at baggage claim. 2 pieces allowed so a computer bag and coat are kept with me in the cabin. If the cabin is not full all my luggage will be inside. This problem can be caused because the carrier has different types on short haul and some overhead bins are smaller. Problem solved in a calm polite manner.

Regarding easyjet and AGP. It was a few years ago, but I saw a group of guys, at the gate, kicking and breaking the wheels off a carry-on so it would fit in the template. Another case was where a lady had a smallish wheely carry-on but the nazi style young gate girl would not allow it on; judging it by eye and not a template. The poor lady had a large plastic carrier bag. She stuffed all her contents into this and left the wheely. Unbelievable, unacceptable, disgraceful.

Surely it has changed, but some seem to suggest the jury's out. It takes so little to achieve so much. YES YOU CAN.
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I stopped using FR about six years ago. I shouldn't feel, while paying an airline to take me from A to B, that they are doing me a favour by allowing me to do so. Still, I have to do a quick trip to AGP next week and FRs return flight is timed to what I need so I will give them another whirl and see how the new touchy feely FR is.

The baggage situation does not really affect me as I almost always check a bag into the hold. However, I was taking an easy flight from AMS-LTN on Saturday last and the girl patrolling the queue with the cardboard templates was strict and polite. A few were dispatched to the hold and one very obviously oversize case was also put into the hold at no charge. The owner of this case was the only one to play up. I would have charged the buggah full price just for being obnoxious.
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Reported FR to cut 6 aircraft from GRO for the winter. (7 to 1 based).
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Regarding easyjet and AGP. It was a few years ago, but I saw a group of guys, at the gate, kicking and breaking the wheels off a carry-on so it would fit in the template.
So the bag was obviously too big.

the Nazi style young gate girl would not allow it on
Was the gate agent persecuting Jews and invading Poland - NO, so why refer to her as 'Nazi stye'. He/she is simply doing their job as instructed by the airline. If people can't abide by the rules, it's THEIR problem and not the boarding staff's problem.
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People need to remember he templates are actually bigger than the maximum dimensions allowed, so if your bag does not fit in, it is absolutely too big, and you have not kept your part of contract, and you'll need to pay. Try flying BA with a bag that's too big with a hand baggage only fare, and aww what happens.
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The airports earn comission for every ba they identify and put in the hold.

dont forget the 'queue nazis' are airport/handling agent staff NOT Ryanair staff.

Always happens at the quiet regional airports where every groat counts. Never had any active checking at Stansted
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It is amazing how many people think the rules are made up just to cause trouble, or enforced out of spite. All the rules, even the seemingly nonsensical (like drinking your own duty free on board) are there for a reason, and should be enforced at all times. That people take offence at that suggests a level of egocentricity or paranoia. Bag size restrictions are partially to ensure the baggage will fit the stowage safely (ie not be a trip hazard under seats or put pressure on the locker doors potentially damaging the latches or hinges) and also to ensure their weight is low enough as to be unlikely to cause serious injury if they fall on a seated passenger. But so many won't consider the logic and will just rant and argue. There is a relationship between those with excessive baggage and bad behaviour towards crew, too. The reason is these individuals' selfishness. Personally, I'd support a policy of refusing travel outright to those with oversize cabin baggage as they're so often trouble makers.
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Aluminium shuffler

Well said that man.
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There is a relationship between those with excessive baggage and bad behaviour towards crew
absolutely, they are too used to "trying it on", whether it be with the crew, the job centre, their social worker, parole officer or the crown court.

now that the summer season is over, more of these cretins can afford to travel since airfares are back down to benefits level.

ps. No offence to genuine claimants, I'm referring to the blaggers.
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ps. No offence to genuine claimants, I'm referring to the blaggers.
...nor to our American cousins who sometimes regard this as a constitutional right!
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From what I've heard the ground staff get 50p for every bag they disallow which then has to go into the hold
Not true.
Airport staff are being offered a 50p bonus for every Ryanair passenger they catch with excess baggage.

"Employees of the baggage handling contractor Servisair are given 50p for every bag they identify as overweight, though they are only eligible for the payment once they have reached a target of 10 bags in a week, it has emerged.
Under this agreement, Servisair workers can earn an extra £5 each week — they will not be allowed to go over £5"
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This article is dated 15 Nov 2011.
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Update to Cyprus Airways bid??

Obviously MOL can't wait for the result of the Cyprus Airways bid!!
From Today's Cyprus Mail

Amidst a bidding war with rival carriers over the acquisition of struggling Cyprus Airways, Ireland-based budget airline Ryanair has applied to the Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation (CDA) for a Cyprus Air Operator Certificate (AOC), which would allow it to set up a subsidiary airline on the island.
Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary said last week that the company had “already applied for a Cypriot AOC.”
The certificate – essentially a license to operate – is issued by governments to approved airlines, and AOCs issued by European Union countries warrant “mutual recognition” among all EU countries.
But although Ryanair is an Irish airline – thus licensed to operate by an EU country – it has applied for a Cypriot certificate.
The reason, one business insider told the Cyprus Mail, is Cyprus’ bilateral air services agreements with third – meaning non-EU – countries.
“As a Cypriot company, Ryanair would automatically be able to take advantage of Cyprus’ bilateral agreements with third countries,” the source said under condition of anonymity. “At this moment, there are restricted routes to and from third countries – for example, in the Middle East – that Cyprus Airways has the exclusive rights to, but cannot afford to operate.”
“These would be wide open for any Cypriot AOC holder,” he said.
Last month, Ryanair was short-listed along with eight other carriers by the Cyprus government as interested parties to take over government-owned Cyprus Airways.
But O’Leary later said that he considered his company’s chances of winning the bid war slimmer than those of Greece’s Aegean Airlines – also short-listed.
Nonetheless, he said, Ryanair still plans to make it hard for any other bidder to land Cyprus Airways.
The fate of the struggling national carrier of Cyprus is expected to be decided by November.
“Indeed, that is why any foreign company would be interested in a Cypriot AOC: bilateral air services agreements,” concurred Andreas Paspallides of the CDA.
But access to these agreements would form part of the Cyprus Airways package, meaning the highest bidder for Cyprus Airways will get the airline and its list of possible destinations.
So why would Ryanair want to apply for an AOC independently?
“One can only speculate,” the CDA official said. “As far as we are concerned, any application for which the application fee [€17,000 to €18,000] has been paid is under review.”
It is likely that Ryanair’s move is an effort to scare off rivals by making the competition environment less attractive.
According to Phileleftheros, the airline has pushed for an expedited review of its application so that it can be issued with an AOC within two months.
“Generally, the timeline for reviewing such applications and coming to final decisions extends to at least 90 days,” said Paspallides. “Everything needs to be reviewed – manuals, documents, and so on – and then remarks need to be passed back to the applicants for comment. It’s a lot of work, and there’s only a few of us.”
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Also posted on Jet2 thread,

carrying hundreds of British holidaymakers came within 500ft of each other in a
near-miss at Malaga Airport in southern Spain.

authorities said the pilot of a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 from Leeds was forced to
abort its landing and take evasive action at the last minute because a
Glasgow-bound Jet2 plane - also a 737-800 - was still on the runway in front of

Read more: Ryanair and Jet2 planes involved in near-miss at Malaga Airport | Daily Mail Online
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Two Ryanair aircraft touch wings at Dublin Airport

Two Ryanair planes touch wings at Dublin Airport - RTÉ News

In a statement Ryanair said: "Two of our aircraft were taxiing slowly to the runway at Dublin Airport this morning. The winglet of one aircraft appears to have scraped the tail of the other.
There was no impact on customers on board. Ryanair has contacted the IAA and is working with them to return both aircraft to stand and allow normal operations at Dublin Airport to resume.

"Ryanair apologises sincerely to customers for any inconvenience."
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According to, Ryanair could soon launch flights to Mostar in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina following talks between the airline and local authorities last week.
Over the next two to three months the low cost airline will make a final decision on whether it will add Mostar to its route network, following additional talks with authorities. /.../
Mostar has struggled to attract scheduled flights but sees a significant number of charters throughout the year, carrying religious pilgrims visiting the nearby Medjugorje sight.
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MOL's press conference in Porto

According to Michael O?Leary dá conferência de imprensa no Porto a 14 de outubro | Low Cost Portugal

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Can you translate what it means when it occurs.

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