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Meeting arranged on Apr 1st to arrange Liquidation for Links Air.
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Quite a good looking range of destinations and improved frequencies tomorrow, good luck to Flybe's new operation...

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According to the Dusseldorf route will be 4 x weekly and a 10th destination with Flybe will be announced shortly. In addition the airport are actively talking to Wizz about new routes.
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@LEEDS APPROACH couldn't disagree more!

When easyjet started LPL-NCE all those years ago there was outcry about killing BA Citiexpress off the route at MAN. What happened? EZY developed a whole new market and citiflier pax on the roue grew also.

Passengers will come, some will be people who wouldn't have otherwise flown, some will be because the economy will benefit and grow, business will develop.

It's proven history.

There maybe some redistribution of passengers around the region but the overall growth outweighs this.

Now, I wonder if you objected so strongly to Jet2 when they started services competing with existing carriers at LBA? Surely monarch and ryanair should be asked to leave leeds because jet2 got their first? Because that is how you sound to me.

Competition is a good thing, in my opinion.
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Leeds Approach, why be afraid of little old DSA - its no threat to LBA.

Taking your argument in turn, DSA/Wizz should have mirrored your reasoning when Ryanair started Eastern European routes out of LBA.

In the end it made no difference and Wizz continued to flourish with competition.
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Thumbs up

Cumbrianboy and EGCNtristar, couldn't agree with you more!
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Given the catchment area there is no reason why DSA should not be handling at least 4m passengers a year. Hopefully Flybe base will be a sustainable and expanding operation to serve the catchment area appropriately.
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Leeds Approach, feel free to cut up the argument any way you see to fit to reason your own parochial view.

However LBA now has more Eastern European routes/frequencies than ever before and Wizz continue to grow at DSA. There is no loss on that one as they are routes that fit the market.

Why not go the whole hog and close LBA, DSA and HUY because MAN is better placed to suit us all. We shouldn't as there is a market and place for all within each sub region.
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And to change the subject Flybe have just announced a new 1x weekly ski route from Doncaster-Sheffield to Chambery. The service will operate every Saturday commencing from December 17th.

BE4467 DSA 16:25 - CMF 19:35
BE4468 CMF 20:15 - DSA 21:10
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If you were starting with a clean sheet of paper, how many airports would be built where they are now?
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Actually it's not about catchment population, that's a terribly simplistic view.

And to counter your claim, Ryanair operated to DUB from LBA and EMA.

EI Regional came in and started EMA and LBA. Both EIR and FR continuing to do well on the route. According to your argument, the EIR presence should have divided and conquered. It didn't …

Then, EIR launch DSA. DSA is doing well, and so is EMA and LBA. In fact, there have been frequency increases for this coming summer. FR continue to operate …

As many others seem to agree, there is a market for both LBA and DSA. Which should be the dominant airport is another argument, but they are both growing and developing and will continue to do so, and as an airport is a catalyst for economic development, both of them developing will only seek to strengthen yorkshire, not weaken it.

I feel I've said enough on the subject …

Great news about the new routes from FlyBE at DSA, I am sure they will do well, and with the link road now up and running and phase 2 on the way soon I see a bright future ...
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you're assuming that the market stays static - it doesn't. Competition stimulates demand.
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Catchment is a red herring. DSA's 'catchment' infringes on EMA, LBA and probably a bit of MAN too. Pax have a level of priorities based on proximity, flights and price. The link road has put even Leeds city centre no more than 50 minutes from DSA. What that means is that now instead of DSA being number three or not even on the list of priorities if a Leeds pax can't get where they want from LBA they will look at DSA as a viable alternative. I was speaking to someone the other week in Leeds 12 who was bemoaning the fact that they'd had to fly to Berlin from MAN. I expect that a fair few pax on DSA flights will be those who are much relieved that they no longer have to brave the car parks at Tintwhistle or on the M62.

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I live 35 minutes from DSA but have to travel to Manchester to take a regular flight, so I agree about the catchment area being a bit of a red herring!
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I live 5 minutes from DSA, but until recently had to travel to catch a flight to Dub. As I generally need an evening flight back, I can't use the Regional Aer Lingus flight. But no way am I going to Leeds and all the hell of that remote location. Manchester far better a choice.

Every DSA Dub flight bar the very beginning seems nicely loaded.

Although I hope DSA get their act together. Free wifi appears to have run away (other than 30 minutes). Since Flybe security takes longer - there appears to be a fasttrack option - although not sure how you get access unless your staff...
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I'm just amazed at how many flights Wizz run to eastern European destinations. Yes, there are certainly many immigrants from those areas, and I expect most flight passengers are returning VFR, rather than new immigrants. I'm just surprised that Ryanair and Easyjet haven't tried to get these markets by expanding to such destinations (perhaps they have?) from Leeds or East Midlands, as many passengers I've spoken to are from a much wider catchment than South Yorkshire.

I do remember when the route from DSA to Vilnius was introduced a few years back, to much incredulity. Now it's commonplace. I had to look up Lublin as I'd never heard of it.

Obviously, I hope Flybe do well, and I hope to be going to Berlin soon, but as a cautionary note - and this is purely anecdotal - when Ryanair and Thomson, later Easyjet, introduced routes, a lot of people I knew used them as a one-off novelty chance for a holiday or long weekend, and didn't repeat this. Flybe's medium-sized craft are perhaps more suited than 737s or A319s.

Finally, it would help if clear directions were given at the bus stop how to get to Sheffield, in many languages. You could get a bus to Doncaster then get a train, but if not in a rush could get a day bus ticket on First for 5 and take the X78 from Doncaster to Sheffield.
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...which would take around 90 mins from Donny

A bus to Sheffield is part of the airport's masterplan and will presumably be on the cards if growth continues. Direct buses from Sheffield serve all corners of S Yorks, but still not the airport (though strangely there is a direct bus to DSA from Barnsley).

If a nonstop bus isn't seen as viable, a bus from Sheffield via the Parkway / A 631 / M18 stopping at Whiston, Wickersley and Rossington would also serve the local population and still only take around 45 mins. If it weren't for the massive savings that local authorities have been forced to make, I'm sure a bus service would have already been introduced.

Currently the options are a 40 pound taxi ride or a 25 minute bus journey to Doncaster followed by a 25 minute (at best) train journey to Sheffield. Way over an hour with connection times factored in. At the very least, through tickets should be sold at the airport and clear directions should be given.

Hopefully a better public transport connection to Sheffield will be high on DSA's agenda
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which would take around 90 mins from Donny

or 81mins to 107 mins from LBA to Sheffield Centre (from, so a direct bus would be a major advantage, providing the route exists from DSA
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I'm sure public transport is not high priority for DSA management. Maybe for workers and spotters, but the bulk of people passing through DSA (and the other regional airports) use cars or taxis. Public transport will serve the minority rather than the majority. If you've had the torture of using the Trans Pennine Express to MAN, you will appreciate that the masses offload in the City leaving small numbers to disembark at MAN - an airport handing 20x as many passengers as DSA.
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If you live in Sheffield and use public transport, it's still easier to get to MAN - direct 75 min train with no need to change. I agree that most people drive, use a taxi or get dropped off at DSA, but this is due in part to the poor public transport options.
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