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TimmyW 2nd Jun 2012 17:31

Rumours of new routes and cargo developments to be announced in a few weeks. Have seen it posted on 2 other forums.

Believe it when I see it though!

onyxcrowle 2nd Jun 2012 18:47

Im a vocal supporter of the airport but sadly I will believe it when I see it. For example the airport rushing to announce that forgettable little airline running to Amsterdam.
Out of interest do you have some web linke to these 'rumours'?.
Also I have tried to find the Doncaster thread on here but can't Any ideas what happened to it?

egcntristar 2nd Jun 2012 21:34

I'd be happy for anything, but can't see more than a 1 x weekly sun route being trumpeted as something new.

onyxcrowle 3rd Jun 2012 00:04

I guess a freight one is possible , after all HUY in terms of airliners gets Icelandair , Maybe them or that sort of Ilk once a week . As for a passenger service that's anybody's guess . But the loss of BMI baby that has hit other airports hard kind of shows that the DSA style of small but solid airline lists was a better idea . I'd hate to thing what the naysayers would have said then .
Of the more likely candidate airlines , perhaps monarch or klm .
Might be nice to see links to these sites mentioned by the op

pug 3rd Jun 2012 03:32

I guess a freight one is possible , after all HUY in terms of airliners gets Icelandair , Maybe them or that sort of Ilk once a week
Big demand for fish flights in Doncaster now? :E

onyxcrowle 3rd Jun 2012 12:28

lol ** rolls eyes** Icelandair was an example, But hey why not I mean I'm sure they eat fish in South yorkshire. :P

chaps2011 3rd Jun 2012 12:47

Some of the best chippies in England and before you say it I live west of Pennines


onyxcrowle 3rd Jun 2012 12:57

Exactly!. Though the chippies here (yes this is off topic) Are no where near as good as those Back in proper Yorkshire and Scotland wherre I lived. And they tasted better served in newspaper and greeseproof paper. (Flipping health and safety!).Back on topic though, I must admit I don't actually know how come Iceland air come to HUY with Fish when of course it is close to the North sea ports in Grimsby. So perhaps it isn't too strange that Dsa could also be a 'plaice' for them ;) < had to do that gag .
Also I wasn't in the area when it opened but was TNT there at the start?. Maybe they will be back.
As for passenger services Monarch I guess like I said earlier, But as much as I want to see a very busy airport, I doubt the likes of a big expansion from Ryanair is exactly what we need. They often seem to have a spat at random with an airport and suddenly pull out. So where do we find a nice stable airline, Willing to stay and bring some useful non bucket and spade routes?.

pug 3rd Jun 2012 13:17

Why Monarch?

I must admit I don't actually know how come Iceland air come to HUY with Fish when of course it is close to the North sea ports in Grimsby. So perhaps it isn't too strange that Dsa could also be a 'plaice' for them http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/wink2.gif
Large food industry in the area, particularly in Grimsby. However the flights arent actually operating at the moment.

onyxcrowle 3rd Jun 2012 13:33

Why not. Ok what airline would you think?????

pug 3rd Jun 2012 13:56

Monarch have just announced new bases and routes at both EMA and LBA, therefore does DSA really make any sense?

ILS32 3rd Jun 2012 14:20

I wouldn't get your hopes up on route expansion.The airports biggest worry must be keeping Thomson flying from dsa.The sunshine routes Faro,Alicante,Malaga and Mallorca are all dropping passenger numbers.If this continues for the summer season then the dsa mgmt have a big problem.The only airports expanding around your catchment area are man,ema and the lba.Thomson has never been a great lover of the lba but if the number of passengers continue to fall,they will go else where to make their profits. Thomson have already announced expansion from Leeds for the summer 2013 season.

TimmyW 3rd Jun 2012 15:39

The reason for the dropping passenger numbers on the flights you mentioned are because there are less flights to those destinations.

I agree though, if Thomson were to pull out it would in my opinion be the death of the airport.

Hopefully the rumors come to fruition. I highly doubt it though. I think it will be many years before a new airline comes to DSA, if they ever do.

pug 3rd Jun 2012 16:28

It would be nice to think that with the recently more assured future of BMIr, DSA may have the potential of attracting them to offer sustainable connections to a hub airport at some point in the future. I'm not sure if they will continue to be a part of an alliance though?

onyxcrowle 4th Jun 2012 01:23

Perhaps . Which hub though , heathrow ? AMS , Frankfurt or Paris . If we got very lucky all of the above and Copenhagen . It would be a short flight to heathrow but prob slightly longer than MAN-LHR so it's poss . If for argument pug they did what kind if Ac would they be Emb or the airbus stuff . Does bma/BMI still have Emb

pug 4th Jun 2012 01:41

Heathrow, no. AMS unlikely. FRA and CDG would make sense, but like I say, I'm not sure if the new owners will retain any alliance membership or codeshares. I believe BMIr have a fleet of EMB regional jets.

I was merely making a suggestion that the new owners of BMI Regional are hinting at route expansion but nothing specific has been mentioned, so that in no way means DSA is in the running. Will have to wait and see.

onyxcrowle 4th Jun 2012 11:32

Frankfurt would be a good one, But they would have to make sure the schedules better than the Easyjet AMS services.
It's such a pity they didn't make that work, But then an Airline running as you say the smaller EMB aircraft would no doubt be able to.
I guess continue the airport's current thing of small measured growth. Find a HUB/route folk would use on a daily or whatever basis. Use a small A/C and go from there!.
Out of interest though, How would it work anyway if say, (dont shoot me down fir suggesting the airline im using it as an example). DLH was to provide an Emb 170 or 135 type to FRA for the large number of onward connections. Do the passengers not have to check in when they get to frankfurt two hours before say a flight to JFK leaves FRA?. in Which case for a decent service to remain to be offered from DSA and be used etc, Im guessing it would have to be aquite an early one. Or is it different for a connecting flight. Im not that familiar with that side of things. But for example you see ETD flights landing at IOM which are just codeshares, But under the same flight numebrs etc. I find it a bit confusing.

HOODED 5th Jun 2012 21:58

DSA certainly needs extra flights, as a PPL holder I'm amazed at the number of AT movements a day for the size of the airspace. I was refused entry a couple of months ago & I only wanted to clip the NE corner of the airspace. Aparently a single Wizzair on approach to 02 means a non transponder equipped airctaft overhead Gainsborough tracking North at 3000ft has to do an immediate descent to below 1500ft to stay outside the airspace, ludicrous! With only 5 or 6 AT inbounds a day you would think they would encourage private traffic.

I now have a working Mode S but won't be going near DSA again as I don't want to be used as justification for the large amount of controlled airspace. Rant Over!:ugh::ugh:

pug 5th Jun 2012 23:27

I agree HOODED, always descending to 1500 before the Trent en_route Humberside to Gamston to avoid Doncaster CAS and rarely noticed any significant movement, only to call inbound to HUY overhead Brigg to be told to orbit Elsham due to commercial/helicopter movements. HUY does not have CAS yet seems to manage well enough with more movements than DSA.

egcntristar 12th Jun 2012 18:48

Weston taking the FBO from Signature next month.

Weston Aviation wins FBO concession at Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield

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