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The BMIR EMB is based at NCL but only operates the SN BRU service, nothing else. Understand it's the same case for the a/c at BRS.
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Thanks for that.

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I'm not best pleased that BRS-BRU is heading to Dash-8. I've rather enjoyed the pocket-rocket over the years.

LH (boo hiss) did say that they wanted to strengthen their presence in the UK regions, with more connections to *A hubs. Places like BRS, NCL, GLA, BFS aren't well served into the *A network. That might be an opportunity that BD-R might be used to work on. (Mind you, LH say a lot that turns out to be vapour).

From what I've been told, the 145's are profitable on BRS-BRU because they're low capacity and drive high yield. Having just paid GBP525 for BRS-BRU-BER and back, I can see what they mean.
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Good to see the new owners are communicating as effectively as ever. Would be nice to know plans to survive the winter. Just any non commercially sensitive bits of info. Anything! There may be an exodus soon...

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Certainly form a trade persepctive, there is no shortage of BA communication on the integration of bmi and Diamond Club etc.

But next to nothing on BD (regional) and its intention.

Former bmi account managers all seem to have transfered to BA.

Regional currently has no voice at all in the market place.
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I believe a new Chief Commercial Officer is due to start at bmir in the next week or so.
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Surely the new owners/old management will be in touch this week...

Let us know what's to happen to crews at Newcastle and Bristol come October. And the crews at heathrow.

Sorry but the communication has been terrible. Significant dates pass and events such as flybe allocating planes to the brussels contract occur and it's met with deafening silence from abz.

People have resigned and theres been no further recruitment. Why is that?

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How confident are we that we will see the other side of winter?

A rumour I heard was that all the owned aircraft had been put into a new company in the Isle of Man which would keep them safe should things go pear-shaped.

7 aircraft will be left kicking their heels from the end of October onwards, from LHR, NCL and BRS. Then the Airbus contract is up for renewal soon, which if history is anything to go by that will free up another 2 aircraft.

The lack of communication from management - actually where is the management center these days? Still EMA or ABZ? - is even worse than under bmi.

My CV is in the post.

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Recrutiment starts again soon. Fact.
No further information.
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In regards the previous post, have heard the same on good authority, NFDA.
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Recruitment of what, flight deck and cabin crew or recruitment for other departments.......??????
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Reported elsewhere: if you search GLA/EDI-HEL on you get:

Please note: Our service to Helsinki-Vantaa from Glasgow / Edinburgh will commence from 28 October 2012.
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I remember some chatter about a tie-up with a Nordic airline when the buyout was first discussed, so maybe this is still the plan. Seems like a long way to fly in an EMB145 though!
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I wonder how the people in Exeter would react to a regional airline flying between Flybe's 2 main countries of operation...
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Seems like a long way to fly in an EMB145 though!
Indeed, perish the thought.
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There's quite a few E145 flights in the US with block times of more than 3h30m!
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A hint on the T&E thread by Duir that 170's/190's to come for BMIR??
Any substance to this or wild speculation???
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We haven't got any heathrow slots (yet) so guess its a premature rumour?!

I'd be surprised to be honest as the approach so far seems to be keep costs to absolute minimum. Doesn't tie in with buy some more planes and have to type rate pilots. (guess the top brass in abz will be first to get rated!)

Who knows though. No information is forthcoming.

What concerns me more is what they going to do with the 7/9? embraers with nowt to do over winter. Will people book with a dead brand. Have they began dual HQ just so one of the bosses can live near home. Have the planes been protected with this IOM thing? Hardly inspires confidence.
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Seems a bit expensive to start trying to pay for the costs of sourcing/integrating a new type when you've just taken over, especially when you're possibly having to launch a lot of new routes and/or you have a bunch of your current aircraft potentially sitting doing nowt.

Anyway, if these aircraft were for the LHR-ABZ/EDI slots released by the merger I'm not sure how anyone can know now with certainty. Afaik, the slots have to be allocated through a competative process and are unlikely to be in place till S13, so you surely couldn't be certain at this point that you'd get them. What happens if you start signing up for 170/190s and then don't get he LHR slots?

One thing is for sure - we need some communication soon on the way forward, whether it's trips to HEL or 170/190s!
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New route to Helsinki, using emb 170/190, second HQ at East Mids, aircraft added to IOM registry...

How about just for the hell of it I add, New owners plan to buy up Aberdeen Airport and turn it into a funfair?!?

Its been nearly 3 weeks since the sale completed I would have expected there to be some clear communication to the workforce from the new owners.

Or at least some serious work on public facing operations such as, the website, corporate branding, customer communications etc..

BAU cannot continue indefinitly, the company will stagnate, key areas of the workforce will leave and customers will lose all faith and goodwill for BMIr.
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