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What a misleading headline.
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More on the pick up and drop off saga .....

Plane unfair: Furious cabbies could launch legal fight against Manchester Airport parking plan | Manchester Evening News -

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And now for something completely different....

Has anyone noticed over the last 2 - 3 years the increasing propensitiy for operations from 05L/05R around this time of year? It just seems to be that in 09, 10 and 11, the weather patterns have appeared to dictate a greater than normal percentage of ops from what is generally regarded as the non-standard direction.

Question is that is this result of changing weather patterns or just a coincidence? Also, what impact does this have on the management of the airspace, airfield operations etc etc etc.

I'd be interested to hear the thoughts of those more qualified and experienced in these matters than this mere mortal....
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Not doubting you, but is this subjective or have you an info source?
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05 operations

I had been thinking exactly the same thing recently. Increasingly over the last couple of years, Easterly winds have been the norm for longer periods of time in all seasons. It's made it drier but colder.

I'd be interested to see an informed meteorological-based answer.

It certainly makes for a quieter environment for those of us at the 23 end, except when the 380 departs!
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Ditto, I live in Newton, Hyde and it's actually quite deathly sometimes when you stop and listen. Then again maybe I should be glad at not being reminded of work every few minutes.
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"An airport spokeswoman said the step would improve traffic flow, reduce congestion and boost security."

Ha ha ha, what a load of money grabbing ****

One of the most third world airports in Europe, see they won another award !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they ****** up the road system a few years ago, what a mess,

They want to extract your money from your pocket.......
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Is that the time....................

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There isnt much been said on here lately, have most people given up on this site now??
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mytravela330 -

I suspect that the dearth of activity on the thread is due to a lack of news items arising. We haven't given up on it! The main 'route announcement season' is behind us; few businesses were issuing press releases of any kind during the short working week running into the royal wedding; no significant events affecting MAN were reported; and, the April stats are not yet available. And with regard to the stats (when they do appear), comparison with the volcano-blighted April 2010 will make it difficult to identify underlying trends and draw meaningful conclusions anyway.

Just a quiet news period, really. Hopefully, the Manchester United v Schalke 04 CL semi-final (tomorrow) and the crucial weekend Manchester United v Chelsea premiership fixture will brighten up life at the airport shortly (airlifts expected for both). Otherwise, enjoy the sunshine until the real summer traffic levels kick in.
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Came in on LX390 from ZRH at just after 8am yesterday and was greeted with an unbelieveable immigration queue that was already most of the way down the corridor on the C pier when we arrived and I saw it go back up past the gates on C. It was mayhem and there were a lot of very unhappy folk in that queue I can tell you.

We were ok with IRIS/chipped Passports but even then we had to fight to get down the corridor to get the chance to get to them.

I haven't come in on LX390 for a few months so was this a freak or is this usual ?. Either way it is totally unacceptable and needs sorting, sharpish. I saw an EK A330 on B pier (which I presume is a new service ?) but surely that alone didn't cause all that.
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I arrived on Saturdays VS76 and the T2 immigration was a breeze. Think they had 4, possibly 5 (didn't sleep on flight ), desks open. Needs a redistribution of resource?
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2 big TCXs from Cancun, the EK from Dubai, the LX from Zurich and the LH from Frankfurt all landed in the space of half an hour. It was over 1000 passengers, and some flights were slightly late (including yours) which probably led to UKBA being a little overwhelmed - although all flights arrived within 20 mins of STAs.
Higher proportions of non-EU pax ahead of you will always mean it takes longer to be processed.

Just unlucky, I'd say.
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Absolutely. Lets put it into perspective.
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Nice growth (due to Eyjafjallajokull)
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April 2011 v April 2009

April 2009 - 1,473,274

April 2011 - 1,440,730

down 2.2%
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Thumbs down Chaos in T1 Arrivals

About 0930 this morning, the queues were enormous, and the annoyance of passengers was highly vocal. The place just does not have capacity to handle the volume of incoming pax to immigration. The baggage hall was no better. Heaving, a bit smelly, and an unpleasant atmosphere of stress and anger. What a pity our nice city is let down by this shabby 3rd world airport terminal. T2 is probably better, I imagine. T3 is poor tho.
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April 2009 had Ryanair at full throttle before their big sulk and pull out from MAN. To pull back to 2% of passenger numbers without them isn't bad going. Now MAN have great middle east links (A380 services), shuttle links down to and connecting in heathrow/ gatwick, other hubs etc., 'new' terminal buildings, 2 runways, a good 'local' airline (, Flybe looking at further french development, significant EZY development and Ryanair back. I'm sure you will only be happy to congratulate MAN when further future expansion occurs!

Kind Regards,

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EK Figures

There were a few emails knocking around the Manchester enthusiasts forums today quoting Emirates load figures for yesterday.

Dont recall the exact figures but apparently there were only 20 seats empty in total for the 3 flights of the day (A330, A380, B777)

Surely that must be some sort of load record. ?

2nd A380 soon ??
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And to cap that I believe EY and QR figures where very high as well
But what is impressive is EK have 2 flights with F class.
September is the date mentioned for A380 on EK19 and B773 3 class
for EK21

Ian B
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