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Old 28th May 2013, 09:57
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I have also done a 5 hour flight on Easyjet to Egypt.

I would happily do it again, as nobody was able to recline their seat into my already-limited legroom, which would have crushed my knees and made the journey unbearable.

If sitting in an upright position hurts your back, you need to see a chiropractor as this is the correct way to sit all the time.
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Old 28th May 2013, 10:56
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You can sit this way for 5 hours solid and not feel uncomfortable??
Don't think most people can.
Nothing otherwise wrong with my back. I'm a slim, fit person.

Even National Express coaches have reclining seats!
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Old 28th May 2013, 11:25
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I am with ajamieson on this. Am very happy that the inconsiderate person in front of me can't put his seat in my face.
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Old 28th May 2013, 12:15
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Yep; reclining seats in Economy class are a bad thing. It's amazing how inconsiderate some people can be.
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Old 28th May 2013, 12:18
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EZY & RYR Seats Are Great!

For me, an airline which does NOT have reclining seats is offering a premium feature. I would actively select an airline with NO reclining seats rather than one which provides them. Having some selfish buffoon with big hair full of chemical hairspray reclined into one's face for hours is deeply unappealing. Having ones knees scrunched up by a passenger who has not paid for YOUR space is annoying. Having the seatback table (where applicable) stuck at an awkward angle is well ... awkward. All this, and many deluded airline PR types STILL consider reclining seats in economy a selling point. Wake up and face reality. Seat pitch in first and business may allow for reclining seats, but in economy layouts categorically not so.

Well done EasyJet and Ryanair for phasing out these monstrous reclining seats. I know passenger comfort wasn't your primary motivation, but the outcome is a huge improvement anyway. Maybe EZY and RYR should market the advantages of non-reclining seats and embarrass afew dinosaur airlines along the way. Does anybody here genuinely believe that the ability to recline to a moderate degree outweighs the gross inconvenience of the passenger in front reclining into your space?

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Old 28th May 2013, 12:46
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I can understand folks getting stiff and uncomfortable sitting for five hours in an airliner's seat. The answer, of course, is to get up and visit the loo a couple of times (even if you don't want to). Walk to the far end of the cabin - you have to time your walk for when there's no food trolley blocking the way, unless you've been really uncomfortable in which case the trolley gives you an excuse for standing up for a few minutes. This will also combat any risk of DVT.
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Old 28th May 2013, 14:06
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And now you can sleet your seats, so for a 5 hour flight the over wings are in proportion quite in-expensive for such leg room, or you could careful pick your seat on a 320 for the same leg room without cost..
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Old 16th Jun 2013, 22:16
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EZY 3104 from nice will become southends 4th aircraft,will transfer fom STN TO SEN arriving 23.30,also last alicante flight from STN today,all future flights will be from SEN
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Old 18th Jun 2013, 07:47
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The new fleet order has been announced: Latest news - easyJet plc

35 current generation A320, 100 A320NEO plus 100 options for NEOs.
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Old 18th Jun 2013, 10:59
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easyJet A320 NEO Order

Big announcement from easyJet today -

Following a highly competitive fleet selection process, easyJet plc ("easyJet" or the "Company") announces that, subject to shareholder approval, it has entered into arrangements (the "New Framework Arrangements") with Airbus S.A.S. ("Airbus") to acquire 35 Current Generation A320 Aircraft for delivery between 2015 and 2017 under its existing agreement and 100 New Generation A320neo Aircraft for delivery from 2017 until 2022, under a new agreement. Under this new agreement, Airbus has also granted the Company the right, but not the obligation, to acquire up to 100 further New Generation A320neo Family Aircraft.

Key highlights of the transaction:

Allows easyJet to continue to execute its successful strategy. New generation aircraft sourced at highly attractive prices and at a greater percentage discount to list price than the Companyís existing Airbus contract. Enhances easyJetís cost advantage and mitigates against inflationary increases; the 180 seater New Generation A320neo Aircraft is expected to deliver a cost per seat saving of between 11% and 12%, compared to a 156 seater Current Generation A319 Aircraft. 85 of 135 ordered aircraft will be used to replace ageing aircraft as they leave the fleet and return to lessors, with the remaining aircraft used to continue easyJetís existing strategy of capacity seat growth of between 3% to 5% per annum. Continues the high level of fleet flexibility provided by the current arrangements. Whilst the announcement today will deliver a fleet of 276 aircraft by 2022, as of today, the new arrangements also give easyJet the ability to manage the fleet size to between 165 and 298 aircraft in 2022 depending on economic conditions and opportunities available. Total expected fleet acquisition and overhaul expenditure as a percentage of revenue is expected to fall from 18% in the period 2005 to 2012, to 10% to 12% in the period 2018 to 2022.
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Old 18th Jun 2013, 12:20
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"Subject to shareholder approval"
I suspect there will be at least one significant shareholder who won't approve!
Stand by for incoming!
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Old 18th Jun 2013, 15:08
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So will we see an order for a smaller aircraft as well for the thinner routes????
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Old 18th Jun 2013, 18:11
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HIGHLY unlikely, Pabely. 135 A320s will join although 85 are replacements, so there is no reason to buy smaller aircraft. It will only murk the water.
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Old 18th Jun 2013, 20:41
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Absolutely definitely not!!!!!
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Old 18th Jun 2013, 22:32
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What will happen to SEN once the A319s have all been replaced with bigger craft.
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Old 19th Jun 2013, 00:39
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Easyjet are not replacing all of their A319 fleet with the larger A320.
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Old 19th Jun 2013, 07:13
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I think EZY may have something to say about SEN tomorrow and perhaps any effect of this week's orders might get a mention.
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Old 26th Jun 2013, 18:49
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Easy jet replacing some of the fly be flights to INV one of which will be a night stop

BBC News - Easyjet guarantees Inverness routes
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Old 27th Jun 2013, 09:03
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EZY DEP INV 0645 & DEP LGW 2000 flight agreement

A 5 year deal agreed between EZY and HIAL Inverness which effectively means supported and approved by Scottish Government, HIALs owners.
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Old 27th Jun 2013, 15:14
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As this very much represents a departure from the "holy grail" of the low-cost model, of no night-stops away from base for crew or aircraft, you can bet that EZY have got the overnight hotac and aircraft parking expenses up in INV paid for by HIAL/Scottish Govt. as part of this deal.

Out of interest, is there anywhere else on the EZY network that nightstops down-route happen?

I wonder if they might strike a similar deal down in NQY?

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