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ryand36 19th Apr 2009 19:59

EasyJet - 4

Iíve started this new thread after easyJet 3 was closed. To pose my original question in thread 3: Can anybody tell me how many aircraft easyJet has based at each airport for the summer 2009 season? Also does anyone know if easyJet has designated spare aircraft? If so, how many and where are they based?


EI-BUD 19th Apr 2009 21:57


This is an interesting question, I know Belfast has 6 based 737s
Stansted about 10 319s (not 100% sure) & i think 1 spare is there
Luton has about 14/15 based aircraft all 319s i think
Liverpool 8 319s
Newcastle I think 5 (mix of 319 and 737)
Gatwick about 33 319s

I am 100% sure of BFS but the others quite sure but not 100%.

Will be interested so see the replies to this thread!

Ian Brooks 19th Apr 2009 23:25

Manchester has 2 A320 at present with a 3rd due mid May

The Flying Cokeman 20th Apr 2009 08:42


737's are stil the mainstay in Luton mixed with A319's.

dwlpl 20th Apr 2009 11:07

Liverpool goes up to nine based in June.

MerchantVenturer 20th Apr 2009 11:13

Last summer Bristol had 11 based 319s which was increased to 12 for the main summer season (end July to early September).

At the moment, with a cutback in rotations, there seem to be ten 319s at Bristol (ten inbounds late last night, excluding the BFS and NCL that are operated by aircraft from those bases in the evening), which may have to be increased when the main summer season begins.

Flare-Idle 20th Apr 2009 11:30

Gva & Bsl
GVA 8 A319s
BSL 4 A319s

ryand36 20th Apr 2009 16:53

3 New Routes!

Today (20/04/09) easyJet announced the Lunch of 3 new routes from London Luton.

Menorca (Mahon) - Mon, Wed, Fri Starts: 6th July
Montpellier - Tue, Thu, Sat Starts: 7th July
Milan Malpensa - Mon-Fri, Sun Starts: 6th July

Seats now on sale!

Greta to see easyJet adding more routes! Shame there canít be any more form some of its other bases. I.e. STN!

geeandtee75 20th Apr 2009 18:32

Scottish Bases
GLA - 4 A319s
EDI - 4 A319s

ryand36 20th Apr 2009 19:55

Thanks for all your very helpful responses! I was under the impression STN is having 14 a/c this peak summer. Can someone confirm that for me? Also does easyJet base specific aircraft at each base or does it all change around? If it changes around how do aircraft switch between bases?

Double Hydco 20th Apr 2009 20:12

No, the aircraft frequently swap around the network (for reasons such as scheduled maintenance checks)

Usually they are swapped down route. For instance, a crew will fly one aircraft from say STN to ALC and then swap airframes with a crew from BRS or LGW.

ryand36 20th Apr 2009 20:21

Ahh thanks for that info! Sounds sensible but the crew must be pretty quick at switching planes1 With only 35mins turnaround maximum thatís some quick swapping! I donít really see the point of swapping unless maintenance is needed though. Also does anyone know if easyJet work on a first in first out basis? I.e. first flight to land and park for the night will be the first departure in the morning?

parky747 20th Apr 2009 20:30

The plan for MAN was five based units by 2010, is this still the case?

BONDMAN 20th Apr 2009 20:32

Also does anyone know if easyJet work on a first in first out basis? I.e. first flight to land and park for the night will be the first departure in the morning?

I don't think it quite that simple, I know some of the aircraft have a higher take off weight than others so are allocated the longer routes. Usually we've just finished towing them around overnight when a load of aircraft changes come through :*

cheers Bondy

ryand36 20th Apr 2009 20:37

Thatís typical isnít it! Get the workers to do their job right then change it all and make them do it again! Im surprised they tow the planes! Especially at big airports, surely they can plan things a little better to save towing aircraft about! I bet if you work at LGW itís difficult because of the 3 a/c types! But at bases with just the 319 it canít be that difficult can it? Or am I being really naive?

BONDMAN 20th Apr 2009 20:49

For example we may move aircraft if it comes in on a domestic flight in the evening then goes out on an international flight the next day so needs to be moved from domestic gate to an intl one. Or we sometimes have a spare aircraft so we have to move it from its remote stand should another aircraft have a tech problem.

cesare.caldi 20th Apr 2009 22:00

LTN-MXP is a replacement route of LTN-WAW last flight 5 July.

From MXP to London there are now 16x daily flights:

BA MXP-LHR 4x daily
LH MXP-LHR 6x daily (4x by LHI and 2x by BMI)
U2 MXP-LGW 4x daily
U2 MXP-LTN 2x daily

When you can fly from 99 euro return with Lufthansa MXP-LHR 6x daily or Easyjet MXP-LGW from 60 euro return 4x daily, the new MXP-LTN 2x daily is a no sense flight, also Ryanair has cut BGY-LTN from 2x daily to 4x week. LTN is probably the worst choice for central London.

cesare.caldi 20th Apr 2009 22:11

LTN-MXP timetable:

LTN-MXP 07:20-10:15 12345 From 21 september
MXP-LTN 10:50-11:50 12345

LTN-MXP 12:00-14:55 6 From 21 september
MXP-LTN 15:30-16:30 6

LTN-MXP 17:25-20:20 123457 From 6 july
MXP-LTN 20:55-21:55 123457

On sale now, price from 23,99 euro one way

Zippy Monster 20th Apr 2009 23:11

...the new MXP-LTN 2x daily is a no sense flight... ...LTN is probably the worst choice for central London...
It makes perfect sense if you don't actually want to travel to, or through, London. Why should everyone from the Midlands and Home Counties and even further north (Luton is only 1hr 30min on the train from Yorkshire) have to contend with the hassle of crossing London to LGW, or navigate their way through the hell-on-earth that is LHR? There is more to life than what goes on within the M25! :p

Maybe Ryanair cut the route down because they can't compete with EZY... I do agree though that when you consider the city pair, 16 flights a day sounds excessive. The green movement would have a field day...

compton3bravo 21st Apr 2009 07:23

Luton-milan Flights
I would suggest that easy are looking at the large Italian and Italian-related communities in the Bedford and Peterborough areas ie north of the airport than expect people from the London area. Us old ones will remember regular charter flights to several Italian cities were operated by the likes of Altair, British Midland, Britannia, Middle East Airlines (yes) and the Scribe Air Boeing 707 commonly known as the roach coach!

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