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MD80 plane crash in Phuket, Sep. 07

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MD80 plane crash in Phuket, Sep. 07

Old 12th Nov 2007, 23:30
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Windshear- Act of God.
Strange concept for a Buddhist country .....
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Old 21st Nov 2007, 06:45
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I don't know if this was mentioned earlier.

A TV news video about the crash (20 minutes)

It mentions that that the crash occurred because a "switch was forgotten".

Any idea what they're referring to ??

Even PPRuNe is shown on the video.

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Old 21st Nov 2007, 07:41
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Hi all! I thought the video was a bit sensationalistic, but their main point, I believe, is that the pilots tried to go around after a microburst without pressing TOGA. Reasons implied were poor training and fatigue. In addition the airline was scrutinized with regards to various aspects of their seemingly poor safety culture.

(just as a side note, I'll try only to post if I have anything relevant to say like to summarise a 20 min video that some might not have time to view, I will refrain from telling professional pilots how to fly their plane because I would not know, please only bash me if cross the line)
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Old 22nd Nov 2007, 01:23
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The Nine Network Australia 'Sunday' programme would like to dip its wings to the scores of PPRuNe members who intensively encouraged and guided our report about the OTG crash in Phuket (link to video and transcript below). We could have filled a 200 minute slot not just the 20 minute one we were given. Every bit of help from so many anonymous pilots and aviation industry figures was absolutely invaluable. But most of all, our deepest appreciation to those who took the brave decision to assist us personally. For your trust, we do most sincerely thank you.

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Old 22nd Nov 2007, 10:01
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I watched the 20 minute video. It was very well presented. The most important issue they raised was that 1-2-Go gave flight time figures for the pilot/copilot that were monthly totals and were lies. The actual figures for the month from the daily figures showed they were over the top by 30 hours. (Excuse me if I am not using the correct terminology).

So 1-2-Go lied to the investigators.

One lie here, one lie there, why should we believe anything 1-2-Go or Udom says?
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Old 22nd Nov 2007, 11:04
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In my divorce agreement I have to supply my Ex-Wife with 2 years of tickets in Asia. Itís that previous lifestyle thing that she was used too.

Hope she enjoys 1-2-GO.

Thought it was well presented also.
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Old 22nd Nov 2007, 18:07
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Very good video, excellent reporting.
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Old 24th Nov 2007, 09:59
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Indeed, Phil S. For once, something that was intelligible for the general public, was also acceptable to the pilots.
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Old 24th Nov 2007, 11:42
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Mail already sent from the Towers pointing out the lack of criticism counts as high praise indeed.

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Old 28th Nov 2007, 11:55
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Phuket crash

Possible micro burst on final.
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Old 28th Nov 2007, 13:47
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The cause was what exactly ?

It has been a few years since I flew the MD8x but I will have a stab.
For whatever reason be it WS or lack of visual references the crew elected to GA but neglected to push the GA button.

Scenario 1: A GA was initiated due windshear as was stated. - The procedure is.... You hit the button and pitch up. Holding the configuration i.e. Gear stays in position to mitigate ground contact and the flaps remain in landing position until warning ceases. However this is not how the aircraft was found... the gear was up and the flaps at GA setting. Which gives a little more weight to.....

Scenario 2: The A/c was at or below DA and a decision (by whoever/both) was made to GA due poor visual refs. The HP calls 'GA flap X' and thinks he hits the button. The FD's stay in LDG mode [LCZR] + [GS], the flaps travel up and the throttles also stay put as the a/c continues toward the ground. At Vref+5 with approach power set and GA flap travelling the A/c is not in a good configuration especially in gusty conditions. Sooner or later someone on the flight deck wakes up and notices this. A harsh pitch recovery from this configuration at low level in bad weather might easily have precipitated a departure from controlled flight, tipping a wingtip into the ground.

Windshear of not - There is strong evidence of mishandling close to the ground.
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Old 28th Nov 2007, 15:54
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Non-pilot speaking
The cause was what exactly ?
Also the contributory causes. The great difficulty is trying to ascertain whether the one or both of the pilots were fatigued at the time. Aspects of company culture are also relevant. All that I have read here indicates that folks imagine that the contributory causes will be ignored or certainly not part of an official report.
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Old 30th Nov 2007, 22:59
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for your information, It was an ILS offset approach,runway track is 265 but LLZ course is 267. Cat D DA is 550, touch down aerodrome height is 55 ft. And crash site was to the right of the runway. Could it be that they followed the offset course then go around then veer to the right in windshear.
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Old 2nd Dec 2007, 20:57
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Indeed the final report will be doctored. The Thai DCA has a lot to hide concerning this crash. Had they done their job, this company would have been shut down, and therefore this "accident" would not have occurred
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Old 11th Dec 2007, 00:58
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More Dis- information


New tests for foreign pilots in wake of Phuket crash AMORNRAT MAHITTHIROOK

The One-Two-Go air tragedy at Phuket airport in September has prompted the Civil Aviation Department to require that all foreign pilots working in Thailand cooperate better with their Thai co-pilots. Deputy director-general of the department Wuthichai Singhamanee said that after the crash which killed 90 people in Phuket, officials observed One-Two-Go pilots during flights and found that the airline's many foreign pilots did not cooperate well with their Thai co-pilots.
The foreign pilots' working culture was different from that of the Thais, they said.

Thai pilots had to get to know each other before working well together, but foreigners did not need to do so, the official said.

The department is about to issue a new regulation requiring all foreign pilots working in Thailand to pass a test on their ability to cooperate with their fellow workers. The Crew Resource Management (CRM) test will focus on cooperation between pilots and co-pilots.

However, Mr Wuthichai denied that poor cooperation between the pilots was a factor behind the Sept 16 crash of the One-Two-Go flight, one of three budget airlines operating in Thailand.

Apart from the CRM test, the department will also require all foreign pilots working in Thailand to be tested on their knowledge of Thai aviation laws. The CRM and the Thai aviation law tests will apply to all foreign pilots working in Thailand.

At present, foreign pilots are only tested on flight simulators.

Mr Wuthichai added that aviation officials would also observe pilots in-flight on all other Thai airlines
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Old 11th Dec 2007, 12:50
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The story at the moment seems to be they initiated a go-around but did not get full power. The implication is one of the crew should have engaged TOGA. Surely under these circumstances they couldn't have sat there without anything happening. Surely as soon as the engines didn't spool up hands would have lunged onto the throttle levers? On an MD83 what's the impact of applying power using the levers rather that using TOGA?
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Old 12th Dec 2007, 07:45
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surely you know the answer to that question?
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Old 12th Dec 2007, 19:01
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New tests for foreign pilots in wake of Phuket crash

How about making sure nobody at the DCA gets too cosy with Udom and his cronies?

How about investigating what was taking place at OX-OG?

How about grounding OX-OG and prosecuting Udom for manslauther?

How about the DCA doing their job, which is oversight of carriers operating in Thailand?
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Old 27th Feb 2008, 19:42
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Investigate Udom

It's been over 5 months since the crash and it is clear that no meaningful investigation is occurring. Thai Aviation Authority recently said "No punishment will be imposed... because the accident was beyond control." They also claim the NTSB couldn't determine the cause of the crash.

If you favor a meaningful investigation and safer air travel, help us encourage the Thai government to investigate the crash and Udom Tantiprasonchai. Sign the petition at www.InvestigateUdom.com and send the URL to everyone you know who would be interested in ensuring accountability in air travel.

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Old 29th Feb 2008, 00:41
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You really expect a government that has just ordered the resumption of extrajudicial killings to give a t0ss about a petition?
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