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Ifly - Plymouth and Newquay busier on paper that CWL - what planet are you on? CAA stats make that statement plain stupid!

The airport continues to grow, there are plans in progress for another 3 based loco units (u know who), TOM bring a 2nd based 757 into CWL for S08 to replace the FCA320. BE appear to be making a success of CDG and I'm sure will develop ex CWL going forward - not a bad place to be in I say! Baby - who knows - 4th unitif they have any sense for S08

BRS have had a good phase of expansion over recent years but congestion and loco vs loco competition, inability to fill most of the BACON routes, the run down of some XL services next year and their failure to consolidate longhaul IT shows that things have a habit of going in cycles

We all want CWl to succeed and grow and I would suggest that this is an aim best achieved by constructive suggestions not constant whinging about how bad things are. If you feel you can do better may I suggest that you apply for the vacant MD's role?

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Whilst i agree with you Cym. I have to point out the TOM 752 is replacing both the FCA320 and the TOM 763 (which operated x5 short haul and x2 long haul flights) So if anything its expansion for TOM, but a reduction in pax figures and a loss of 1 or 2 routes.
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Tom S08

Will be very surpised if the slots currently unused for the 2nd TOM 757 aren't filled when S08 3rd editions come out in December. Mid haul seems to have been well covered off already so anticipate some additional shorthaul cax - should easily make up for the shortfall caused by moving the 763.

TUI Travel will be keen to make sure that CWL remains a strong base for them and will not give MYT/TCX any easy wins cax wise
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No First Choice long haul from BRS in summer 08? Where did this come from?
According to the First Choice website there are weekly flights to Sanford and Cancun.

At present there is no First Choice long haul from BRS in the winter of 08/09 but they are expected back in summer 09, unless of course the amalgamation with TUI leads to a change of strategy.

I think CWL's (and EXT's) best chance of taking routes that might have gone to BRS is in the BRS management's delay in submitting planning applications for their expansion plans until next year (2 years behind the original publicly-stated timescale).

Given the almost certain scenario that a planning enquiry will ultimately eventuate, meaningful expansion of the airport (if it is permited) will not come on line until 2010 or 2011.

In the meantime passengers numbers carry on growing inexorably with nearly 7 million expected in 2008, and the airport will have to make ad hoc improvements that will not need planning consent.

It has already started by designating former landside parts of the terminal as airside.

Eventually punters will become dissatisfied with the incessant over-crowding and it does not need a degree in rocket science to see that so will airlines.

The CWL management will have to be on the ball though if they want to take advantage of BRS being a victim of its own success because there is an airport equally convenient as CWL to much of the Greater Bristol population just down the M 5 - there is no doubt this is why the BRS owners were so keen on buying EXT. There is also another along the M 5 in the opposite direction.

In fact, because Bristol is surrounded by so many other airports (EXT, CWL, BHX, SOU, BOH, with LHR along the M 4) some people have argued the city does not need its own airport at all.

Now that would be good news for CWL.
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Merchant - a very considered post - and one which I am in agreement with

BRS longhaul expansion will be driven by the 787. Tech stops ob are not a positive feature for pax and one which they tend to vote against with their feet (look at Zoom YYZ pax figures since it routed via BFS). FCA went longhaul ex BRS because they were concerned about TOM long haul expansion ex CWL - a driver that no longer exists. From an airline perspective bad ac utilisation, increased costs, lower profit - bit of a loose loose situation currently at BRS

Loco wise FR coming into BRS could easily affect EZY's view of their BRS business - co existing may work at STN but at thinks not. MOL is not a guy to run away from a challenge and to keep his business profitable he will happily try and force an airport to reduce its on costs to them - resulting in a poorer passenger experience for all passengers. Have to say hats off to CWL for showing him the door last year, short term pain may result in longer term gain for them!

Distribution on holiday traffic - which drove FCA's BRS expansion ( Bakers Dolphin et al) is becoming less of an issue with the growth of web based bookings - both the big 2 claim 50% + bookings are now online - a trend that will continue to grow. This will result in them putting cax where the pax are not their retail outlets - a potential big plus for CWL.

As a regular viewer of BRS and CWL treads (who now lives in LON and earns his wages on yield / LF maximisation) I would have to say that the constant 'mine's bigger than yours' debate could take a few interesting turns over the next few years!
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baby boom..

is there to be any further expansion of bmibaby from CWL? the BCN-CWL market would be a good fit, particularly if TOM are not going to operate the route. the polish routes offer some potential but MUC, DUS or FRA would have been a better fit, considering these routes are no longer served from across the bridge...
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Surprised that baby haven't launched Nice or Rome...would be popular esp in summer along with ALC and the likes.
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If Baby bases a 4th A/C at Cardiff then i wouldn't be suprised if a BCN, ROME and Nice or Bordeux would appear as they operate it from other bases. At the moment i'm just wondering what routes are either going to have the chop, or reduced frequencies to copensate for the 2 Polish Routes.

I wouldn't really put any hopes on Baby cause if BMI get bought out by BA then surely it would Bye Bye Baby and 3 based a/c at CWL.
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Just a caution on Rome, the BHX route started with 68% load factor and
quickly rose to high 80's and what happened...........chopped to 4 a week
winter and next summer despite Easy cutting some frequencies at EMA.

It is a notoriously difficult route to make good money on and although
the fares held up somewhat in the school holidays apparently they were
pretty cheap thereafter.

Nice has always been good from BHX and maybe a good for Cardiff.

Bordeaux has never performed fantastically at BHX load factor wise but
it is one route I have not monitored fare wise. It was also not part
of Baby's first release for summer 2008 and it would be Baby's 1st chopped European route at BHX if it does not come back.

Without knowing much about what Cardiff can or can't sustain, Nice
and Barcelona must be high on the baby list (if there is one).

As for the 4th aircraft I am not so sure. BHX was rumoured to get 10-12
units in summer 2008 but everything is now being talked down. The first
release requires 7 aircraft only (down from 8) but hopefully release 2 will alter that (8 required in July).

As for the possible BMI sale - massive worry for Cardiff and BHX I would imagine.

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bmi/British Midland etc etc have been "bought" be every airline under the sun in the 20 years I've been working for em.....
Believe nowt til they turn out the lights at the Hall.
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Busy night at Cardiff last night with diversions from BOH & LYE with several more expected ex BHX - all due to severe fog.

This morning there was x2 extra TOM 733's, x1 RAF Hercules and a Air Charter Express freighter DC8 that diverted in from Iraq enroute to RAF Lyneham.

There was also BMI baby and KLM diverts from BHX so fun night for all !!!!

On a seperate note I see that Lufthansa are going to BRS - see the BRS forum, x3 daily flights to FRA with a BAe 146-300.............surely BRS must be at maximum capacity now with all these new flights.
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large marquee being set up in the arrivals car park area while alteration work and extension work being carried out through the winter to extend the upstairs security and retail areas by filling in the mezzanine level. full planning now going in next year for the expansion plan at Brisol
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Should have seen that DC8 depart..........noisy smokey joe !!!

Hope the weather does not go down again tonight, its only the first week of winter and the diversions are keeping CWL ticking !
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landing charges

shame cwl are going down hill but a valid point made to me recently was that CIA has one of the highest levels of tax/landing charges of any airport in the UK, which has put off many other no-frills companies
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Tarriff and what they actually pay

I think if you believe the airlines based at CWL actually pay the tarriff or anywhere near it you will believe anything.

LCC carriers drive their costs down and would not pay rack rates anywhere they base Aircraft.

I suspect the airlines with based ops at CWL are on good incentives.
There is too much competition around which would mean the airport could not play Monopoly!
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Today is the luanch of Ryanair's new base at BRS - this should have been CWL if they did not fall out with the Airport Authority.

Can you imagine having that list of destinations added to CWL...........only a dream now !

Anyone heard of any new destinations lined up for CWL this coming Summer 2008 ?
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Ryanair never had any intention of basing in CWL, they p***k teased a bit but they were always intending to take on Easy at home, as they are doing elswhere. It was all part of their plan to get a better deal at Brizle.


P.S. Please nobody bring up the orange dot rubbish
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There is a post on the Bmibaby website regarding the Waw and GDN staying at CWL for SO8 and apparently more announcement for the regions in the seccond phase, with a bit of luck more routes for CWL. Hopefully without the expense of a current route (maybe the 4th a/c).
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Travelscope are advertising YVR from Cardiff (appears via BFS) for 2008 in their Brochure, operated by Zoom.

This is also the tour operator who is selling to CWL-JFK at the end of the month
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Pah! So much for the big 'baby expansion' from the regions...all they have announced is Knock and Krakow from BHX!!!

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