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Congratulation to Postcard and the other NCL controllers who were awarded the CAA General Aviation Safety Award.

Continuation of:
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I would like to add my congrats to MC & his merry men. Well done chaps.
Now about that runway extension.................................!!!
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I don't think extending the runway is that far up the list of priorities. A330s regular to SFB and POP, 757s this year to Toronto and Hamilton, TOM and EK launching long haul routes are fully aware of the runway length, it's not a problem. The aircraft calling into MME was MYT's Airbus, but that's now ended after they changed their SOPs. Realistically what will a runway extension give the airport that they cant already do, other than a fully loaded 747 to Asia, which wont happen anyway?
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EGNT's rwy....

It will not happen, it would have been done by now I guess. I doubt BA will be operating to Hong Kong from Newcastle...

Yes - congrats to all in ATC for the award, well done everybody

Will there be a Finnair 752 based at Newcastle this summer? Was asked and didn't know.

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Onion MME seeing as they are handling widebodies on an almost daily basis to the middle east and central asia.
Strange, can't comment upon the inhabitants but I would never have called Brize Norton 'Middle East / Central Asia'
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Skyman771 please remind me isn't Qatar in the Middle East?
Flights have in the past gone to Basra and Afghanistan as well on a regular basis. Yes some flights do come in and then go out to Brize.
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Sure enough, the Smoggies probably go to Basra and Afghanistan for some peace and quiet. Even the drive to the airport is good prep for the infrastructure in their destination.

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Have finnair started flying from Newcastle yet? I am sure there was one in a couple of hours ago and its the first i've seen.
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EGNT the Finnair B757 with winglets you saw was actually operating for the summer onbehalf of XL Airways.

It seems that NCL Airport was in a bit of a meltdown this morning, the first real busy morning of the summer charter season. Baggage belts failed, causing delays to many flights of more than an hour, surely airlines can't be too happy with this happening. It is not just a rare occasion either!!
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Baggage Belt

I believe the Airport management are dealing with this as a matter of high importance. I understand there was an Hold Baggage Scan machine failure, this has brought about changes in engineering cover being implemented forthwith!
Also this morning's first of the season Monarch A330 brought in the outward ULD's which meant bags were left on the baggage belt by the handling agent causing backlog on the belts.
No airport can promise problems will never happen - it goes with the territory - but at least positive action has been taken today! Believe me the management recognise the cost to their business when things like this happens. So how many other airports are able to react so positively and so quickly when things go wrong?
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looks like the AMS is being dropped from May 31st as its no longer bookable.
The KRK now goes at 0600 and back at 1200, which fits in nicely as its been upgraded to 757 which then does the MJV at 1300.
ORK has also been put back onto 737 on a sat as it was origionally op'd by 146, same with the BGO. 146 will operate LGW only for now by the looks of it.

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Slightly worrying about the Jet2 to AMS going from June. I would have thought AMS would have been good for them. KRK frequencies also appear to be reduced EZY must be very happy at that one and I suspect that may go next as can't see two flights per week working.

Rumour on another thread was Jet2 not happy at NCL which when I read it I dismissed as rubbish but in light of this I am now thinking the rumour may have some substance in it. Has anyone spotted any other reduced frequencies from Jet2 at NCL.

Should we expect a heavy reduction in Jet2s NCL operation this winter?
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Jet2 ops at NCL have grown very quickly, so some readjustment not surprising. Also, doesn't the extra freight flight start shortly, which if it is to be operated by a Combi probably also requires some changes?
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Although the full Jet2 summer schedule is not yet in full swing, I am not surprised at some adjustments to the schedule as aircraft seem under utilised at NCL currently. If the 146 was returned and LGW schedules moved onto the 737 based aircraft there would be alot less gaps in the schedule aircraft plan, which to me would be more profitable. And there is the added bonus of one more parking spot becoming available at NCL!!

AMS is rather disappointing, it appeared to be doing well. KLM must be pleased, but I still see scope for a loco to operate the route, atleast twice a day - maybe something for EZY to consider?
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As well as the changes mentioned, there are also time changes to Palma, Malaga, London Gatwick,
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Agree with transwede and SWBKCB about some adjustments, but I am concerned as to drop an entire route (12 flights per week) to AMS and the other Jet2 changes are more than simply adjustments.

The time change to Gatwick may be more be beneficial for business users though. However this means the 146 can't be used for Gatwick and Bergen which was happenning at the momen as the time clash, does this mean an aircraft that was not fully utilised in the first place been used even less?
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Airlines often drop routes that dont make them any money! its obvious!
Passenger figures on the AMS were low - very often about the 60 mark, sometimes not even that. There will now be 3x 737 and 2x 757
The reduction in freq on the KRK is only becuase they have upped the operated aircraft to a 757. Jet2 have dropped various routes in the past, as have easy and ryanair as well as EVERY other airline going, its what you have to do to keep your business going, I wouldnt worry about Jet2 leaving NCL, there are so many strong rumours of long haul ex NCL and chater destinations like SSH PFO and LPA so i wouldnt expect to see them going anywhere soon.

Jamesair - not to sure about the time changes you mentioned, AGP n PMI are not changing, however 1015 LGW is moving to early afternoon which should be better.
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crewboi83 - re your comment on 3 x 737 and 2 x757 does this mean the 146 is going? Not sure the KRK move is a good one, for city destinations its frequencies folks want, it now means if you want to go on a short city break then Jet2 aint the airline to use with two flights a week and Jet2 are simply gifting EZY these passengers. I hope not but suspect KRK will be next to get the chop from NCL.

The same happened to EZY in respect of Berlin. The passenger figures dropped when they started messing around with the frequencies and then the route was cut.

I was hoping that Jet2 were going to give EZY a run for their money from NCL, looks doubtful now.
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The time changes are taken from the timetable pages on the Jet 2 website.
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jet2 / easyjet

so is the 146 going?

anybody know what the plans are for winter I hope jet2 do ssh,lpa,ace,lca!

pisa and mahon being dropped again for winter

easyjet keeping krk for winter and what is rep
acing mahon
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