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Future routes?

With the olympics coming up next year, are there any routes in the pipeline for long distance routes? Was thinking maybe PIA could do a 3x wkly to islamabad the demand is definately there and maybe even a New York service? Anybody have any insight or routes they would love to see?
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Champions League / Wentworth / Monaco GP

Talk of 150+ Biz Jets being on the ground and in hangars Sat night!
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I see that Stansted has 35 post midnight football charter departures while Luton has just 9. Think this is a telling statement about how many spare stands Stansted has.

I am actually surprised that Luton has the ability to find 9 stands in the early hours.
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No, It actually tells you Stansted is a bigger airport than Luton!
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Poor theory. Planes coming in to the UK, Heathrow can't handle it so they go to Southend. So Southend is a bigger airport, per your theory, right?

Nada. Luton is just far busier at the moment.
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No, It actually tells you Stansted is a bigger airport than Luton!
Very true, Luton has not even got 35 stands. Luton is crying out for expansion due to its location while out in the sticks Stansted is underutilised despite Ryanair.
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LTN has 110 (ish) movements tonight between 2200-0700L !
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Shhhh, Don't tell LADACAN,which is the local anti-Luton Airport noise group
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STN had about 45 inbound Extra passenger flights for the football yesterday made up of a mix of A320, B737, A310, A330, F100 Aircraft.

There is no point trying to compare LTN with STN because STN has had alot of expansion behind the Ryanair gates/stands I would say enough extra stands have been built to park at least 30 - 40 B737 Aircraft when added to te extra stands near the fedEX terminal and the Expansion continues.

Also Stansted has alot more check-in desks than Luton.

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How much does creating 1 parking space cost in general, Seems to be alot of wasted room in our totaly unorganised Airport. I realise the reasons for them not investing hugely because they wont get a return in the long run with their lease but does creating parking spaces cost a huge amount? General question not being sarcastic^.
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Doesn't matter how many new stands Luton could build the sad truth is the central road network can't cope with any expansion.
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premjet update

Well for anyone interested the planned airline premjet have given up on Luton by all accounts as their web site now says their routes will be from Gatwick instead.

If they ever get off the ground of course!
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From the airport's website today.........

El Al Celebrates 2nd Anniversary at London Luton AirportPublished: 06 June 2011

El Al Israel Airlines and London Luton Airport have recently celebrated the second anniversary of the Tel Aviv service from the Airport. Launched in May 2009, to date the Airline has carried over 160,000 passengers on the route.

To mark this anniversary London Luton attended a very successful El Al trade event in Tel Aviv attended by over 150 corporate travel agents, further improving the awareness of the route.

El Alís CEO UK, Eire & North Europe Uri Danor said: We are delighted to celebrate another milestone here at London Luton Airport. The route is popular with our passengers and our relationship with the Airport goes from strength to strength.

Simon Harley, Airlines Manager at London Luton Airport said: Tel Aviv continues to be one of the key growth routes for the Airport. Being located close to the London Jewish community with our excellent road and rail connections, we provide the ideal London gateway for passengers.

El Al passengers enjoy a superior service at London Luton with Priority Lane, the Airportís fast track to security provided to all. Passengers also appreciate the range of kosher food on sale in the departure lounge and those eligible have complimentary use of the exclusive El Al executive lounge.
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Fair play to El Al, when the service was first introduced I would never have believed its success however I led to believe that although loads are not amazingly high, there is still a profit to be made from the LTN-TLV route. Astounding the amount of staff they employ though, when I flew with them last month there was at least 10 members of Security Staff at the gate + Ground Handling Agents + Cleaners + Armed Police officers.

From the EMA thread I picked up this Govt. report on airports within 2.5hrs of the upcoming Olympics, and had a little read on what they had to say about LTN. Aside from the usual trollop that they ramble about (excellent catering, many executive lounges etc) I noted an interesting detail on the aircraft 'Limitations' section.

AN A380?! Since when has LTN ever been able to handle an A380, I'm sure they do not have any stands that are capable of accomodating the beast?
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parked a pair of Corsair B743's on the south apron a few years ago, might squeeze in a A380?
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Think this might be the biggest aircraft to ever visit Luton seen here on the south stands around 18 or 19 years ago assuming that an AN124 is bigger than a 747-400

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Wingspan of the A380 and engine overhang would decimate the runway lighting and the lights abeam the taxiway let alone the FOD issues. AN124, regulars via Air Foyle during 1990`s. I sat on the flight deck several times.
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Didn't they do well to navigate that roundabout !!!!!!!
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Didn't they do well to navigate that roundabout !!!!!!!
yeah but they went the wrong way round it.
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They had to go round the wrong way. so they would be the correct way for parking. Or forgot we drive on the left and not the right.
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