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If it's really that bad why doesn't anyone take any organised ACTION?

As I have said before on these forums if workers in other industries were treated in this manner they would be out on strike post haste! You would then see things change VERY rapidly!

Sorry but as pilots we only have ourselves to blame for allowing this sort of situation to develop!
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None of the changes to vehicle access at MAN would stop a determined ram-raid bomber, as far as I can see. It's just window dressing, again.

But don't criticise Manchester Airport - they have a wonderful collection of plastic buckets and they aren't afraid to flaunt them
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I've only made a few posts so I don't feel the need to order a Personal Title and help support PPRuNe
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Security in the UK is run by jobworths who have as much idea as a dead cod
Now that's an insult to dead Cod. The security staff management and especially the decision makers at the airports as well as the dictat makers at the DfT are a hopeless bunch reactionsts whose collective knowledge about securing airports was probably purchased as a package from one of those internet degree offers.

Sadly, the situation is hopeless. We cannot organise 'strike action' as it takes too long and isn't fair on our employers or our customers. Not until the employers actually get their acts together and approach the airports directly, themselves will anything ever be done.

As has been mentioned many times in the past, we are simply spectators at 'Terror Theatre'. The lunatics have taken over the asylum and they have handed the terrorists a win with their home goal. Talk about shooting oneself in the foot. Just check out the people who manage the security at our airports. Pathetic!
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What new food outlets are to be opened on the upper level of T1 which opens shortly? McDonalds and Pizza Express are rumoured.
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As staff at T1, and someone who gets dropped off to work by family; as opposed to using the staff bus and my own vehicle, the nearest realistic location I could find to be dropped off was ground level outside the Radisson hotel. I then had to walk the rest of my way to work at airside T1 using the moving walkway, adding a nice fifteen extra walking minutes for me to be late to said location of employment.

This wasn't as bad as the Saturday the incident actually happened at Glasgow; the staff inside the airport had absolutely no idea of any occurences outside of the airport or that any kind of security level had been altered. The first thing I knew about any kind of terrorist incident was when I got home and switched on Sky News; this was after I'd spent twenty minutes in the pouring rain trying to find where my family member had parked after our usual meeting place had greeted them with flashing lights and a very nasty reception from a police officer telling them to move on.

There was no communication whatsoever to airport staff to alert them of any kind of security alert going on.
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New Pick-up Arrangements

Went to pick-up family member arriving at Terminal 2 this evening. This was my first visit to the airport since the tightening of the security relative to vehicle access.

The new arrangements are well signed and friendly security staff on duty to guide vehicles in the appropriate direction through the multi-storey car park. The whole process was straight forward and quite efficient.

I can only report the situation as I found it but must say I was quite impressed given the relative short notice for implementation.

Well done MAPLC and thanks to the security staff.
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Fire near Gate 23

Anyone here about a fire at Gate 23?
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Was reading (in the MEN) that Peel Holdings have suggested the airport be sold to fund the public transport improvements in Greater Manchester, instead of a congestion charge. It is alledged the airport reduces council tax payments in G.M by up to 20 percent in 'some areas'. Personally I think it may be a good idea, MAPLC are always complaining they have no money and it is, with the exception of T2/station now a bigger dump than LHR, which I never thought I would see happen. Maybe a change of ownership will finally bring in the investment money needed.
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Peel Holdings own a number of rival airports including Liverpool. Something of a vested interest don't you think? The profit that the owning councils get is no different to a private company making a profit - and they don't seem to spray money about either!
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Spoke to a driver on the SW bendy bus today, re the current ridiculous arrangements for staff.
He was told by his bosses that the police are currently calling the shots on who gets to drive up to the drop off point at T1. The curtailed route will continue, he told me, for around 2 -3 weeks or pending a review from the police.
So, any Tom, Dick or Harry can drive up to where the bus used to drop off but the staff who are security vetted and who all hold passes of varying security levels are sidelined and have to make do with getting off at the train station.

Who makes these rules because I'd love to know the mentality and reasons behind this.
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Curious pax, I'm not so sure. If you take BAA, look at what they're doing with LHR, massive new T5, then T6, 3rd runway, and the demolition of around half of the central area to build 'Heathrow East'. LGW, no massive developments since the arial walkway/bridge but always in a nice condition and state of repair, same goes for the other airports in the group. Seems that they (BAA) are investing more in their airports.
Another thing that comes to mind is that if council tax bill are subsidised, then how high would they be, hardly cheap now
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Re: Staff Bus

I have been informed by the powers that be, that the reason for the staff bus not dropping off on Tower Road is not a staff security issue. Because Level 5 in T1 is closed, many vehicles are being re-directed to drop off outside Olympic House. Therefore the staff bus is not using this route in order to ease congestion, due to large volume of traffic now using this area.

As Freeway has correctly pointed out, this is a decision which has been made by the police and it is them who are calling the shots on who goes where. It has nothing to do with any decision made by MAPlc so perhaps people should find out some facts before they come on here slagging the management off.

I work in T2 and therefore have the 'luxury' of being able to walk from Staff West through Area 7. I can understand why it's frustrating for those of you that work in T1/3 but as we tell all our pax on a daily basis, please just bear with it. Yes, maybe it is a typical knee jerk reaction but at the end of the day safety is the number one priority here and it doesn't help matters when everyone is moaning about something which is clearly beyond the airports control.

Anyway, for those of you that work at MAN, there is a lot of information on the intranet regarding this. If you have access, log in and have a read through. Much of the info has been inputted by staff from all levels and you have the opportunity to write your own questions to the management or answer questions asked by someone else.
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Firstly i have spoken with several police officers at MAN and it is NOT a Police decision it is an Airport Decision regarding the Staff West Bus. There resoning when questioned was that Passengers take Priority as they are the paying customer. However if there are no staff to check them in due to this rediculous situation this kinda defeats the object really. Some staff already resorted to parking in Multi Storey and not paying somehow. I feel thats what we shud all do!
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Lady Lexxington
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As Freeway has correctly pointed out, this is a decision which has been made by the police and it is them who are calling the shots on who goes where. It has nothing to do with any decision made by MAPlc so perhaps people should find out some facts before they come on here slagging the management off.
Excelsbest is right, the police have given MAplc the facts regarding the staff bus and it CAN drop off on Tower Road. We had a DFT chap fly with us the other day and he was nattering with our lounge staff about the new arrangements, when he heard that staff were walking in he got straight on the phone to MAplc. They confirmed that it was a commercial decision NOT a security one.

It is very, very frustrating for everyone who has to work at MAN to put up with more [email protected] from MAplc.
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It doesn't take the GLA incident to prove that security at MAN is now a shambles, it always has been.

The first time I was in Manchester airport was in October, but as I am a big Man Utd fan unfortuneately it may not be my last! I was getting my flight back home to Belfast from terminal 1 with flybe. I waited in the queue to go through security for about an hour, after that the staff split the queue in 2 (1 for ROI flights and 1 for UK flights). Northern Ireland as everyone knows it is part of the UK, but not according to the woman sitting at the desk checking passports, who despite being told by a number of passengers that NI is part of the UK, argued her head off and told all NI passengers to get in the ROI queue!

It gets worse...
I eventually just got into the queue, knowing that a row with airport security isn't recommended. Next thing you know an airport policeman comes over to the guy checking the passports and says, "Not more gobby Irish people!", which is very insulting, infact some would say racist. Now I know fine well that the vast majority of English police are pathetic, useless, donut-munching t*ssers, but airport police?

After a further 30 minutes in that queue, we got down to putting our bags on the conveyor belt, only to find that the 2 queues for UK and ROI bound passengers ended up at exactly the same conveyor belts

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BHD Flyer - the reason you were separated as such is because both NI and ROI need to be checked by Special Branch for counter terrorist reasons, both departing and arriving. Once you've passed the podium and the CCTV, you merge again with domestic departures.

Arriving, NI and ROI are separated for customs reasons, but not for counter terrorism or immigration reasons.
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Arriving, NI and ROI are separated for customs reasons
Just in case they're smuggling Potato's.
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All MAN based crew

With regard to earlier comments re the ridiculous stopping of the staff bus at the station.

All MAN based crew should be having to sign a ridiculous form that tells us how to spot a suspicious occurrence and then to report it. This has to be done by the 27/7 or else we risk our passes being cancelled.

I personally am making a report to the powers that be about letting unidentified cars stop in Tower Rd to drop off. This must be a security risk, especially if the staff bus is not allowed to.

If all of us make official reports about 'security occurrences' then maybe common sense will prevail???????????

Let's all put our money where our mouth is and stand up for ourselves. The airport is just about the worst anywhere and run by idiots who treat all except shoppers with contempt. Time for us to swamp them with their own 'official' paperwork?
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A report in the latest "Travel Weekly" suggests that BMI will launch twice daily scheduled services from MAN, NWI and LHR to Kristiansand from the end of July. Strange one on such a scale and at short notice! The MAN service is not bookable on BMI's website and I have not seen any reference to this new route elsewhere. Is it perhaps some codeshare arrangement with SAS via a Scandinavian hub? Is it simply an error? Or is the report correct but not yet reflected by the BMI website?

Any insights would be appreciated.
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All via ABZ on BMI regional (except the LHR route obviously)
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