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Eastern Airways

Old 2nd Nov 2009, 20:35
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The 20 extra illustrated just how little the difference can be between a loco and Eastern. I appreciated the fasttrack security, onboard complimentary bar and snack and the personalised service offered. If the difference in price was 100 I would have gone with flybe. Eastern offer a very good service and one i'll use again in the future i'm sure.
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Old 3rd Nov 2009, 06:49
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Also it was on time, not like the Flybe one which was 45 minutes late
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Old 3rd Nov 2009, 08:59
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Smile A300BOY

I hope they do not destroy the Southampton Leeds route when they add Dtv to the schedule and the aircraft cannot land at Leeds in the bad early morning weather after leaving from its new Dtv base.
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Old 3rd Nov 2009, 12:46
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Coffin Corner

Considering Flybe have 10 x more flights I consider that to be a very average showing from Eastern.
Judging by the figures you posted (1.7% and 40 seconds), are you sure you did not mean 'very slightly above average' when compared to flybe. It does make a difference unless you do not belive that time in linear.

Also, think what a 1.7% difference in lifespan would add up to. Maybe an average or slightly above average of 1.5 years. Think what you could do in that time!!

40 seconds is also important. Imagine celbrating new years eve and your clocks were 40 seconds slow. You would miss the crescendo of celebration.

just thought that needed clarifying.
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Old 3rd Nov 2009, 12:59
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If we're going to split hairs............BE scheduled timefor SOU-LBA is 60 minutes, T3 is 70 minutes, therefore being 40 seconds longer than scheduled on BE still give the pax a whopping great 9 minutes and 20 seconds to be on their way, while T3 are still in the air.

Maybe that's enough time for another free drink from the T3 bar !!! ..............
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Old 3rd Nov 2009, 13:30
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Any one know how the Liverpool services are doing?
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Old 3rd Nov 2009, 15:14
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If it comes to spending an extra 20 - 40 to fly with Eastern I'd do it every time.
The major difference between, in this example Flybe, but it could be any other airline, and flying with Eastern is the superior customer service and excellent reliability offered by T3.
It knocks the spots off all the other regional airlines, it's rare that anything but the weather stops Eastern from operating on time and the service is always impeccable.

I know that someone will come up with an example of their tardiness which happened on a wet Wednesday in 2006, but I speak as an aviation professional who flys regularly on with both airlines and I have absolutely no axe to grind.
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Old 3rd Nov 2009, 17:18
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Coffin corner

And if you had half a brain you could quite clearly see that I was'nt being serious.

But your response is definately funny and a testament to ppruners who just take themselves a bit toooo seriously.

If you could, and obviously cannot read between the lines of my post. You could see, but clearly not, that most people dont give a [email protected]

I wont say that I needed to clarify that as the perception of clarity is'nt your stong point.

60/70 minutes. Thats because some of it is done on a J41 which is slower that the Dash.
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Old 3rd Nov 2009, 17:58
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What aircraft to T3 operate the route on now? I had to position on the route the other day.....don't ask why touchy subject!! Although the E95 was operating the route. I guess it is usually the Q400 though? Personally I would prefer the Q400 to the JS41 if it is that aircraft that operates the route?
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Old 3rd Nov 2009, 18:04
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A bit of both (J41 and Saab) depending on which rotation your on.
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Old 3rd Nov 2009, 18:08
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Thanks JamesTKirk def prefer to Q400 to the Js41 but the Saab is a nice aircraft. Who am I kidding I have a loan to pay if im travelling its for the cheapest possible.....Which is prob T3 or Flybe Website compared to our "staff travel"!!
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Old 3rd Nov 2009, 19:46
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Eastern appear to have thought of that possibility and left a J41 at LBA in case the aircraft from MME cannot get in.
......not sure they left any crew behind to operate it though!!
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Old 3rd Nov 2009, 19:58
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On the LPL-SOU-LPL route:

T34071/T34072 - Operated by S2000
T34277/T34276 - Operated by J41


T34072/T34071 - Operated by S2000
T34078/T34077 - Operated by J41
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Old 4th Nov 2009, 01:36
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Running Accross The Apron Springs To Mind!!

Re - Not leaving enough crew to operate the A/C behind.

It's Common policy to run from one A/C to operate another at T3 Lol!!
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Old 4th Nov 2009, 08:58
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lazy fairweather PPRuNer
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Always used to carry a pair trainers for said contingency. Enjoyed watching the Hostesses dash from one aircraft to the other though. Running's a whole different ball game for girls in skirts isn't it?

All the best everyone on the coalface at T3, probably the hardest working staff in the biz!!!!
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Old 6th Nov 2009, 11:02
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Does the Sweden rumour relate to some sort of Government subsidised routes?

G-MAJM sold to Nepal ?
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Old 7th Nov 2009, 16:53
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recruitment, are Eastern employing again? heard there may be some jobs in New Year.
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Old 10th Nov 2009, 16:14
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Recruitment ?

I take it a home address in Wick will still nudge your cv to the top of the pile?

They seem busy & with all the older captains they have a few retiring every so often, so some level of staff turnover even in the current climate..?
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 21:38
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I suspect theres no shortage of bus passes.
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Old 28th Nov 2009, 22:14
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In light if recent announcements at BD. Could Eastern raise enough cash to put in a offer to buy BD Regional. Easterns product would be a big hit with many of the pax currently using BD's regional services?.

T3 have experience with using E145 aircraft.If they incorperated the BD Regional Fleet they could use the smaller J41 aircraft on shorter routes such as BD's EDI-MAN, EDI-LBA and ABZ-BHX. Which using the BD's E135/E145 aircraft for flights like ABZ-BGO, ABZ-OSL, NCL-BGO and NCL-SVG. It would also see T3 operating to new airport such as ZRH and CPH that are currently served by BD.
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