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Flocks 31st Jan 2018 19:07

2017 Pilot earning
Hello all.

Following a thread I found on an other pilot forum with a really good success, but mostly about USA pilot. I thought it was a good idea to open same thread on PPrune, to share our salary and working condition we had in 2017. I believe it could been interesting and could open for career orientation for lot of us.

For clarity, please post like this :
1) Airline employer
2) Seat
3) Aircraft type
4) Years of Service with company
5) How many days you worked
6) How many overnights you had
7) How many hours you blocked
8) Gross income.
9) Extra Pay (DC, PS, etc.)
10) Total gross income.

I start :
1) Airline employer : Flybe
2) Seat : Captain
3) Aircraft type : Dash 8 Q400
4) Years of Service with company : 3 years, but year 1 as captain salary.
5) How many days you worked : 213 (does include day off worked and all standby, even if no call from my airline, on average let say 5/6 standby a months)
6) How many overnights you had : about 6 a months on average
7) How many hours you blocked : 688hr (in any case, max 750hr a year for all pilot)
8) Expected gross income : 67034(basic) + 5700(FDA) + 1800 (25 per night stop) + 1000 (distruptions payment and 1 unscheduled night stop) + 4500 (9 working days off payments) = 80034
9) Extra Pay, 12pr cent retirement contribution from airline 9600, premium medical insurance, lost of licence insurance, staff travel for most world wide major airline.
10) Total : 89634.

Basic will increase to 70895, 1st April.

I hope you ll find this post interresting and contribute.

EPST 31st Jan 2018 21:02

1) Orange carrier
2) 0A
3) A320
4) 7
5) 180
6) Dunno probably around 10 over the whole year, lots of adhoc nightstops off stby in other bases.
7) 600ish
8) €109.000 basic plus sector pay
9) Sector pay, positioning pay, nightstop allowance, bonus.
10) €144.000

iggle piggle 31st Jan 2018 21:39

Flybe pay 12% pension on Basic, FDA, overtime and disruption payments?

aerobatic_dude 1st Feb 2018 11:14

FO, Boeing, take home 5-5.5k average per month, fly 10 days a month, no overnights, living in the sun with small cost of living.

Redbird1 1st Feb 2018 11:26

Everyone working for cryptic airlines ? Assuming the Big company is BA ? 😂

Redbird1 1st Feb 2018 18:20

Just thought that being an Fo earning 80k is quite high

clamchowder 1st Feb 2018 22:05

1) UK Holiday/ Charter Airline
2) FO
3) Boeing
4) <1 year of service
5) 180 days a year (guess)
6) 2 night stops per month
7) 750 hours annually would be a high estimate
8) 83k (with duty pay, flight pay, allowances, couple day off payments)
9) 6k approx company contribution
10) 89k

Redbird1 2nd Feb 2018 05:45

Guessing clam chowder is Virgin , same as myself

Snapper5 2nd Feb 2018 05:51

I assume only the happy guys will participate in this , I agree that the number 1 point is to specify which airline you work for , far more useful than nothing

macdo 2nd Feb 2018 07:54

Originally Posted by Redbird1 (Post 10038945)
Just thought that being an Fo earning 80k is quite high

If I were a long service SFO with Big Airways, I'd be a bit disappointed with 80k GBP.
80k is a pretty standard gross for an FO with say 5 years service, especially if you factor in Duty/per diem/ pension contributions etc. so long as you are flying jets for a decent operator.

This type of thread crops up every year or so, and if you haven't read one before, it can be interesting. But, I'd be more interested to see a comparison between what people earned 5 or 10 years ago, versus today. How many of us have had significant pay rises not involving a promotion. I suspect that we are, in fact, all a bit poorer than we were since the financial crisis of 2008.

Enzo999 2nd Feb 2018 08:05

1) BA
2) RHS
3) 320
4) 2 (15 years industry experience)
5) Days worked) No idea too many.
6) Overnights) 3 to 5 a month
7) 550 (lots of sectors though)
8) P60 in April is looking likely to say 68k
9) PHC, LOL, Pension 12.6% of basic rising to 15.6% soon.
10) 68k all inclusive (58 basic 10k flight pay and duty pay).

Globally Challenged 2nd Feb 2018 08:15

BizJet FO

Living in UK crewing 2 aircraft based outside UK (type rating for this and all previous aircraft paid by employer)

65k basic + DIS + LOL + up to 5% pension match + private medical (with small extra fee to include my kids) + healthy per diem system ... (based purely on claim with no receipts so unscrupulous could - if so inclined - use this an an extra income source as max average 'claim' is 85 per day which is paid free of tax)

Generous internal freelance rate when flying other company aircraft of 750 per day (I've had 7-8 days of this in the last tax year - although have been offered more I was busy with family etc - I send this all direct to my pension)

Takehome artificially low at 3031 as I have substantial salary sacrifice arrangements so 1558 per month going to pension (including employer contribution)

All expenses paid (except travel to/from the UK office) including nice taxi to/from UK airports before positioning, staying in Marriott / Hilton or better (airline and hotel points coming out of my ears so holidays are CHEAP!!)

Typically on standby for 3/4 of the month and actually away from home for around 10-14 days on average (usually only 2-3 days at a time)

Fly 200-250 hours a year around Europe and Asia with a nice bunch of guys and girls on well maintained & commercially operated aircraft with a very nice bunch of passengers.

Pretty happy with the above as I have a pretty good quality of life while saving for the future and get to spend loads of time with my young family in the UK.

Dualcouple 2nd Feb 2018 10:17

1) Nordic legacy carrier
2) Capt
3) A320
4) 13
5) 175
6) Averaging 1 per month
7) 450 (part time parental leave)
10) Around 97000 taxable gross, take home around 4000 / month. Working full time would increase gross about 20% and net 10%.

Enzo999 2nd Feb 2018 13:55

No full time. This is what happens when you spend 4 months a year on reserve and placed on permanent Blindlines. No one joins BA for the money anymore, thank god we have such a strong union hey!!! Good News is though thanks to P.P34 it will only take me 20 years to earn a decent living.

I have worked for quite a few companies in the U.K. including BA, Monarch and XL and I am always amazed at the salaries some claim to be earning because my experiences differ vastly.

I understand Jet2’s starting FO salary is 58k, I would be supprised if they are making more than 10k in sector pay.

In slight defence of BA please note I only did 550 hours last year, which is hardly busy.

JulietSierra6 2nd Feb 2018 16:17

Come down to the West Sussex flying club.

0-1 night stops a month, quiet winters (busy summers I grant you), and at least 5-7k more than your figure without the hassle of LHR.

Slightly in jest, LGW certainly has its issues but if you’ve got a few years left to do on the bus it’s worth a thought. Life is quite different to up the road.

4468 2nd Feb 2018 17:39

Are you part time?! 68K is terrible, jet2.com FOs get more than that.
I imagine one of Enzo’s previous employers, Monarch, may well have paid it’s FOs more too? Not that any Monarch pilots will derive any satisfaction from that.

Nobody joins BA for their earning potential in the first 5 years. Perhaps not even in the first 10? (Though recently we’ve had new joiners achieving Airbus commands in our annual bidding process!) If instant cash is your major driver, then it sounds like Jet 2, Easyjet, Ryanair or their like are absolutely wonderful.

However, if you are interested in a combination of career earnings, job security, variety and many other largely intangibles and opportunities, then perhaps, longer term, you’d be happier at BA? Though in the early years (especially in SH) you will likely spend more time in uniform than virtually any other professional pilot in the UK. Which is not good!

BA’s not for everyone. It never was! If it’s not for you, that’s absolutely fine. Enjoy what you do. But life is never ‘all about the money’!

akindofmagic 2nd Feb 2018 18:14

1) Orange
2) LHS
3) A320
4) 6
5) 190 (guess)
6) 0
7) 400
8) 130k (according to today's exchange rate)
9) Company contributes approx 2k per month to pension, 18k in bonus payments
10) 148k + 24k pension

Enzo999 2nd Feb 2018 18:17

Which base?

recall_checked 2nd Feb 2018 19:02

Further to DobblerChina's post...

For post 2012 joiners like myself, total gross 87k. Short haul. 2 years in the company. Pension 13.5% (10% company).

Happy. No plans to leave.

Snapper5 2nd Feb 2018 19:17

So is that TUI ? Or Thomas cook ? guys come on ! Why the secrecy

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