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Snapper5 2nd Feb 2018 19:19

Windshearescape your a low seniority FO on the 747 at BA , as you have mentioned in your post history

Enzo999 2nd Feb 2018 19:29


My understanding is the basic FO salary at TUI is 62k, so do you seriously make 25k in additional pay? Once again I seem to have joined the wrong airline.

wheelie my boeing 2nd Feb 2018 19:41

1. Big Airways
2. RHS
3. Two decks and better looking than a 380.
4. 10
5. Too many. 16/17?
6. Too many. Every return flight overnight.
7. Too many. Bumping off 900 per year
8. £81,000
9. Roughly £1,500 per month allowances. Plus 12% employer pension contribution, and overtime of averaged out about £500 per month.
10. Around £105,000 gross per annum.

bex88 2nd Feb 2018 20:03

Are these gross pa figures people are talking about accounting for the deduction of their pension contributions or not? Gross on your pay slip is after pension contributions have been deducted. Some of these figures make me question if I really am even in the same airline because I am certainly not on the same pay. I am work shy though so that has a £2500 affect with less flight pay.

Enzo999 2nd Feb 2018 20:09

Interesting point and quite true I did not take that in to account, so you can add about 5k to my previous figures.

MaverickPrime 2nd Feb 2018 22:13

Bearing in mind the new pay deal at Ryanair; I think the writing is on the wall that BA doesn’t even pay as well as Ryanair unless you are a BA Captain with considerable seniority. Obviously a lot of other things need to change for the better at Ryanair, but let’s say BALPA can pull that of in the next few years, where does that leave BA?

BA was once the aspiration of every pilot, now it doesn’t look like such a sure career move in comparison to the EZYs and RYRs. Shame really as BA crews always came across as very professional and competent. However, the talent will follow the Ts&Cs, but Alex Cruz wouldn’t understand that!

I’m not insinuating that everyone is going to suddenly sign up with RYR, but it is heading in that direction.

g109 2nd Feb 2018 22:20

abound 100h/month
around 900h/year
around 11 overnight/month
around 11000 GBP net/month
plus pension
plus Health ins
plus LoL
plus free house, all bills paid

still looking to leave.

Stocious 2nd Feb 2018 22:20

Plenty of talented people are banging on the door of BA every time they recruit. Perhaps some aren't but money is still pretty decent here and I have a lifestyle that some guys could only dream of getting!

Each to their own I suppose.

busybee123 2nd Feb 2018 23:25

Originally Posted by Snapper5 (Post 10040096)
So is that TUI ? Or Thomas cook ? guys come on ! Why the secrecy

Itís TUI/Thomson.
On the 757/76 since 2014. RHS.
Gross 62k basic + about 15-18k in duty/flight pay. (Depending on yearly hours, some bases busier than others).

In addition can earn alot more in overtime, maybe 10-15k but not set in stone.

On an interesting note of how good I could of had it if born 30 years earlier!!
Flew with an ex-Britannia LTC whoís been there since the late 80ís who grosses 170k (no overtime) and will soon retire on a final salary pension of 80/90k a year!!
Not bad for lolling around in pyjamas. Weíll never see those days again.

Pension- 3.5% from me, 15% from company.
Thatís now been reduced to 10% company for new starters.

Lets raise a glass to Ryanair pilots for getting Union recognition this year, and hoping that will eventually stop and reverse the ever descending Pay and Conditions for them and the rest of the industry.

oboema 3rd Feb 2018 01:35

-F/O 737
-2017: €148.380
-LOL: get payed 70% of last salary till retirement age + 150k lump sum. Followed by decent pension.
-Pension: avg company contribution 46%. Retire at 58.
(One can stretch retirement to 62, but for that has to work part time to be “production neutral” for the younger guys’ career progression.
-Work 17/18 days/month max.
-680h/yr (2017)
-no flight/duty pay so constant income regardless of hours flown/ sickness etc (extra flying payed out in extra free days)
-free jumpseat and scheduling options to live anywhere (Spain/France/USA/Bonaire/Canada/Italy etc)
-98% union membership

Snapper5 3rd Feb 2018 05:44

Wow some pretty decent pay ! I guess you also have to factor in the lifestyle etc as well

We Tu Lo 7th Feb 2018 14:11

1) Airline employer - CityJet
2) Seat - LHS
3) Aircraft type -RJ85
4) Years of Service with company - 10
5) How many days you worked - 214 (6:3 pattern, 29 days leave)
6) How many overnights you had - 180
7) How many hours you blocked - 500
8) Gross income. - 64k basic taxed normally + 22k allowances, taxed at about 2.5%
9) Extra Pay (DC, PS, etc.) - 8k pension, loss of licence, income continuance, Zed staff travel.
10) Total gross income. - Take home around 5-5.5k/mth

Allowances high because overnights high and favourable tax treatment; most earn much less and are at home somewhat more; new joiners eligible for 5% pension, not 12%. Pay increase will be 1.5%pa going forward. 6:3 pattern and eligibility for fixed pattern are not universal. Also, pattern regularly changes, so planning days off is a no no, but better than nothing.

ChrisE 8th Feb 2018 00:50

1) Airline employer - Hearty UK charter company
2) Seat - RHS
3) Aircraft type -B757/767
4) Years of Service with company - 2 (Straight from flight school)
5) How many days you worked - Not many! Maybe 60 flying days per year plus 3 days/week sby
6) How many overnights you had - 15+
7) How many hours you blocked - 500-600 per year
8) Gross income. - £51k basic with approx £10k in FDA/DOP
9) Extra Pay (DC, PS, etc.) - As above with loss of medical insurance, private healthcare, ID travel (coming soon) and a good incentive of £500/day £800/night day off payment.
10) Total gross income. - between £4500 and £5000 per month gross

Snapper5 8th Feb 2018 07:37

1) Virgin Atlantic
2) RHS
3) A330
4) Less than a year (November ex Mon)
5) 12
6) 5 I think
7) 40
8) around £73,000 and thatís with 750hrs limitation which I find amazing
9) pension is 15% , around $800 downroute pay , great staff Travel and other perks , crew actually have a good time and socialise
10) Including down route expenses itís around £4500pm ,

Iím happy and lucky , night flights are pretty difficult but I always found them hard !

Happy with the Job security MUCH better than Monarch anyway 😂

pilotman330 8th Feb 2018 10:38

1) Airline employer - Cargo Yellow and Red
2) Seat - RHS
3) Aircraft type - B757
4) Years of Service with company - 6
5) How many days you worked - 17 days/month average
6) How many overnights you had - 17 days away per month
7) How many hours you blocked - 230 hours in 2017.
8) Gross income - €87k
9) Extra Pay - loss of medical insurance, pension, sector pay, flight duty, time away pay.
10) Around €5K net/month

Happy, great atmosphere with the colleagues, airline making huge profit, short sectors and a lot of fun with the 757!

skyblue738 8th Mar 2018 17:51

1) Spanish IAG low cost
2) FO
4)2 years
5) 220
6) 3-4
7- 899
8) 14k base
9) Around 10k
10) 24k

CaptainProp 9th Mar 2018 06:30

24000 net? Hell Iíll sign up for that right seat!!


Edit (for clarification): 24k is not 2400.

Snapper5 9th Mar 2018 06:46

Ä2400 jeez !! Your BA colleagues basically do the same thing for £4K ? Looking at the way mr Cruz operates Iím sure that gap will be getting smaller (the wrong way)

Flocks 9th Mar 2018 09:22

24000 euro a year, it is 2000euro a month, I hope it is after tax and they didn't ask you to pay your type rating ... And you did 899hours (there are really good at rostering ...)
I know we all need to start, but on a A320, knowing the airline (we all recognise) is working quit well, I don't understand why Europe pilot accept this stuff ...

CaptainProp 9th Mar 2018 09:51

Ahh, per year.... :}


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