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David1991 20th Feb 2021 08:33

Aerologic Screening
Good day,

i am having a screening coming up. Any information to that available? Thanks!

Iggi 22nd Feb 2021 14:22

It seems to be a 2 day process - and although otherwise stated - they expect you to be prepared.

1. day)
- Some kind of ATPL, english, multitasking and coordination tests (PC)
- Group scenarios

If successful

2. day)
- Simulator session on random aircraft simulators available @ that time
- personal interview

Close colleague went through that process and his recommendations were:

- use your time!!! -train yourself with some kind of general software / books in: general Aviation / ATPL knowledge + SIM (f.e. your old OM-S, SOPs, SkyTest ! , MS FlightSim, X-Plane, Aviation Interview Books)
- train your math + physics skills: mental arithmetics, basic physics - seek some kind of books / software that helps you with that.

- don't defend or discuss your "old" SOP's with the guys @ EAT - adapt their SOP's asap
- know the history of AeroLogic + the basics of the B777 in comparison to your old aircraft
- the usual stuff. "Why do you want to work for us? / What makes you the right choice? / What is it that should convince us to employ you? / are you prepared to live / work in LEJ? / What will your family say if you are away for 10 + days in HKK ?, Why did you - or didn't you have a PTU or a LTU unit in your A/C before, what were challenging situations in your career, etc..."
- use what is available on the Inet (Software + Books) . Others will do so too. The investment is worth it - for AeroLogic or any other company you might join.

Good Luck !

AtlasPilot 23rd Feb 2021 10:28

Hi Iggi,

Is this feedback from a recent assessment?
I'm due to go the assessment in just a few weeks and looking at Aerologic's invitation, the assessment is expected to be the following:
Day 1: Psychometric tests, Group scenarios
Day 2: Sim and Interview

Not that it terribly changes anything but wondering if they are just flexible on the assessment outline?
I suppose that due to COVID they skipped the "famous" Dinner Interview ?

Thanks for the feedback and I hope your colleague had a positive outcome :D

MrGustave 24th Feb 2021 07:49

Valuable info Iggi.
Is the whole assessment in german?

MostAnnoying 25th Feb 2021 21:33

Hi Folks above,

I did my assessment in October last year, unfortunately failed the simulator, but they were happy enough to give me another go in 2021.

However, my tips are as follows....

Day 1 is as I experienced it was an intense day, very long. You come in at the Hotel and you wait to enter the big room where you will do an x amount of test, i believe it was in the area of 15 different test. Ranging from English, German, knowledge questions, ATPL questions, maths, physics, psychometric testing, psychological questions and some reaction tests. In all fairness, you have some things you can prepare, but also a lot that should be or could be common knowledge. The book I used to prepare was ‚Testtraining 2000+‘ from Hesse Schrader. Take a few days/week if you want to prepare for it. You can do the tests in your own pace... At the beginning of the testing, you can decide if you want to do the tests in English or German. Dont be fooled, not all the tests will be in English and the psychological testing will be in German.

After all the testing, you’ll be dealt in to random groups and perform a group exercise. Result is not important, showing that you can work together is. I am not a native German speaker so I needed to listen intently so i could follow precisely what was happening. I felt slightly uncomfortable as i could not be my 100% self and throw my opinion in, but AeroLogic complimented me on it. So what you think is correct, is not always correct in their eyes.

Afterwards you all can choose to meet up for dinner on AeroLogics costs and you’ll hear between 8pm and 9pm if you did or did not pass to the next round.

at the beginning of the day the simulator slots for the next day are already planned, so you’ll have an estimate on what you’ll be in the sim if you pass. Just remember, dont pas is no sim.

Day 2:

First you do the sim. This is where I dropped out. However, please do take my advice for it as i did not follow the tips and payed the price. There is a simulator center near the hotel from Lufthansa. At this sim center there is a man who does AeroLogic prep sessions, he will walk you through the sim session which “easy”. However, if you are rated, they are really strickt. Get as much raw data sim prep as you can!
All is raw data. You are on the runway in Leipzig and will do the Before Take Off Checks...
- Take Off 3000’ and make a turn.
- Pass transition altitude (set standard)
- Level Off
- Climbing turn/descending turn 20 AoB and 1000ft per minute.
- Descend 3000’
- Vectors Raw Data NDB approach
- GoAround... one engine out.
- Memory Items? No memory items.
- Shut engine down
- Vectors Raw Data Single Engine ILS Approach

You’ll get the result 2-3 minutes later.

If you failed you’ll have an exit interview. They’ll inform you of your scores of the following day, and if they were happy with that then you’ll be invited to come back within 12 months. If you did not fit their profile, then they’ll thank you for your interest in AeroLogic.

If you passed, you’ll have an interview where they want to get to know you. Why cargo? Why AeroLogic? What drives you? Hobbies? So on so on....

Then a few days/weeks later you will get a phone call or email informing you of the result.

Good Luck to you all and stay safe!

Iggi 27th Feb 2021 08:53

Hit AtlasPilot,
1.) You are right - my bad! The order of events is now corrected in my post above. It is indeed as you posted.
2.) It was a positive assessment from roughly 08/2020 - Start date of CBT and TR was 11/2020.
3.) Not sure about the dinner. might have been a "COVID" related skip on that part.

Good Luck to you & use the Hesse Schrader Testtraining and Skytest Books/Sotware. It seems to help a lot for the first part.

Iggi 27th Feb 2021 09:03

Hi MrGustave,

Can't make a 100% statement concerning the language, but I think it depends on your native language.
If german = most parts will be done in german. But there will be english questions - especially during the interview part.

Things I recall were in the line of:
"Explain part xyz from your Aircraft - What is it used for / How does it work?"; "Explain a pandemic/Covid to your collague!"; "Would you be here if it wasn't for a global crisis in pax aviation?"

Good luck to you too

Kratz 18th Mar 2021 12:46

What Simulator did you end up in? A tripple or some B737?

Matra 4EB 21st Mar 2021 15:18

Sim screening is always done in a 737.

MostAnnoying 27th Mar 2021 19:33


anybody recently had an invitation on know what the trend is like at the moment?

MrGustave 28th Mar 2021 12:04

Had the phone call to check german level a few weeks ago but no news since.

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