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moswey4a 11th Apr 2018 22:02

Hi everyone!
I have sent my email application to AL today, and there was no automatic email response with a confirmation of receipt - does anyone know if this is "normal", or did other people receive a (automated) reply?
Thanks and cheers!

Learjet-60-XR 29th Sep 2018 09:40

Hey guys,

are there any news/updates regarding the assessment. Or is it still the Hoehnerbach with the 737 classic the next day?

bumpy737 22nd Oct 2018 23:47

Should be and with the dinner in between...

AfroEagle0304 19th Jul 2019 17:34

Hello to everyone,

Is someone going for the assessment in the short time period? I got the invitation and the time between is just less than 2 weeks. They wrote me that I may expect the Hesse/Schrader test. Is it possible to prepare myself in this short period?

my question is which mainly subject are tested? There is like 61 modules. For example also: Biologie, chemie, music etc...
i know that there can be the geografie, geschichten etc.

If you can give me some tips I appreciate all.

EAM 28th Jul 2019 10:19

This is the one you need https://hesseschrader-shop.de/Hesse/...-9783849030452

I guess you have few days left, give it a try, better than nothing.

Meester proach 28th Jul 2019 20:14

Do they still assess you at dinner to see if your etiquette is to the required standard ?

maximus610 29th Jul 2019 11:14

Is there any improvements on their Ts&Cs?
Still max 4 days off in a row?
75% contract same amount of work as full contract?
Are they commuter-friendly?

AMEX 30th Jul 2019 09:27

You fly cargo at night, to crap holes, get a shit salary and they assess your " etiquette " ? . That's funny.

bumpy737 30th Jul 2019 19:05

I think itís still the worst paid 777 job worldwide. On the other hand guys with low hours can get a chance to fly a widebody to many destinations and the bond should be only 2 years because of German laws...so you have good cards in your hands after these 2 years...

SaulGoodman 30th Jul 2019 19:15

And the roster used to be pretty good, you can use DHL network to jumpseat. If you are part of the Austrian Maffia you even have a chance to upgrade one day.
still the pay is way too low and personally as a lowtimer you should not want to start on a LH operation.

bongo bongo 2nd Aug 2019 14:22

what is this dinner about?

worldrover 6th Aug 2019 08:05

Resident Status
My understanding is that many of the pilots commute to Leipzig for this job.

With 15 days off per month and most of the working ones overseas:
What is the tax situation?
Do you have to pay taxes in Germany (I assume company would withhold taxes before paying you) or you can chose to remain resident in Czech Rep. or Poland and pay own taxes?

I assume that salary figures posted on Pilotjobsnetwork.com are "take home" amounts, after (DE) tax (?)

Some more details on part time options would also be very helpful.

Luke258 6th Aug 2019 10:47

Usually figures are given gross. Tax can vary for each one a lot. So that makes no sense to give the net figures.

worldrover 6th Aug 2019 12:06

Tax can indeed vary according to additional income in the household.

But if these are "take home" figures for German residents, they should be after tax-social security-state pension deduction.

EAM 6th Aug 2019 17:33

No, these figures are always gross.

Wilkek 10th Oct 2019 13:56

Hi all,

Could you, as a commuter, give me some roster examples? Days off, kind of rotations before, is it possible to do 2 rotations and get a longer block off after etc etc?
Thanks in advance and greets

INNflight 11th Oct 2019 13:10

Originally Posted by bongo bongo (Post 10534978)
what is this dinner about?

I think it's more about getting to know the applicants in a less "assessment"-like setting to see whether you'll fit in and get a good look at your personality.
You could say it's a role-play/personality test and they serve food on the side I guess. :}

Still as others have said - the pay is below par. Shiny big jet syndrome alert.

Meester proach 12th Oct 2019 12:09

to see if you have a Monacle and can click your heels correctly.
Having seen a video of one of their crews on YT, I’m surprised they bother because the captain , who I think was management , seemed like a nightmare .

Fly.b737 9th Mar 2020 23:20

Any improvements in the TC? I saw on PPJN that pilots are leaving because of low salary?
How well can you commute with Aerologic, I understand you have 15 days off per month, which sounds nice, even better than CLX, but all depends on how the schedule you I guess :D

NoelEvans 20th Mar 2020 14:54

I think that you would struggle to find any cargo pilots "leaving because of low salary" right now. You don't leave the most secure sector of the industry just because you are quibbling over a few cents/pennies!

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