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Wodka 2nd Sep 2014 17:18

Jet2 Autumn 2014
Selection has opened again for type rated 737 or 757 FO & CP.

Anyone on the inside know if they are planning on any Non-Type rated recruitment this year?

galwaypilot 2nd Sep 2014 19:26

Jet2 Autumn 2014
I'd imagine rated guys get 1st preference! Financially it makes sense...

SHUNT 2nd Sep 2014 19:51

Jet2 Autumn 2014
Enough 75/73 rated Brits wanting to get back to the UK... I doubt there will be any NTR recruitment this time around IMHO.

Win94 5th Sep 2014 18:29

whats the money like at Jet2?

Flying Wild 5th Sep 2014 19:20

Pretty much as per PPJN

Aluminium shuffler 6th Sep 2014 13:38

PPJN gives a good idea of how the money is calculated, but that's not much help without knowing how many miles a pilot is going to cover each duty. Does anyone know what the typical annual gross earnings for average line FOs and Capts on the two fleets are?

rumour mill 9th Sep 2014 11:48

Holding Pool
Does anyone know roughly how many if any non type rated pilots were taken over the past year? I was placed in the pool last year and sat stagnant for a year without word. I was wondering if that was the common experience among other individuals. I hope if they are about to start looking at non type rated recruitment they will look at those already treading water.

acepilotmurdock 9th Sep 2014 11:52

We have lots from my current company in the pool as well as friends from another airline who is saying the same. I did hear a rumour and it was only rumour that they might not take non typed this year :ugh:

fa2fi 9th Sep 2014 14:29

I've heard no NTR this year also. :{

4Screwaircrew 9th Sep 2014 15:36

Yes NTR were taken on and I'm sure they will continue to do so, the pool of current and qualified candidates is a shallow one.

Sean Dillon 9th Sep 2014 21:11

And lots of folk still intending/are heading to more grown up pastures! So don't lose hope...

rumour mill 11th Sep 2014 12:55

Well that's good to hear but I am afraid the only certainty is likely to be Jet2's poor communication.

Antonio Montana 12th Sep 2014 21:59

The pool of experienced pilots may be shallow, but seeing they did not even bother to aak me to interview.....
B737 qualified. Over 2500 hours on type both classic and NG. Thanks a lot jet 2....

Fg Off Kite 12th Sep 2014 22:12

Antonio, believe me, you're better off without them:ugh:

A and C 13th Sep 2014 18:07

I guess that there will soon be an abundance of non type rated positions with JET2 as soon as the long awaited Norwegian base oop north is announced.

Onisar 14th Sep 2014 13:16

Selection for low hours pilot B737 has opened!
Hi guys,

Good news for low hour's guys with at least 500TT.
Jet2 is now recruiting !
There is an online assesment to complete , same as NAS.

Good luck and wish you happy landings.
Unfortunalty iv got only 220TT. :((

Is Any other Airlines recruiting for low hours pilot?

SCINHead 14th Sep 2014 14:56

Non-TR'd recruitment now live! :ok:

harry-seaside 14th Sep 2014 17:10

Are they asking everyone to make the assessments straight after filling out the long,long application form?

sk8erboi 14th Sep 2014 18:49

Dear A and C

Let it go!!

Sean Dillon 14th Sep 2014 21:08

Non-Type Rated Recruitment
Hahaha! If you listen carefully, you can hear all B737 Training Captains jumping for joy at the prospect of Summer 2015!!

Fg Off Kite 14th Sep 2014 22:00

Haven't they just opened a simulator facility in Bradford? Perhaps this could be an ideal opportunity to make some money out of young hopefuls. Are they charging for the type rating at all?

Tullster 15th Sep 2014 14:06

Jet2 NTR open
Hi Just completed application. Anyone have info on online assessments you have to do after application. Numerical/verbal reasoning etc. thought I'd get a heads up before starting. Anyone competed them yet?


harry-seaside 15th Sep 2014 14:42

Math: Graphs and percentages calculations

Verbal Reasoning: Little bit of text with a sentence given where you have to reply true,false or unable to find in text. (pretty easy, only 20something questions with enough time to spare)

Personality quiz: 230 standard questions with the same old agree-neutral-not agree answer.

Same as any other company you apply for nowadays. I guess it's easy for H&R to filter out pilot's if you have a :mad: load of applications to go through...

acepilotmurdock 15th Sep 2014 17:36

I logged out without doing the online bit thinking I could do it a bit later as I had just finished work......... Seems I can't get back on to do it, can anyone help? It's ok I have figured it out ;)

ITFC1 16th Sep 2014 12:00

Tried to save near the end of the application, for me it didn't work, so have to do the whole lost again.

Just in case anyone else thinking of doing the same.

has anyone else had issues uploading licenses etc, mine just says not recognized and the program crashes and i have to start all over again

harry-seaside 16th Sep 2014 13:55

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who did that....:ugh:

Aluminium shuffler 16th Sep 2014 18:26

I did the same thing. I phoned their HR department, explained the problem and they reset the test later that day. I'm sure they're quite used to it! It didn't count in any way as a black mark - I did the assessment day about a fortnight later.

ps007 17th Sep 2014 13:00

my application gone and I can log back in to do online tests ok.

aloa326 17th Sep 2014 14:17

Very unpleasant the online test...got stuck hundreds time....emailed to HR and waiting for reply.

Wodka 18th Sep 2014 12:23

looks like the job listing has closed already/been taken down.

Good luck to all who applied.

ProFly 22nd Sep 2014 14:01

Anybody else had any rejections yet?

saladdodger 22nd Sep 2014 14:16

Anybody called for an assessment day yet?

harry-seaside 22nd Sep 2014 15:11

ProFly; did you get a rejection email?

ProFly 22nd Sep 2014 15:23

Harry: Nothing Yet, no feedback. Application still stated Received with Job Status Open.

Was wondering whether the aptitude tests sent the automated response upon failing / non-completing.

aloa326 22nd Sep 2014 19:00

Hi folks,

rejected as expected....no fullfill the requirements...was just a try.

next time....maybe...maybe

WX Man 23rd Sep 2014 14:09

Was there a time limit in which to do the online tests?

Aluminium shuffler 23rd Sep 2014 16:26

The tests were about 20 minutes each, with more questions than you can complete in the allotted time. I only answered about half the maths questions - they didn't seem overly relevant to flying, more to commerce, but it's just a filter after all.

pilots 25th Sep 2014 00:18

Did the tests last weekend, indeed approx 20 minutes each. With some quick calculations i completed all math questions with 2 minutes left (no idea how many correct but the answer was most of the time in the multiple choice options). Had more problems with the verbal reasoning...

harry-seaside 29th Sep 2014 13:18

Did anyone already got some reply from Jet2?
My status just says "under review"

ITFC1 29th Sep 2014 13:59

Mine says the same

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