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easyJet taxation

Old 23rd Jun 2019, 07:59
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Are they taking Captains? If not when it supposed to open again for DEC?
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Old 23rd Jun 2019, 16:19
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What are the net figures in Portugal?
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Old 24th Jun 2019, 10:02
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Originally Posted by a350pilots View Post
What are the net figures in Portugal?
How about reading 2 posts above?
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Old 24th Jun 2019, 15:07
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Originally Posted by dirk85 View Post

How about reading 2 posts above?
My thoughts exactly.
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Old 24th Jun 2019, 16:55
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DEC(NTR) Captains? Still just Portugal and Spain? Germany? Or is TXL(or do they use Schönefeld, or both) full already? I assume still no way to have a italian base right away? Just to know if I even need to bother to re-apply(never went to any dates this year till they closed shop end of May). Thank you!
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Old 24th Jun 2019, 17:36
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Chances of italian bases nil for the moment. At least MXP/VCE. Also NAP with a waiting list now.
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Old 24th Jun 2019, 20:25
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For FOs they expect openings in MXP, NAP, TXL, OPO and PMI
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Old 24th Jun 2019, 20:44
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Sadly, no DEC openings for the foreseeable future. No current recruitment, hold pool full and command upgrade courses being cancelled. Shortage of FO’s due to legacy carrier recruitment.
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Old 24th Jun 2019, 21:24
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Thanks for your feedback gents. No worries, I am on a similar "gig", just an oldtimer aircraft of the mid last century and a harp on the tail. At least got MY base and country of preference, so no real big rush for me to change to orange. Especially I turned them down this season because they had this very limited base availablities. Was simply no reason to change for me.

@dirk MXP and VCE are exactly the only bases of interest for me. Was flying a while out of NAP(in a different life long ago) - brrr. No thanks. Pilots still get threated by pax that they would wait outside once you come back if you offload them for unpolite behaviour? And if you call the Police they would tell you the same - we can't protect you when you come back this evening. Better(!!) you take him with you, less trouble for you and us.... LOVELY place .

Seems I will stay a while longer "blue" which is fine. Threatment here is as it was always(getting warning letters for being certified sick), only big reason really why I would prefer "orange". But not in a base that I do not want.

All the best gentlemen(and ladies of course, especially in "orange" ).
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Old 15th Jul 2019, 17:11
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Originally Posted by BarryMG View Post
Also, any figures for Portugal? Just got an email from EZY advising available bases to join in early 2020, Porto is among them - I know a long time ago the contract was poor, but how is it now? What's the average net pay for FO/SFO (CP as well if you know)?
Update from the Talent Pool received last week, only OPO available for DEC from beginning of 2020 and 1 week to decide... ANY info on OPO base would be highly appreciated.
1) Approximate salary after tax for a DEC with family... (less than 6000 euro Net seems to be very low TBH)
2) If it is possible to receive Non-Habitual Resident status as an easyJet Captain under the Portuguese tax laws, coming form outside EU (more than 10 years)
3) Living in Porto, as it seems to be a beautiful historic city
4) And why it is so unpopular that EZY can't seem to crew it, even after the revised salary package.....

Thanks in advance!
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Old 15th Jul 2019, 18:08
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The only problem is taxation.
The package overall in portugal is not bad now, but taxes and the 2 years base freeze if you are not rated as a dec makes it not popular.
6000 net with family is probably low, you would end up with more (you have 14 salaries a year in portugal).
Check an online tax calculator, as I am assuming you have the gross figures?
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Old 5th Dec 2019, 23:31
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The informations you received are not totally corrects.
After the payment of the social (pension and some others around 11% on the employee side) the income taxation vary from 23 to 43 ( above 75k ) with some detractions.
The basic salary is taxable (social and income tax) for the 100% of its amount. The guarantee Flight Allowance that is also part of the salary is taxable (social and income tax ) only for the 50% of its amount. In other words 50% of it is Net.
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