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Primera Air A320neo

Old 26th Sep 2018, 09:13
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I had some sympathy based on your first paragaph. Then you went and let yourself down with your list of airlines you consider "good". Maybe edit it and put in first world airlines such as BA, AL, KLM, Air France, Lufty, SAS.

You know many pilots actually join major airlines and see out their careers with the one employer. We don't need to chase contracts across the world. Sure sometimes its a bit of luck to avoid one going bust but then I am a firm believer that you make a lot of your own luck in the world.
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Old 26th Sep 2018, 09:36
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I don’t know any Primera flight crew from the very good major airlines you mention. Personally I doubt anyone from BA, Lufty etc would join Primera. We have ended up at Primera either because we want to be closer to home or through redundancy or through lifestyle choice. The operation is potentially ground breaking, low cost narrow body longhaul hasn’t been done before. Either it will catch on with other major players joining in or even buying Primera or it will wither on the vine!
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Old 26th Sep 2018, 15:10
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Only half a speed-brake
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Don't feed the troll. Ending not in BA/AL in one stage in your career makes no-one a cripple pilot. Not to mention that review of JACDEC shows at least 2 of his chosen creme-dela-creme to be somewhat an under-informed choice.

Many pilots who have carried their families through bankruptcy needed to go full expat or very far away from home. After 2-5 years out, the value of home takes off into a completely another dimension. Hope it works for you, and maybe eventually it will transform into a more tolerable assignment. For instance, the Monarchs at SAIL are trying hard in similar circumstances. Wish success to both.

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a year ago the DFO was quoted saying
He was quoting the DFO. If those are indeed the views of the DFO that is pretty offensive for the crews
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Old 1st Oct 2018, 16:58
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Sad news as we now know - Airline to cease all Ops WIE.

Condolences to all the crews and staff - many came from Monarch who also collapsed a year ago today too...
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Originally Posted by Raski View Post
I am not Primera but this is a hell of a stupid comment.
Where do you fly superman?
Forgive him for he knows not what he says......from inexperience and ignorance.
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Unhappy ASTA, Mountain High the Future of Aviation

Hello ex colleagues of the Primera Air. It is sad that a promising idea experiences such a quick ending.

What I saw skeptically from the beginning was the collaboration with ASTA. In retrospect, this was quite justified and has saved me from private bankruptcy.

Andri Már Ingólfsson is already a shrewd businessman. Like many others, he simply outsources the dangerous costs of insolvency and thus bears no responsibility whatsoever.
His wistful and oh so personal mail to everyone is just a joke. The answers came in bulk and at sometimes were marked by strong emotions.With all the laws that the passengers have the policy but apparently that there is still us. To get an AOC, you need a lot of things, but most of all you need money. The policy should start only to award AOC's when the pay of the employees is secured.

Above all, the responsible aviation authority should finally take off your blinders and prohibit such constructs as those at Primera Air and ASTA. With almost 30 years in the aviation industry, I also had to discover that a lot has changed.

The statements so many pilots are needed scares me. The more they need will be, the more people like Andri Már Ingólfsson will try to get the maximum out of us.
Anyone who thinks that he is crying for us is wrong. His financial geniuses have been making sure for several weeks that his Primer Travel Group will perform well.
I learned a lot during my studies! Above all.... only believe what you understand yourself. We are all just one piece of the whole and only those who are unfortunately able to generate profit.

Sad is and unfortunately that is the truth. The aviation will continue to grow but the collateral for us will be less and less exist.
Earlier compared to today, a frequently job change would have been the death sentence. Nowadays it is more normal that after many years of work you have to write a two-page CV to apply.

1 1/2 years I have looked around, compared and now had to come to the conclusion that it is sometimes better to hold a half full glass in the hand, than the promise to get a full glass to believe.

I wish all former colleagues and colleagues that you will soon find something again. Perhaps a start in a very different area is the first step out of this endless loop of mismanagement, corruption and ongoing lies.

I have only a few more years and I hope to survive, but one thing I would like to clarify. If it hits me I will certainly not fly again.

We do everything in the cockpit to make sure that everything runs smoothly. None of us should take off without Plan B. Even ECAM, EICAS and FORDEC are just clues and not a patent prescription.
In daily training, I always get to know people who have no answer to the question of what your plan B looks like if you can not fly from one day to the next.
My dad used to say ... boy, if you want to fly, you can do that, but first you have to do an apprenticeship in the craft, on which you can build if necessary, if the other does not work.
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Good post from Master1975.
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