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Easyjet DEP recruitment

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Easyjet DEP recruitment

Old 3rd Jul 2015, 14:03
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The easyjet careers website says it's 114 euros. Is this a mistake then? Should it be ??
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Old 3rd Jul 2015, 14:39
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Has anyone been called for an interview after passing the online aptitude test?
I believe interview planned for July??
NTR FO applying for Lisbon
5500 TT
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Old 3rd Jul 2015, 14:40
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Hi MonkeyFerret,

"Captain A320 Type Rated - Gatwick 2015/16 (04091)

Permanent Contract
114,022 OTE"

That is a GBP sign that is on the website. I am not too Apple Mac savvy, but that is a direct cut/paste from their website.

I am fairly certain it should be the same type of UK contract, as it is for existing pilots.
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Old 3rd Jul 2015, 20:20
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So what happened to all the CTC newbies from the past that were waiting their upgrades?
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Old 3rd Jul 2015, 21:53
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sounds like combined basic within expected sector pay to me.
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Old 3rd Jul 2015, 22:01
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Looks like 114,022 to me which equates to about 86,000 at current rates Hope I'm wrong!
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Old 4th Jul 2015, 10:00
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Rumour I heard form a Capt at LGW is they are approx 60 skippers short for the summer.
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Old 5th Jul 2015, 08:02
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...I recently saw the NTR captain job in Barcelona advertised by Easyjet. I got quite excited as I ticked off all the requirements which I easily exceeded until I got to the low vis / Cat III requirement...

My question is does anyone know if Easyjet would consider an application from someone who whilst meeting all the other requirements, does not meet this fairly unusual and specific Cat III requirement.
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Old 5th Jul 2015, 11:51
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I think the Cat 3b requirement was for rated Pilots.
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Old 5th Jul 2015, 12:09
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13. I acknowledge that I will be required to fund my A320 Type Rating, if successful for a position.


Why does a company posting nearly half a billion pounds profit, require experienced Pilots to pay to fly!? Are they just fishing to see how many bites they get?

If one was to tick the disagree box, presumably the application goes no further? Tempted to try that.

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Old 5th Jul 2015, 14:40
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That is exactly what would happen.
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Old 5th Jul 2015, 18:22
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It's simple economics, while the CEO earns a fortune, the pilots pay a fortune.
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Old 5th Jul 2015, 19:01
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Originally Posted by Alycidon View Post
It's simple economics, while the CEO earns a fortune, the pilots pay a fortune.
Corporate management greed. Look at the chief exec bonus figures.
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Old 6th Jul 2015, 06:25
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If enough of you had the balls to tick no to funding the type rating then they'd be forced into a rethink. They're trying their luck to see if there are enough applicants who would do it. If they weren't desperate they wouldn't even ask - you would be paying for your type rating. Sadly, to quote Narrow Runway from a few years back, "you could put all the pilots in the world in a phone box and they still wouldn't stand together". That's the real cancer that's destroying our T's and C's.
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Old 6th Jul 2015, 21:31
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Does anyone know the actual cost of the type rating? Not that I would pay it, but it's weird to ask one to agree to self fund without stating how much!?
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Old 6th Jul 2015, 22:15
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GA button. Perfectly described. There is and never will be a "we" together in flying. A more mercenary, desperate industry fuelled by an almost out of balance perversion to do a job you think will get better FOR YOURSELF in the long run you could not find. It's the short, high risk gambling attitude of the young and well credited that has caused this. Odd behaviour for a job that has a hard on for CRM and descision making. If that doesn't make your realise what a load of cock and balls the job really is behind all the pompous guff, nothing will.

Too many clever young people who think they're bright enough to peel oranges in both their pockets and carve their way out of the gloom just on their own. Compare the rail, where as un PC as it sounds, it's a working mans job. No one has ideas of grandeur. People go into that field because they fancy the role, know the terms are protected and are union men by heart.

For all it's criticism by middle England cheese and wine party types, being working class and a union man has left egg firmly on the face of many a so called "profession" that attracts smart arsed, egoistical types who believe they're too damn clever for that working mans stuff. Flying has been degraded to a game where it is a working man's game, bizarrely staffed by lots of bewlidered and head-in-sand middle class posh types posting on PPRuNe that surely, surely, this can't be real. It is still a profession and we don't need to get down to the dirt and strike lines! Look where that arrogance has got you. We're all out on our own. Too late, too few want to play the working man game of powerful unions and standing strong. It's too late anyway. That time was years ago. It's happening and it's going quickly.
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Old 6th Jul 2015, 22:38
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FalconsRFab - the background to the Cat IIIB requirement is to do with limited sim space available for new pilots and every sim they can save is one less sim to resource. The Training Dept is flat out and every slot is accounted for. Hard rules but there you have it.

As an aside, there are very few people on here who know a whole lot about easyJet, but most people who work there have a good existence. The downer is that you work very hard and anyone joining expecting a quiet life will be sadly disappointed. There are many plus points though - good safety culture, good training, loads of new aircraft, good maintainance, big ops support setup, great people to work with and about as solid an airline financially as you get. It is not perfect but it is very good by today's standards. If you can join a national carrier you should do so, but easyJet is the next best thing.
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Old 6th Jul 2015, 22:43
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Sadly it's very easy to put the onus onto the lone voices applying. I bet you it would be far more easier to stop it via an already organised group from within than to expect all potential applicants to miraculously organise themselves to say no on an application form.
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Old 7th Jul 2015, 11:54
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737 Jockey - the reason easyJet makes massive profits is that they fight absolutely everyone for every penny, and that includes getting pilots to pay for type ratings. Alycidon refers to the issue of the CEO remuneration package - she is indeed extremely well paid, but she is also a massive asset to the Company that both shareholders (other than Stelios) and most employees have no desire to lose. It should also be stated that the vast majority of easyJet employees over the last few years have made very substantial sums of money over and beyond their salaries through company-provided share schemes.

The problem easyJet faces is the voracious competition from other low cost airlines - notably Ryanair, Vueling and Norwegian, not to mention the low cost arms of Lufthansa and Air France plus the 'others' like WizzAir. These competitors are paying rock bottom salaries and offering terrible terms and conditions to their pilots. It is inevitable that easyJet has to make some sort of move to keep their cost advantage. Among all those companies mentioned, easyJet is the best employer which is why people are queuing up to join. Like every airline in the world, there is tremendous downward pressure on terms and conditions and I do not see that changing in my professional lifetime. What I would say to anyone thinking of joining is to join with your eyes open. The terms and conditions are very clearly laid down, including liabilities for type ratings etc. If you do not like those terms, and I fully understand that you may not, then do not apply. This is not for everyone but among low cost carriers, with all their undoubted limitations, easyJet is, in my view, the best of the bunch. It is up to you if bright orange is what floats your boat - if it is not what you like, then you can rest assured there is a vast sea of very capable pilots out there who will gladly go there in your place.
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Old 7th Jul 2015, 14:55
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I agree with your synopsis and sentiments entirely. Time will tell if they fill their quota for the Summer schedule.

I'm sure they will be inundated with Rated applicants, let alone Non-Rated, as it is my belief that Easy is one of the most desirable companies in UK/Europe at this time.

I will apply, and I will tick the Disagree box when it comes to paying for the type rating. This will inevitably be the end of my dalliance with the Orange Brigade, but it is my way of saying, I'd like to join, but not at any cost. I am currently in a very good position, and therefore take the view (as humbly as possible) that they need me, more than I need them right now. I simply cannot afford to pay for a rating, I did that to get my first job (rightly or wrongly), but I was a Cadet and had no experience. Now as an experienced Captain & trainer, I feel I have a lot more to offer, and would be only too happy to be bonded to easy for whatever period they want.

Good luck to all that do apply... would be interested to hear back from those who do get invited for selection.
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