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Flight714 1st Jun 2015 18:03

Easyjet DEP recruitment
Hi all,

Some rumours circulating around the crew room that EZY will be opening up applications for DEPs this month/imminently...anyone able to add further fuel to this claim who may be in the know a bit more than myself?


Harry palmer 1st Jun 2015 20:51

Rated or non rated DEP?

Flight714 2nd Jun 2015 03:46

Sorry yes, referring to non rated.

Mr Good Cat 2nd Jun 2015 13:42

Originally Posted by Flight714 (Post 8997565)
Sorry yes, referring to non rated.

Just DEPs, or also DECs?


Flight714 2nd Jun 2015 14:33

Well I've heard both, but these are just crew room rumours, wondering if anyone could add any validity to them...

VJW 2nd Jun 2015 14:51

Sorry I have to ask, but by adding validity are you asking someone in EZY management to confirm this, or are you asking someone to give you a link to a recruitment page on their website that doesn't exist.....not sure either is possible. :)

Flight714 2nd Jun 2015 15:32

Well all sorts of people pop up with bits of info on here that turn out to be true a few days/weeks later...something of that nature from someone more in the know than myself...whoever that may be...this being sometimes quite an accurate rumour network afterall :}

VJW 2nd Jun 2015 16:09

I know mate- just on a wind up, am pleased you took it in good taste. Like anything with my lot at least, I never believe anything until the day after it's happened :)

pianopilot 5th Jun 2015 20:06

Is anyone of the 40 successful applicants here who had been ditched in 2014 like me? Have you ever heard back from them?

Narrow Runway 15th Jun 2015 15:56

Both DEC and Co-pilot recruitment is now open for rated and non-rated candidates.

That's the good news. The bad news is it is for LIS and OPO only, unless you fancy those bases.

harry-seaside 15th Jun 2015 18:14

Could you inform us why Lisboa and Porto are not good bases?

Harry palmer 15th Jun 2015 19:09

Is there a good chance to move to a UK base quite quickly?

Narrow Runway 15th Jun 2015 19:18

I was told that they pay less than other bases and there's a 5 year base freeze.

Has that changed?

Cliff Secord 15th Jun 2015 19:31

Harry seaside. He didn't say that did he? I took it that the poster knows a lot of people with an interest in Easyjet would be with wanting a UK base to come home/stay home.

avigator 26th Jun 2015 10:22

What could a 3000h Airbus rated FO DEP expect regarding roster/pay/time to command at AMS/NAP/BCN base?
Any insights highly appreciated thank you.

flap15 27th Jun 2015 07:36

Hi Avigator,

As far as pay goes it is base/contract dependent but somewhere between 48-80,000 euros, how the experience factor brakes down I don't know. As far as command goes they will want to see 2 good sim sessions and then you will be considered for command. Check the easy careers info on their main site and apply for the base of choice. You will be base frozen for 5 years.

Good luck

The Mixmaster 27th Jun 2015 10:54

48-80000 euro is quite a large variation in basic pay. Can anyone give a ballpark figure of take home for a 3000 hour rated FO based in BCN and NAP. Cheers:ok:

kick the tires 27th Jun 2015 11:12

Flap 15 is quite correct money wise the grand total for BCN ranges as follows:

SFO 84,000 to SO 46,000

The Mixmaster 27th Jun 2015 11:22

Thanks kick the tires. Is there sector pay on top of that?

stable_checked 27th Jun 2015 11:27

BCN has no contractual right to move to another easyJet base. So you will only work for 'BCN easyJet'. I am afraid this is the new type of contracts at easyJet. In OPO,LIS,AMS and NAP there is currently a minimum of 5 years for DEC and 3 for DEP, no grantee that you will transfer after that. Pay is as posted above and figures include variable pay. Basic is about 67% of that. No pension and sick pay is 60% of basic. First 2 years is SO, then FO for another 2 years and then SFO. I believe if you join with more than 2500 you skip the SO rank. Roster is flexible random variation.

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