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Jet2 Autumn 2014

Old 9th Dec 2014, 12:46
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"Can't be picky"

Contrary to Gorter's assumption Jet2 can afford to be extremely choosy, there appears to be no shortage of highly qualified and experienced candidates coming for the selection procedure. Many of these do not make it through for whatever reasons, so that doesn't come across as Jet2 not being anything other than choosy.
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Old 9th Dec 2014, 15:45
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And the Trainers keep peddling the nonsense! Good one JFP! Jet2's "brick wall" getting ever closer....
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Old 9th Dec 2014, 15:49
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Is the recruitment process an on going process or is there a closing date for the current advertised NTR 737 positions ?

And the Trainers keep peddling the nonsense!

Did you fail a sim check given your general beef with the company ?

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Old 9th Dec 2014, 18:37
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And the Trainers keep peddling the nonsense! Good one JFP! Jet2's "brick wall" getting ever closer....

What is your issue?

I've heard people speak more fondly of their ex-partners after toxic divorces than you do about Jet2.

For those seeking a more balanced view, Aluminium shuffler #121 has summed it up nicely.
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Old 9th Dec 2014, 19:48
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The company has a multitude of different contracts and pay scales
Which were mostly posted on the crew room wall!

If you are on that good a contract, I'd say you've made the right choice. You would definitely miss that 5/4.

Some of my friends on the old old contract, or the floaters did very nicely, but I was assuming you we're on the new old, or even the new new deal. Also, if you weren't a cadet you're probably a captain by now, so not facing a base change. All these things turn it into a judgement call. I'm a lot better off: only a little below the industry average. So I can't complain. Still do, though!
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Old 9th Dec 2014, 20:49
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Those wanting to get in.

People who post negative things about Jet2 are not unhappy cos they failed. They're unhappy cos they've had to deal with the lies and betrayal of the senior members of the company. It's a good job to be based at home. But that pleasure won't last long when you see the way the company works on the inside. Feel free to join. But don't complain when your morale is low and you've wondered why you've joined on a 70% contract to be sat with no chance of upgrade due to company politics.
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Old 10th Dec 2014, 05:28
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For anyone interested in a NTR DEC position, J2 only offer a 70% contract which 'should' be made up to a 100% contract at around 14-16 months after your start date. This is to cover the cost of the type conversion I was told, yet a 14.5k training bond was imbedded in the contract when it arrived! There was no mention of the 70% contract as being the only option to NTR guys at the assessment day.

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Old 10th Dec 2014, 07:11
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And the Trainers keep peddling the nonsense!
He must be 'puffing' that stuff again together with that dragon that lives near him! It does make him rather bitter, doesn't it? That autumn mist does seem to 'fog' his views somewhat! Do you think that he ever worked there or is it just that he didn't get in?
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Old 10th Dec 2014, 15:15
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peddling the nonsense!

Honiley, you appear to know me, I don't hide behind a cloak here, everybody knows me and I'm happy with that. You appear to know little about the current recruitment however, as there was no nonsense in my statement.

I see many pilots coming for selection, from all backgrounds, many trying to return to Jet2 having tried the water elsewhere. Many of those that come for the assessment do not get through for one reason or another, they are from all backgrounds, not just inexperienced pilots, they are type rated, or flying other jets both considerably larger to somewhat smaller, to turbo-prop pilots to zero commercial experience at all. So if we can't be choosy we wouldn't be showing the door to so many experienced pilots would we?

Jet2 evidently isn't/wasn't for you, you obviously have a far better life, contract, T's & C's than those of us at little old Jet2, so enlighten us all Honiley, what is the name of this land of milk and honey airline that you are working for that permits you to Lord it about Jet2 so that we might be able to take a "balanced" view of your opinions?

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Old 11th Dec 2014, 09:58
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14.5k training bond
It was 28K over 3 years for the last lot. Starts after FLC and does not reduce for first year. If it's only 14.5k now that's a big reduction.

They also told the 70%'ers that they would be offered 100% after first season but the 16 months is much more realistic representation of the real timescale to 100%.
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Old 11th Dec 2014, 10:32
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14.5k is if you qualify for ZFT (Zero Flight Time) Training.

In other words, it can all be done on the sim and no expensive aircraft circuits.
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Old 11th Dec 2014, 11:52
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To back up Johnny FP’s comments, it’s surely a question of “one man’s meat .. etc etc”

I spent a great 10 years at Jet2, and only left because the law doesn’t allow aged old f*rts to transport the general public. Being completely ‘up front’ I was in pilot management and training there and so you’ll understand that my views will inevitably be coloured by that fact. Nevertheless, it gave me a very good overview of how the company works.

I would venture to suggest that no airline is perfect, and one must take the posts about Jet2 in the context of comments on this forum about other airlines. These are direct cut-and-pastes from PPRuNe:

BA CityFlyer: “Go in with your eyes very much open... Morale at an all time low... mass exodus underway (at last)”

Norwegian Air Shuttle: “Norwegian is disgusting, Speaking as a current Norwegian pilot / former Ryanair pilot. My only advice is to stay away from Norwegian at all cost. Unless that is you enjoy to be terminated with one month notice ..”

Qatar Airways: “The training is generally of a very low standard and it's also fear driven with very little positive feedback or encouragement, parrot fashion regurgitation of the ops manual is encouraged, using your brain to think laterally and solve problems is not. Get used to saying "yes captain I see captain" a lot, even when the guy is an ignorant third world buffoon, they can make your life hell if you disagree with them.”

Ryanair: Where do I start? How about: “Sadly Ryanair do not value experience in the flight deck, nor anywhere else within the company. I have never met such a bunch of morons as the management there.”

I could go on with airline after airline with identical sentiments. I would point out that in each case above there are at least an equal number of posts expressing a precisely opposite opinion. It seems that no airline is lauded by 100% of the workforce, some like where they are and some don’t - and of course there will always be those who permanently sport a face like a slapped bum and will never be satisfied anywhere.

It’s all down to what suits you personally. I know Johnny FP and I think that he speaks honestly, and with the majority voice. For me, Honiley’s view doesn’t match mine by a long way – and let me say that the airline has the lowest twit to good bloke (girl) ratio I’ve ever come across; in 10 years I only encountered one person who I really didn’t like flying with. The current Chief Pilot (now Deputy DFO) is an absolute gent and is honourable and decent, and the training is first-class.

I miss it.

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Old 11th Dec 2014, 12:31
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I'm sure UK109 is close to the mark, there are good and bad experiences in all airlines, a lot really does come down to personal circumstances and crucially how the roster fits your home life, we would all like zero roster disruption but thats not realistic and in Summer Jet2 are very very busy and delays and changes are a fact of life when working older aircraft very hard. On the positive side winters are a breeze provided your on a 100% contract.
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Old 11th Dec 2014, 13:34
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Jet2 Autumn 2014

Agreed... Every where has it's pros and cons! Back onto topic for the people trying to get in. Jet2 can be better and it could be worse. Do what makes you happy
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Old 12th Dec 2014, 18:32
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16024, now you get it - different deals all over FR. My contract is old enough at 10yrs, and as DEC I havent had to put up with the base transfer shennaingans. It best not to make assumptions about what deal someone has until you have all the facts. I have one of the best line shag contracts in RYR and am well aware of the few benefits we have, but still want to move on. Jet2 offered me a 100% contract right off the bat, and if I could have made the figures work, I'd have taken it because I felt them to be more humane. That is a big issue for some of us.
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Old 14th Dec 2014, 18:26
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There's nothing humane about Jet2. They are ruthless and will screw you over to save a pound. I've been there and got the t-shirt.

It sounds like roster stability is still as bad as it was five years ago, so there's no reason to think it won't be just as bad in another five years.
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Old 14th Dec 2014, 18:38
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On the positive side winters are a breeze provided your on a 100% contract.
In that case winters are a gale force wind on 70%, only downside is being skint and the wife thinking you have actually been sacked but have neglected to tell her!!!
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As long as word still keeps creeping out about the reality of this gutter airline, then hopefully it will be forced to change, a win for those wishing to join and those employed

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I would firstly like to reiterate my question as to where you work, still no reply I see.

Secondly, whilst I won't dispute your awareness that 2 pilots intend to resign during this week, I would have to question the motives that you have cited :-

Job security - consistent profit making airline that has, and continues to grow steadily.

Boredom - really puzzled, bored of what exactly? 50 odd routes to a varied and diverse set of destinations, combined with ad hoc charters, so I don't think its that. Sitting at home quite a bit in the winter, perhaps, but having had a busy summer it should be a bit of a relief.

Jet2 will never be able to compete with the likes of BA or the desert, but there appears to be many looking to return from the latter.
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Old 15th Dec 2014, 20:16
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... agree with you, and I think there may be a few more resignations to boot.

The only bit I disagree on and agree with Hon on (A first, as I think he is a bitter twisted person who failed J2) is on boredom.

The B757 fleet don't have the diversity, but do have a lot of sitting around in an office all day - not what pilots want to do. It has a big impact.
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