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Jet2 Autumn 2014

Old 24th Jan 2016, 16:13
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How strange,
when i commented that the tests, in my opinion were "Stupid" i was labelled as, not suitable, a w***er and a crm nightmare, despite having over twenty years airline experience, and another five in corporate, never having failed anything and always been marked up on crm skills in any sim I've done. Ive flown heavies in the monsoon and all over the world as well, and now back on 737,s to some very challenging destinations.
Stop trying to sell Jet2 as something its not.. its not the RAF or BA or a flying club where you all go out and have a few jars after work, its an airline a very small one, which, by all accounts needs a lot of pilots. If it is as good as some of you make out then why are so many guys leaving?
I know a lot of experienced guys rated on type who are infinitely suited to your operations who have fallen foul of the tests or your HR Heavy Brigade at interview.
I passed your interviews, i just wasn't lured by the likely offer of a part time contract, 70% pay whilst line training and the chance to double my commute by being dual based in Scotland, thats why i couldn't be bothered to finish off the tests, but had i have done so i would have become a "top chap" overnight.
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Old 24th Jan 2016, 18:23
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Just to clarify, type rated people offered 100% in general, with option of 70% (your choice). No dual basing - EASA prohibit it.

I am not selling the company line - for some of us it works and is a good option. No I am not management or ex-military.

From experience, the tests are a good filter.....
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Old 24th Jan 2016, 18:48
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I think if i recall they sold it as being based EDI and fly out of GLA, or the other way around, that kept it legal, saying that you would "only" consider three base choices got you a minus re being flexible, 70% was the contract offered but advised to reject it and see, again a minus on the interview sheet, and a solid non negotiable 70% pay whilst line training. Quote "won't take long" unquote, and we all know thats a crock as well.
we will have to disagree on the testing.
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Old 24th Jan 2016, 19:41
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Yes the T&C are infinitely flexible, depending on how many they require. Some time ago I had signed a single base contract and they changed it to dual base two days later. They were quite miffed when I declined!
As one of the CRM bods mentioned the goal posts are fitted with very efficient castors!
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Old 25th Jan 2016, 13:35
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Thanks to Paddingtons wellies

( great user name, how the hell did you come up with that ? ). Anyway appreciate your input, good to know, thought I would say thanks. Too many people on here are very quick to criticise . Not often we see well balanced posts that are helpful, I have moaned about the process and it does depress me, but thanks for the balance.....

I have no way of telling, but are lots of people leaving Jet 2? Above average attrition? Any thoughts why if that's true ?
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Old 25th Jan 2016, 17:31
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I can't comment on the company much because I haven't been working for them long enough yet to make a fair assessment, although it has been refreshing in a good way so far.

What I will say though is that I told them I would only take 1 of two bases, I was asked if I would be interested in 70% and I said no and then a couple of weeks after that I was offered a 100% contract in my first base of choice with no reduction in salary during training - 100% from day dot.

Line training was also not a prolonged affair not that it mattered due to the above.

Hope this helps clear a couple of things up.
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Old 26th Jan 2016, 01:13
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In terms of the Maths and English tests, I have been helping with recruitment for several years and I do not know of anybody who has not got into the company just because of these tests. They do have to be passed, but if everything else is good we will allow another attempt.
Absolutely. These tests are (arguably) important, but should not be the determining factor, with no second chance and no 'overview' of the candidate.

Over the years I can not think of a single case of anybody who has been declined just on the basis of the Maths/English tests, if all the pilot assessed elements have been passed.
Absolutely. Slight contradiction (?). It is the holistic approach that seems to work best - 'interview' day(s) - tests, interviews, team exercise, psychometric - all assessed overall.
Sim test - 'acid' test, can you fly and work as a team!!!

I hope Jet2 are not missing a trick here and failing perfectly good pilots who may just not have been up to speed in (uncontrolled) exam conditions?

A friend of mine had his wife's 'phone go off unexpectedly and despite the fact that she was at the other side of the house it was a distraction. Hard to guarantee a perfect performance in all cases (he 'failed' the tests by the way).

All the airlines I have worked for ensured exam-like conditions on their premises and to be honest the adrenaline building up in an exam room cannot be replicated in the comfort of ones home.

Easy to moan when you fail, but when it appears unnecessary it is all the more disappointing I'm sure.
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Old 26th Jan 2016, 18:06
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The tests are a waste of time to do at home.
They can be manipulated so easy. Its not right but people will do anything to get ahead of the game.
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Old 26th Jan 2016, 19:09
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Can someone tell me about the 70% contract?
Many Thanks
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Old 29th Jan 2016, 23:03
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Thumbs up

Think Thomson have got it spot on with regards the interview day.
Group exercise, individual flight planning and problem solving exercise and tech test in the morning followed by interview with a couple of pilots in the afternoon. If successful and not type rate then a sim ride at a later date..Very relevant and practical.
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Old 30th Jan 2016, 18:35
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Yep ..........
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Old 9th Feb 2016, 12:43
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Jet2 Interviews

Does anyone have any information on the Jet2 interview in Leeds, what questions, format to expect and any info on the sim check? Much appreciated.
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Old 13th Feb 2016, 20:35
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One question guys.. Where you all provided with an automated mail saying your Reference Number right after creating an account on jet2careers.com?
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Old 18th Feb 2016, 08:37
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I thought recruitment for summer would be all done and dusted by now?

Serious question..

Do they have enough crew to run their summer schedule.

Do they have enough training capacity to cope with the turnover of pilots.
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Old 18th Feb 2016, 14:46
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Sim checked a week or so ago for the DEC 738, phoned day after saying that the sim check was successful but still waiting for the 'yay or nay'. Does anybody have any experience of how long they take to make a decision and get back to you or is it a case of no news is bad news?
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Old 18th Feb 2016, 15:04
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Originally Posted by happy eater View Post
Sim checked a week or so ago for the DEC 738, phoned day after saying that the sim check was successful but still waiting for the 'yay or nay'. Does anybody have any experience of how long they take to make a decision and get back to you or is it a case of no news is bad news?
Buddy of mine got the good news but was several weeks after hearing of a successful sim. So no need to be concerned for a while yet! Best of luck
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Old 21st Feb 2016, 07:55
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If you be passed the sim and interview, then you'll probably be in the DEC pool - basically seeing where and when they can fit you in.
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Old 21st Feb 2016, 09:14
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Don't accept anything other than a full salary. Even BA can't recruit enough staff.

Companies making record profits and paying CEOs 29,000 pm net can afford it.
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Old 22nd Feb 2016, 17:43
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Is there a summer only or part time option at jet2?
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Old 22nd Feb 2016, 22:55
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Originally Posted by tdk90 View Post
Is there a summer only or part time option at jet2?
Part time permanent contract not so easy to come by. Summer only contracts definitely out there. Speak to Zenon.
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