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DEP at Ryanair

Old 24th May 2014, 19:09
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Wow, you're a grouch not surprising with polluted water and permanent fatigue
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Old 26th May 2014, 12:44
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On a serious note though, yes this will not suit everyone, but for some....it may be the only option for now to move onto a better type than they are currently on.

Does anyone actually have any info on whether the TR will be self funded (I expect it will be, they could however, although I expect it will never happen is pay for the TR and BOND people so that they have some control over retention), what the actual contract and pay for experienced FO's (not the 23000 Euro or whatever it states in PPJN as year 1 Salary) and one of the main reasons I would suggest experienced Jet FOs on other jet types will consider this opportunity, is the time to command on the 73 (Myself included).
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Old 26th May 2014, 13:08
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I believe the rating is bonded, but I'm not sure what the bond will be. I can't see the timeframe being less than five years. There were a few non-rated DECs recently bonded (as in the last year or two). Call Storm, they'll know the score. Or not.
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Old 26th May 2014, 19:19
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Not sure what you mean Kungfu.

Cant remember last time had a sick day and certainly not from 'polluted' water.

On day one of 4 days off. Finished on a nice short early an starting on a latish late so in effect really 5 days off.

Relaxed and not in the slightest fatigued.

Sorry dont mean to rain on your bbq but quite like 5 on 4 off and the water!

Ps as I said Ryanair is not perfect but if you got the 5 on 4 off roster and the base you want. No night stops, own bed every night and no crappy night flights (which I have done previously) its alright. Earliest start about 5 ish and last finish midnight. From my previous experience that gentlemans hours in my book.
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Old 26th May 2014, 20:36
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Trust me on this: don't drink that water.
Even if it costs a fiver a day in bottled water, don't go anywhere near those machines.
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Old 26th May 2014, 21:03
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Say mach number- You're clearly happy, but many are not. Most don't leave Monarch, BA, Thomson or even easy jet..... but a lot are leaving Ryanair....3 are in my company in China and they are bitter about their experience at Ryanair.

Your situation of Ryanair bliss seems unusual so please excuse my scepticism.

Anyway no food and water will keep you healthy for the Chinese medical, I'm sure your colleagues here will welcome you.
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Old 27th May 2014, 17:49
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Time to command may alter significantly. It has historically been short due to the expansion rate, and more recently due to resignations, but the former has dramatically slowed and if they do decide to do something to reduce the exodus, then command times will go up considerably.
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Old 27th May 2014, 19:41
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Been in Ryanair long enough to know, also in Say Mach Number's base. And yes it 'can' be ok, if you are lucky and it suits your personal situation. But for most it doesnt. Such large number of people dont leave for nothing.
The 5/4 roster is not available for all bases and what is most important, even in Say Mach number's happy situation, what guarantees or protects you from not losing all these things you like or enjoy and seeing, for example, a flexible roster in the summer and unpaid leave in the winter? All contracts are such that Ryanair can change things as they like, when they like. And I dont believe they have proven to be that trustworthy or generous since they appreciate or like their pilot workforce so much. Some people forget to bother about their future and dont see on what thin wire their situation is hanging as they are gloating too much on their current situation or money they currently make.

One has to be careful with the water yes, the crewroom water taps will not do you any good, but might still be better than the water from the taps on board.

Sure I can understand some are attracted by the shiny lights of a 737 type rating and swift command, but do realize that its most likely you will find yourself at the other end of the scale then where Say Mach Number is sitting.

Ofcourse this is all just my humble opinion.

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Old 30th May 2014, 14:47
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Trust me on this: don't drink that water.
Even if it costs a fiver a day in bottled water, don't go anywhere near those machines.
Under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulation 1992, the employer has a responsibility to provide an adequate supply of drinking water. However, the employer must ensure that the facilities provided are done so safely and are maintained correctly to avoid any risk to the employees.

If those water machines are unhygienic, then Ryanair are in breach of current legislation and are breaking the law.
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Old 30th May 2014, 15:48
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I contacted the HSE last year regarding this. They didn't care.

Also contacted the IAA, guess what, not their problem, even when I citied the regulations about the employers responsibilities as well as the flight crews responsibilities of maintaining nutrition and hydration. I left. No amount of money in the world would get me back to them.
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Old 30th May 2014, 18:55
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Career airline..
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Old 31st May 2014, 00:33
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About those water machines. Haha providing nutrition by law, haha.
Those watermachines are disgusting if they even exist. Even if it is a law i'm sure Ryanair don't give a damn as usual.
It also states in the OM-A airport stby should have the possibility to rest in a quiet and comfortable place. Have you ever seen that in any base?
No gentlemen, there is better options out there. And those great base oppurtunities they are talking about is something you can forget about, you will be floating all over Europe and RYR will never ever give a damn about your preference for a base.
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Old 31st May 2014, 09:07
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Yeah our OM-A says the same (not FR) but the lights are full brightness all of the time and there's a massive vending machine which if it isn't spitting out over priced sugar/salt making a hell of a racket, it's refrigeration system kicks in with a drone that goes right through you. There are comfy sofas though, with management making an appearance to make sure that nobody is asleep.
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Old 31st May 2014, 11:52
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Lack of a rest area is the least of the problems for standby crew...
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Old 31st May 2014, 13:02
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The fact that airport standby crew (contractors) are totally unpaid for their duty is perhaps more of an issue.
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Old 31st May 2014, 13:38
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Maybe a change is around the (coffin)corner. More people has been assigned summer vacation this year. The still contracts are at least going towards being legal. Just before I left some people started to get their preferred bases.
If the case is that you can get the rating, It's not a bad job if you don't mind to spend a few years away from home!

My humble thoughts
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Old 2nd Jun 2014, 20:24
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I doubt there's ever a shortage of cadets... But they definately face a shortage of experienced FO's ready for command upgrade, which is the more likely driver for this recruitment campaign.

Tread carefully my friends... And if you must go in... do so with your eyes wide open!

Just my humble opinion of course
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Old 3rd Jun 2014, 13:46
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Enough cadets for sure !
Only once they reach 1500 hours many try to escape as quickly as they can.
Must be reason for it... Think well before you join the evil empire
Captains FR contract will reach soon the pay of the Brookfield fo's!

Just my opinion...
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Old 3rd Jun 2014, 15:08
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Can anyone give an updated figure for a net Cpt. salary?

Thank you.
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Old 4th Jun 2014, 08:23
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4800 nett in a good month I was told by a current Ryanair capt based in Germany
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