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Air Astana contract

Old 25th Sep 2016, 20:19
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How is the interaction between pilots and management? Expats and locals? How is safety?

Also, what is the timeline from application, interview and class date?

I have nearly 5000 hours on the Embraer with 1500 PIC. Is that competitive?
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Old 13th Mar 2017, 05:35
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Astana the truth

I wander if any of these replys have actually lived and worked there,Expats i mean. The place is a hole dangerous and really unfriendly. The company and the local pilots are not at all interested in comunicating as far as they are concerned you are there because they need you but they don't want you, you'll find that out soon enough when your permit nears running out and they tell you it'll be ok then when you come back in you get arrested and put in jail because the immigration like everyone else wants back handing. The local pilots hate you and the rubbish about upgrades is just that rubbish the unions won't have it.
I notice the "well respected airline" doesn't mention the people the get beaten in the streets and loose their medicals.
when positioning you have to travel coach unless you are a local pilot.
if you need the money then go but be under no illusion the reason they are always looking for pilots is because it's a rubbish airline and a rubbish place to live and work. Oh and just wait until you do winter ops there and people won't de-ice, because they know better.
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Old 25th Feb 2018, 20:17
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I am thinking of going to Air Astana, and I would like to know if all A320s are based in Almaty or Astana? Does anybody know around how much you fly yearly?
Do they have hangars in Astana?

Heard some positive things about Air Astana
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Old 28th Feb 2018, 09:28
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I fly corporate, I don't know anything about Air Astana, but we fly often to Astana.
No pilots in my company likes this place. Strange city. Full of brand new huge buildings, empty !
Winter is crazy. And very long...like 8 months.
To live there would be awful. Communting maybe.
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Old 10th Sep 2018, 16:18
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Upgrades in Air Astana

As an expat if the intention is a quick upgrade Air Astana does not sound a true option. The "potential upgrade opportunity after 6 month" seen in every advertisement is just a decoy to attract experienced pilots looking for it, since they need it very much to fill their "stock".

No one is upgraded with less than 3 years, and even after such period you need to be lucky and patient enough to please them with their mindset to fly, with in general a poor CRM. Local pilots definitely don't like expat as they hate to speak English, the communications with cabin crew are mostly in Russian and you are mostly ignored as if you are not there.

The salary for locals is considerably lower than the expats, which feeds a cold and not friendly atmosphere as they are around 80% of total, it's like to say Air Astana needs you but they don't. And still after all these points you depend on the local instructors and examiners to be, after a long time, referred for an assessment, which is definitely not an easy thing. Just try to find out how many expats where upgraded along all this years and you will see the truth.

But the pilots' dissatisfaction is not a problem for them because they are always performing nonstop screenings every month for all fleets, and if you are not happy you are very welcome to leave because they always have a good stock to replace you. This way they can always have experienced FO's without further issues. Two positive things are firstly a not bad salary for the cost of living in Kazakhstan, which is low and the good maintenance kept in all fleets .

If you are looking for recency and/or really need a job it looks a good option, but if your goal is the the upgrade this can become a huge frustration and loss of a precious time.

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Old 10th Sep 2018, 23:09
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Only half a speed-brake
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Latest agency advertisement for them: CP 320 @ 9k EUR gross for 6w/2w commuting. Snowballs in Hell ...

Maybe for non-EASA types from around the region, that might be the target group.
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Old 17th Jan 2019, 13:18
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I have noticed Air Astana is always advertising for A320 pilots. Is the company expanding their routes, increasing flight frequencies or just have a very high turnover rate?
They have
up coming sim screening in Miami FL. Can any current or former pilots talk about the pros & cons of working for Air Astana!
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Old 17th Jul 2020, 21:05
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The epidemiological situation in Kazakhstan is not looking very good for now, they're in a second lockdown until the end of July. Strangely enough, this doesn't affect domestic flights. Domestic services run with almost their pre-pandemic frequency, international ones are very limited though. Air Astana are planning on establishing a cargo division with the 767s.

Job applications via CAE have not been open for quite a while now. Whether that's temporary or Air Astana will only work with Sigma for now, I have no clue.
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Old 23rd Aug 2020, 21:56
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Apologies in advance. I am quite sure that it is not the right moment. I am a "Wannabe" Soon graduate with an integrated EASA ATPL with only 250 hours. I never lived in Kazakhstan but I happen to be of Kazakh descent. Do you guys know what are the prospect for AA for FO ? In addition to that, culturally, how difficult is it for a female to adapt(if I look Kazakh outside, I am totally Westerner inside.) Btw I can easily get a KZ passport
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Old 24th Aug 2020, 00:02
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For nationals and expats the routes are completely different. Nationals are the only ones who get local labour contracts. Expats are hired exclusively via crewing agencies, mostly Sigma and CAE. Also, the zero-experience options are open to nationals only. So, if you are willing to commit to Air Astana long-term, getting a passport (maybe as a second citizenship?) might be worth looking into.

As for the prospects - plans are changing as fast as the situation... There have been talks of postponing the big Airbus order, establishing a cargo division with the B767 and whatnot else. Hopefully the dust will settle soon enough so that there's a more clear picture of what Air Astana and FlyArystan will look like post-COVID. But I am reasonably optimistic about the outlook, bearing in mind the geography of Kazakhstan and the fact that on most origin-destination pairs flying remains the only practical way to get there and back within a reasonable time period.
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Old 24th Aug 2020, 12:38
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I attended their selection process and all interviews. I can clearly inform you that if you can have KZ passport, you can have the job. However, I heard that they are asking 500 hours on jet type over 20.000 kg. If there will be a problem with your application, this 500 hours item only can create any discrepancy.
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Old 24th Aug 2020, 12:40
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Thank you LZ. Very useful information.
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Old 10th Sep 2020, 14:15
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Hey JJJ,

Did you interview recently? I sent off an application back in April but heard nothing from the agency since.

Cheers in advance
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Old 10th Sep 2020, 21:29
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The last I heard on the recruitment front from Air Astana, is that all recruitment has stopped and will not be happening anytime soon due to the current pandemic from Covid19.
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Old 14th Sep 2020, 22:32
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PBSniper, sorry for the late reply.

I got my process far earlier than April 2020. Their approach to me during the process was absolutely optimistic. The Nursultan (former Astana) is an amazing city. The city has the Finest touches of former Soviet art and modern art. People are amazing and the food was splendid. UACC airport reflects traditional Kazakh style well. Also, I had a chit chat with another candidate that the conditions of Air Astana/Fly Arystan were absolutely fine for an initial career.

I mentioned about all matter which can affect to the former situation at my above post. On that time, they were looking for pilots with a current Boeing757/767, Airbus 320 or Embraer 170-190 type rating with 500 hours on the type or 500 hours on the passenger aircraft over 20.000 tonnes.

Unfortunately, I must point out that this pandemic COVID19 just destroyed almost all hopes for new pilots significantly and dramatically. Any experienced aviation employee or pilot can claim that new doors for new pilots (fATPL holders) may open by 2021. However, we keep our hopes high.

Kind regards
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Old 26th Nov 2021, 19:09
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Any update info about post Covid T&C in Air Astana? It looks like they are start hiring again. I have been asked to send them some docs.
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