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High Energy 3rd Jan 2013 17:30

Air Astana contract
I have been invited to attend a screening with Air Astana in Amsterdam. It's for a 1 year contract position on the Embraer.

Anyone any info on Air Astana's screening process? Questions/sim profile?

Also inside info on Air Astana is welcome. Atmosphere/company culture etc etc!

Thank you, (PM's welcome)

High Energy 5th Jan 2013 05:26

Does anyone kno anyone working for Air Astana??? Any up-to-date info on them is appreciated!!!

istikbalgoklerdedir 8th Jan 2013 19:14

do you have type for emb?

High Energy 13th Jan 2013 14:19

Yes I am Embraer 190 rated and current. Do you know anyone (on the Embraer) at Air Astana?

Any info on their assessment?

istikbalgoklerdedir 17th Jan 2013 15:30

actually they are new on embs so no idea for present flyers for them.

High Energy 18th Jan 2013 16:01

Thank you. What about Air Astana as a company? Any good?

slowcrystal1632 20th Jan 2013 17:55

hi - I am not a pilot - so don't have your language - but Astana, as with other airlines are tight with regard to money. so sometimes people housed in Astana itself may not get hot water in months. but since pilots are usually billeted in the Hilton that does not feature for you personally - just evidence of tight mindedness and less than real attention to the minions' needs. Guy who teaches aviation english is a loud canadian. find him and hear what he has to say. no leeway in HR dept if your needs don't match their needs and wants. found them to be particular:ugh: as usual pilots are seen as the major staffing expense - needed but a pain. Air Astana wants to grow with big plans in the region so may be worth the candle for a career move/build:hmm:

High Energy 21st Jan 2013 18:21

Thanks! Hoping for a base in Almaty. Heard the stories about HR. So far, from my research, it looks like a good company to work for. I don't care if I work like a dog, I want to!

Looking for info on their screening, anyone???
Know it's sim, HR Skype interview and tech quiz. Details anyone???? Pls PM!!!

Gonzalo 767 2nd Feb 2013 15:47

Air Astana contract
The interview is so easy, normal SIM, and few technical questions about system.

The good that Air Astana that always paid on time, that all.

The relation expat pilot with the company is so bad, no relation.

Is not a friendly company for expat, soviet mentality.

At this moment, all expat pilot are leaving, the conditions are so bad, and they do not give to you any facility.

About the contract is you coming to Embraer, your base will be Astana, during the winter time is really very cold.

High Energy 8th Feb 2013 15:36

Many thanks for the reply! All Embraer positions are filled acc to the agents. Maybe next round.

av8tor30 13th Feb 2013 19:15

Living Conditions
Hello Gonzalo 767, What are the living conditions like in Almaty. I am looking at a possible interview with Astana soon and would like to know if they are still hotels for commuting pilots or do you have to rent your own apartment

Mardoct 19th Mar 2013 20:30

Air Astana
Hi, I just passed the simulator check for Astana. In the next few day I will have the interview. They have offered me the Emb 190 with base in Astana.
I'm type rated type rated (not tape rated) and carrent........but I don't want to think at the winter ops.
I hope to meet you soon, at the moment I'm alone.

favete linguis 19th Mar 2013 23:48

I'm tape rated and carrent

I'm sure you'll measure up :rolleyes:

B767PL 20th Mar 2013 07:03

Not everybody in the world speaks perfect English. Keep in mind most places only require ICAO 4. Which by no means is a spelling bee.

Mardoct 21st Mar 2013 20:26

I'm sorry for my mistake but......I had three interviews in four days.

GcitoG 11th Nov 2015 14:46

Anything new in Air Astana?
Hi, I am reviving the thread hoping to hear some news about Air Astana. They are looking for 767-TR pilots through a few agencies.

Can anyone shed some light as to how good the company is at present and any insight on whether it's worth applying for as an FO?


AtomKraft 11th Nov 2015 15:24

Not sure about F/O positions, but they usually take normal type rated captains who are willing to work and don't mind the cold.

Known as a good employer of expat pilots.

You should be ok.:ok:

srsky 3rd Jun 2016 16:25

be aware
I attempt the selection in Amsterdam with air astana. I meet 2 captains at the hotel where we went to the simulator. Basic questions about the airplane with little tricks like "do you have to turn the fuel pumps on to turn the apu?" "no" was my answer. he sais "right, because is powered by AC right?" "right". He said, "no, is DC" and said something in russian to the other captain. by the way, they speak russian ALL THE TIME with each other, and they laught. total disrespect. they speak english with you, but they dont care at all of not speak russian. They asked me a few questions about hyd.
They use EPR, so, you have to ask for CLIMB thrust on the TMSP. They wanted a visual but he wanted to vector me and that i used the auto pilot. He gave me a severe demage and a LOC app. The section is strange, they clearly do not like you and they are mean most of the times. They use LIDO charts.

captseth 7th Jun 2016 06:39

Their terms and conditions are also way below what's on offer elsewhere. I have informed the recruiting agencies not to contact me if it is about this company. I cannot imagine why anyone would consider working there unless they completely are out of options, but there are always options.

Olegmagellan 26th Jun 2016 18:46

I heared many things been changed,since first post published.
Of course,the mentality is different,but condition for expat pilots became much better,than for local,salaries higher and better accommodation.

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