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British Airways DEP Selection - THE lowdown Part 2

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British Airways DEP Selection - THE lowdown Part 2

Old 23rd May 2012, 12:47
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Has anyone got any news on anything? Been fairly quiet for a while now. Anyone made it out of the hold pool or into the hold pool, phoned to find out more info or even just privy to some useful info?!?!
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Old 23rd May 2012, 13:05
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In the last email;

We have made 99 offers for the calendar year 2012 but have paused there.

Think that sums it if you read exactly what it says.
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Old 25th May 2012, 07:13
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I understand why this thread has focused lately on the future prospects of hold-poolers. They are within touching distance of the summit. But it is worth remembering that an awful lot of guys and girls are languishing in the pre-sim phase of recruitment. We are through Base Camp feeling exposed sitting in delicate tents halfway up the mountainside. Is there an avalanche on its way?

We invested a great deal of time, effort and money in the process. We waited eagerly and with trepidation for the result of the interview and were naturally delighted to be informed that we were the 'right stuff'. Of course, we knew we would face a difficult sim assessment in the near future, but some of us felt it was in that examination that our true value as pilots would be noted.

That was many months ago. So long in fact that the emotional high has waned into weariness and the optimism has slumped into pessimism. I have not given up on the idea and life goes on creeping at its petty pace from day to day. It is only when friends and family ask what happened about BA that I think about it. Don't get me wrong, I believe it is rightly hard work to get to the hold pool for BA and I applied knowing it would take an unusually long slog to get to the end.

However, I haven't heard from BA at all for 6 months - and I do understand that their recruitment plans were thrown into turmoil by IAG buying BMI - and the lack of communication is very unsettling. 9 months after my successful interview, am I to write-off the investment I made in BA?
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Old 25th May 2012, 11:34
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Mike hotel,

Ring BA up and tell them to sort their priorities out. Obviously your feelings are far more important than securing a viable future for the airline and I can't believe they haven't been intouch daily to check you are ok!.

Difficult times.....but seriously.

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Old 25th May 2012, 11:52
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Congratulations on making such a silly and childish response.

My post is measured and I bet there are many who share my feelings. I didn't complain, nor did I criticise BA for stopping their recruitment drive.

However, given the wonderful courtesy and decency with which BA's recruitment team have dealt with candidates in the past and the amount of contact we had in the early days regarding the delays, the silence is ominous.

I was simply reflecting on that and wondering whether there was any news.
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Old 25th May 2012, 12:08
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Again mtfu

"sitting in delicate tents half way up the mountainside"

If you are going to need a hug everyday then BA is not the airline for you.

I believe all holdpoolers etc have been given updates. If the situation hasn't changed, what do you want updating on.?

With the potential euro collapse, takeover of bmi, industrial aspects all over the place, Ba trying to secure its future under the Iag umbrella, do you really honestly think that recruitment is the number one priority of the few managers at the minute?

Silly and childish??? Er no just Facts.... Not personalities.

Courtesy and decency, again I'll get Ba to ring you just before bed shall I?
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Old 25th May 2012, 12:54
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Actually, I dont think I need to 'man up'. Being a gentle'man' is about having manners. It is isn't about being being rude and condescending towards your peers, such as you are demonstrating in abundance. Are you a BA pilot? Perhaps they dropped the ball on the day you were interviewed.

One of the attractions of British Airways is their willingness to place value on behaving decently towards pilots unlike airlines like FR. With respect to recruitment BA lived up to my lofty expectations in the first few months. They even felt the need to send me an email in December saying I was important to them and to hang on in there.

I have received nothing since then, so I do not think it is wholly unreasonable or impatient to wonder whether I am still in their thinking. This is not a game earl, applying for a job is a serious business.
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Old 25th May 2012, 13:17
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rude and condescending.... er no. Just realistic and appreciative of the current economic / global / industrial battle going on, whilst you are looking after yourself, worrying about little poor you.

You have got through the interview. Welldone. Maybe they dropped the ball on that day. There are loads of people ahead of you. Put your position in perspective.

"peer".... you are no peer of mine. Maybe one day.

As i said difficult times, but points go out to the people who carry on as normal and continue to better themselves rather than the needy ones feeling lonely.

"This is not a game Earl...." exactly.
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Old 25th May 2012, 15:00
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I know plenty of BA pilots and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't come out with a phrase like "mtfu" except as a joke... Must be a wannabe.
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Old 25th May 2012, 15:02
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You really ought to re-read all my posts because you have completely misrepresented my position and my attitude towards BA recruitment.

Anybody can see from my opening post that I fully understand the economic situation, both globally and with regards BMI. And with respect, I most certainly have carried on as normal with my career and I am not fretting over a call from BA each day. I made that point early on.

I think many of us candidates are grateful to have passed the first hurdle and I don't think it is 'feeling needy' or 'lonely' to query whether, 6 months after the last contact from the recruitment team, those who are not even in the holding pool might realistically consider the BA avenue closed.

I trust somebody sensible will now post something helpful to bring this thread back on track.

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Old 25th May 2012, 15:39
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Ok this is what I have been told from the horses mouth. BA expect to need about 100 pilots per year over the next few years. This will be met by the FPP and topped up with DEP. a retirement bulge is a worry and this could create about 100 more positions per year due to retirements. This maybe influenced by upcoming pension regulation changes which it is expected will result in my pilots taking their pensions at 55 but going part time. There are about 25-30 in the hold pool and about 35-40 odd which are in training and will join behind bmi pilots. Bmi mainline pilots are being integrated as we speak and will continue through till around nov-dec. The total pilot workforce is 3350ish and will grow to about 3680 with the integration of bmi pilots. It is expected this will grow to just over 4000 by 2015. In the short term I think it's safe to say no more recruitment this year. Bmi pilots are taking some unpaid leave over the winter to stop any redundancies. In this deal is a clause which states if ba do recruit before march 31st then this arrangement will be canceled. By June 29th it will be confirmed if this unpaid leave is required in the case of a surplus. I hope this helps, I don't know recruitment plans only this information so I would ask you to come to your own conclusions. The threat I see is the euro zone which may hamper the planned expansion. However expansion is planned and over time more bmi routes/slots will be used for long haul creating more jobs.
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Old 26th May 2012, 05:44
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The earl, I'm in the same boat as Mikehotel, I appreciate that there are bigger issues than our respective attempts to earn a job in BA, or not as it increasingly appears to be but it would be nice if you could perhaps approach our plight with a manner which comes over as slightly less arrogant.
I'm sure if the boot was on the other foot and you found yourself in our unfortunate predicament you would be shouting from the rooftops at the injustice of it all. We have made a significant effort to join BA, as have many I know, but the uncertainty of it all makes one very unsettled, not to mention having to watch 300 odd bmi pilots go through without selection, half of which would probably have failed the recruitment screening process in ordinary times, just saying you know.
I realise nobody can give us concrete answers at this stage, the world really is in a mess, but please just try to show a smattering of empathy.

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Old 26th May 2012, 10:15
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Thanks very much bex88! Exactly the update I was after. Thank you.
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Old 26th May 2012, 10:18
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100 jobs a year you say.... That should take care of the baby pilots then. Nice one
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Old 26th May 2012, 10:26
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having to watch 300 odd bmi pilots go through without selection, half of which would probably have failed the recruitment screening process in ordinary times, just saying you know.
Im sorry, are you saying that bmi pilots are less capable or professional?

Attitudes like that don't get you far in aviation, sunny boy.
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Old 26th May 2012, 10:52
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The interview didn't go too well then, 1013.25?
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Old 26th May 2012, 11:14
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Von Smallhausen, never been there for an interview my friend. The only time I have been there was after their offer to look around the new facilities we would be using. Rather impressive too I might add.
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Old 26th May 2012, 11:47
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I'm not saying that at all, I'm just quoting the statistic of people who apply to BA, then fail the selection. Are bmi pilots better than average, they probably are, the ones I've met have been good lads/lasses

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Old 26th May 2012, 12:42
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Three Thirty has a fair point - It's nothing to do with professionalism etc. BA have an HR based selection procedure with a target skill set which the feel they want their pilots to demonstrate. Some 'less-able' people pass and some 'good' people unfortunately fail. It's a fair system that negates nepotism etc.

A fair few current BMI pilots have been through the system and failed yet will now by-pass the selection procedure due to business / TUPE circumstances. I'm sure the HR department would like to put all new BMI guys through the same selection procedure retaining those who pass and discarding those that fail BUT they can't because it's illegal ..... but it's also unfair to all the other applicants who have to apply from scratch.

It's happened before with British Caledonian, Dan Air, City Flyer etc

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Old 26th May 2012, 12:48
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Unfortunately Jockster, that's life.

It deals you a bum hand one minute and a good hand the next. Trust me, with 3500 pilots in BA, there is a wide mix of talents, personalities and abilities. I would like to say though that the times I've had to fly with someone who I didn't get on with I could count on the fingers of one hand.

As with all these things a pragmatic view coupled with an ability to adapt within the cockpit, irrespective of your seat, always makes the working day go better.

Some guys/girls just got lucky I guess.
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