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Jet2 Recruiting now

Old 17th Jan 2012, 12:27
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Devil Recruitment

Hang in there guys they are taking all the X Box games they had for the interviews back to Comet in Oxford!
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Old 17th Jan 2012, 12:35
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Pennine Boy,

Are you suggesting that the COMPASS tests are not going to be used in the future?

If so, what's the new deal?

Don't leave us hanging.....
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Old 19th Jan 2012, 19:56
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no sponsor

There are countless numbers of HR people invloved.
Mate, that's hilarious....I nearly spat my beer over the laptop.

I can count the number of HR people inolved on one hand whilst giving the French an Agincourt salute! Lack of manpower (soz personpower) was precisely the reason pilots were pulled off the line and asked to help.

Thanks for the bellylaugh though....a cracker.
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Old 20th Jan 2012, 10:40
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Do Jet 2 have any 737's at East Midlands?

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Old 20th Jan 2012, 11:41
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We will have a 733 and crews from April.
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Old 20th Jan 2012, 15:46
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I find it amusing that people on here and the agency admit they have over recruited for the 757 fleet yet they're still advertising for the position???

I am being very optimistic and hoping the rumours of people leaving for the sandpit is true so some of us can get offered positions.
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Old 20th Jan 2012, 16:19
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Anyone on the inside know if, and how many Astraeus crew Jet2 took on and if it has greatly affected the possible offer of a position for those who passed assessments in late 2011.
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Old 20th Jan 2012, 17:06
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From the horses mouth 6 contracts (4 fo's 2 capts) and about 8 in the holding pool for the 73 fleet.
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Old 21st Jan 2012, 08:21
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Continue baiting, Master!!! (You been on the Stella again?!!)
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Old 21st Jan 2012, 10:49
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punk666- do you mean that 8 guys from Astraeus are in the holding pool for the 733 fleet? Or that there are 8 people in total in the holding pool?

I think I know the answer, just need to be sure though.
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Old 21st Jan 2012, 11:22
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I think majority are AEU guys, it wouldnt surprise me seeing as 90% were AEU at the interviews.
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Old 21st Jan 2012, 12:19
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I must say that I am with Nearly Man.

I applied as an experienced and current FO for the 737. Did not even receive the courtesy of a PFO. From what I have heard Nearly Man, from people already
inside Jet 2, your comment is insulting to clowns!

Guiness for lunch!

Last edited by Herr Piece; 21st Jan 2012 at 13:35.
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Old 22nd Jan 2012, 12:52
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Listen you dingbats, Jet2 is an excellent place to work. If people have such a negative attitude towards the company why bother applying to them. I think certain people should wind their necks in and if you have a job at the moment in the UK, be grateful. I can assure you there are a lot of not so nice jobs out there to be doing.
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Old 22nd Jan 2012, 15:54
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Lot of conjecture and second guessing here, which when it comes to airlines is a pointless and ultimately unrewarding task.

I interviewed late in the year and was successful, Boeing rated, not a huge amount of hours (1,000 TT)

I've found everyone I've dealt with to date (bar one) engaging, enthusiastic and friendly.

I also understand that a company that's always striving to keep overheads down consequently has limited resources. Which on one hand reinforces the need to keep on top of the financials with employees but also causes frustration at times at the constant "we're so poor" mantra.

It's safe to say in such an operation, when it actively recruits 130ish pilots last year and 80ish in the latest drive, those finite resources are going to be stretched. Now for 200+ pilots (of which you are getting emails from those on 150+ hours plus "I'll have my fATPL in 3 months time" to all those who have qualified in the past 3 years during the slump creating the backlog, to those with decent time from other airlines that have gone bust)

So what do we reckon? 400-500 cabin crew have been recruited as well to crew those extra aircraft for the 200+ pilots? For the reasons stated above then I reckon its safe to say that the recruitment team in total have been pretty stretched. When that happens then you can expect the odd thing here and there to be overlooked or put on a to-do list.

While I accept that on occasion it would have been nice to have had a bit more information and for those still in limbo, the courtesy of knowing either way, I'm not going to throw the toys from the pram. If this airline wasn't growing at 5-6% a year but more conservatively such as many others in the UK at present then I'm sure it would be much slicker.

If I want a letters through each stage in embossed and watermarked paper, then I'll continue to apply to BA.
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Old 22nd Jan 2012, 17:54
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Dream shiner

Believe me, when you've done 3 years low cost, you'll be wishing you had applied to BA.
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Old 22nd Jan 2012, 19:55
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Narrow Runway,

Believe me when I tell you that 6 years in still loving low cost.

Home most nights to share life with 2 young children and a wife that doesn't have to change the family routine when Daddy comes home. Spent plenty of time away in a previous life doing a job that was great, but for me the work life balance is bang on in this sector and company.

It would appear from previous posts that you had a less than happy time in this role. Glad you have found a better place......for you.

Horses for courses people.
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Old 22nd Jan 2012, 23:57
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Jesus wept mate, it appears you have an axe to grind, so on a thread that's ultimately optimistic you taint it with your personal preferences for nature of flying that suits you currently in your life.

For the record, I applied to BA and was given the PFO, not on embossed paper but by email within a week of attending which didn't leave me hanging and within a timely manner.

Jet2 are the only company to offer me a job in the current climate, so therefore I am grateful and as they say, beggars can't be choosers. However it helps that everyone I know who currently works for the company is very happy and recommended it as a place to work they enjoy.

This is despite the odd gripe and "could do better" with respect to a few bits and pieces - however every employer on the planet experience this from their workforce from time to time.
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Old 23rd Jan 2012, 07:54
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fade to grey
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It'll be good news if they ditch the compass thing, alot of my old Aeu mates fell foul of that thing.

I would say that there would be more ex- aeu on the 737 side as by the time the company went bust, Jet2 was only recruiting through Zenon and for 73 both seats, 75 RHS.

I know of only 2 ex 757 poeple going there and they were interviewed in the summer/early autumn.

The rest of us are scattered across the world...
Old 24th Jan 2012, 22:56
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HR still suck balls
Shame, I really wanted an embossed water marked PFO to add to my collection
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Old 26th Jan 2012, 13:13
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Thinking of leaving EZY due living away from home during working week. LHS.

Can anyone who works/has worked for Jet2 advise me if joining them at EMA is a good or bad idea?
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